Tiny house from Free Range Homes

Published On January 15, 2017 | By Maria Fredgaard

We visited Free Range Homes in November at a tiny house festival. Join us for the house tour here:

Join us for the house tour here:

Free Range Homes – Tiny home on wheel

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The house has lots of cool features. We really love the open couch area right when you enter the house.

The couch can fit lots of people, and underneath it, you have space for storage:

Folding table (rectangular to square)

The table along the wall can fold out so seat 6 people comfortably.

This table is a great idea.

We love folding furniture, and this table is a solution we haven’t seen before in a tiny house.

Very clever:

Now that the table is folded into a square, you can pull it over beside the couch, and the family dinner can be served!

Guest room with sliding door

When you move along from the kitchen you find a guest room on the right-hand side.

It has a sliding barn-type door.

A great idea with sliding doors, something we often find in small spaces, so the door doesn’t take up floor space: 

Inside the guest room, this model has a standard bed.

You can also have a bunk bed in here, or you can elevate the bed to install a washer and dryer. Many options.

Many options.

Below the bed, you have enough space for lots of battery packs, in case you want to go off-grid and full solar.

Sleeping loft area

The sleeping loft area is app. 120 sq.ft. (11,1 m2) and you got 3,5 foot (107 cm) of head room below the ceiling. Pretty roomy for a tiny house!

Pretty roomy for a tiny house!

So you can sit up comfortably without worrying about bumping your forehead against the ceiling.

They have a full queen size bed up here.

Bathroom with a tub (yes a tub – in a tiny house!)

At the other end of the house, you find the bathroom behind another barn-type sliding door.

The toilet is a standard U.S. full-size toilet, and the sink is also a normal size, so no compromise here from going tiny.

It’s a nice tub in a good size, and all the walls are 100% water proof, so you don’t have to worry about taking a good long shower, or staying in the tub with a good book. 

The outside of the house has a beautiful wooden finish.

The entrance is placed on the side of the house. This is a really great idea that we see more and more.

This way you don’t take up as much floor space, compared to houses with an entrance in one of the ends.

The Free Range guys have put in a double glass-door, to let in lots of light. And it really works! We visited on a warm November morning, and we had lots of light coming in,

We visited on a warm November morning, and we had lots of light coming in, very nice when you are about to film a house tour!

This house is generally very light due to the position of windows and doors.

As you can tell we really liked this tiny home, and we want to thank the Free Range guys for letting us do a home tour of their beautiful home!

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