Tiny House B&B – A Unique Design from the Netherlands

Published On February 8, 2018 | By Morten Storgaard

We have found this attractive ‘tiny house’ in the Netherlands.

The house is currently used as a Bed and Breakfast offering short stays to guests. With an attractive exterior, painted in a blue and white, it is as nice to look at as it is to stay inside.

It is also mounted on a trailer so is able to be moved from location to location!

Intelligent storage solutions in the small space.

Inside, because the house is used as a bed and breakfast, the designers have not wasted too much space concentrating on storage, instead, there are some clever rails in the ceiling to hang clothes from.

There are also handy small storage spaces built into the house such as this pocket for storing documents and information

Dinner and chess

For dinner, there is a beautiful chess board dining table, which was made by the designer’s grandfather. It also comes complete with chess clocks! You could, therefore, enjoy a quiet game of chess following dinner.

Above the dining table, there is an attractive lamp which is able to be moved up and down from the ceiling to give the desired amount of light and atmosphere.

The pulley system also adds an interesting detail to the overall aesthetic.

Should you need extra seating, the designers have installed some classic cinema seats opposite the dining table.

This gives up to three people the space to sit in comfort and enjoy their surroundings or allows you to entertain a small group of guests in your tiny house!

The Kitchen Facilities

For cooking and food preparation, the designers have created a custom kitchenette area too.

Containing useful storage solutions as well as portable induction plates for cooking, this really is an area where you can prepare a full meal with a little thought and preparation.

There is also a sink, with plumbing for running water, and a small fridge for food and drinks storage.

The house is connected to the power and sewer systems, so the electricity and waste are fully provided. There is also a gas tank for heating and hot water.

Opposite the kitchen, there is a clever desk space that folds flat against the wall so as to create more space when it is not needed.

Here there is also a small side table and rocking chair, for those quiet, contemplative moments.

At this end of the house, there is another rail in the ceiling for hanging clothes.

At the rear of the house is the small but well-equipped bathroom, comprising of the toilet and compact shower. There is also a more intelligent use of space for somewhere to store your towels and toiletries in the form of high shelving.

Up the ladder to bed

Above the living space, there is a compact mezzanine bedroom area, which you access with a ladder you simply click into position.

When not in use, the ladder moves to the side of the house, so as not to be an obstacle.

Climbing the ladder takes you right onto the bed and this compact room, set into the roof space, is both cozy and inviting.

What we love about this space particularly is that there are skylights set into the roof which bathe the small bed space with natural light, making it seem much larger and airy.

At the back of the property,

..there is an outdoor storage area which also houses the gas bottle and the boiler for the heating and hot water.

Fascinatingly, the designers have submitted plans to the Eindhoven authorities to build a tiny house village, providing small housing on a larger scale!

Overall, this tiny house is a perfect size for a short break in the city and provides all the facilities and comfort that you need to set you up for a long weekend of exploring a new city, for example.

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