Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter – by Lloyd Kahn – Book Review

Published On May 11, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard | Tiny Houses (on wheels)
Tiny homes - simple shelter by Lloyd Kahn

Tiny homes – simple shelter by Lloyd Kahn

This book can inspire most people and is fantastic for people who wants to selfbuild. It is layed out a bit like a magazine, with a lot of great interviews and detailed pictures.

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The book covers recycling, repurposing, off-the-grid living, cob houses, tree houses, house boats, extreme locations .. the list really just goes on and on.

If you are in to any of these topics, you will love this book and I highly recommend it.


Tiny homes – Simple Shelter – Intro from the book:

”Come take a trip with us through the world of tiny houses. See firsthand the current trend in scaling back, reducing living expenses, and escaping bank mortgages or high rents.

There’s a grassroot movement in building smaller homes these days. The real estate collapse. The economic downturn, and the growing scarcity of resources, have caused a sea change in thinking about shelter.

Here are some 150 builders who have created tiny homes (under 500 sq. ft.) Homes on land, homes on wheels, homes on the road, and homes on water, and homes in trees. There are also studios, saunas, garden sheds, and greenhouses.
Here is a rich variety of small homemade shelters, with 1300 photos, along with stories of people who have chosen to provide their own roofs overhead.
As you thumb throug the pages, we hope you’ll be as intrigued as we are with this new and growing trend of downsizing and self-sufficiency, and as excited as we are about the creativity expressed in these little homes.”

>> Buy the book at $21 right here



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