Tiny Houses – by Mimi Zeiger

Published On June 5, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard | Tiny Houses (on wheels)

Tiny Houses - Book by Mimi Zeiger Mimi Zeiger has hand picked some very inspiring buildings, and takes us trough them in good descriptions and beautiful pictures.

Sustainability focus

Mimi was raised with the mantra “Reduce, reuse, recycle” and has a natural focus on sustainability, environmentally friendly solutions and off-the-grid living. However this is not a “back to nature” book, it is very sophisticated and features a variety of styles.

Mimi states:
“It is a fact that people who live smaller own less stuff, consume less and ultimately leave a smaller footprint, but is “less  more”? Is it possible to live with less but get more out of the experience?”


Motivation for TINY Houses book

One of her main motivations behind this book was a statistic from the National Association of Home Builders, showing that the average home size, in the US, went up significantly in a span of 34 years. In 1970 an average American home was 1400 (130 m2) sq ft, in 2004 it had climbed to 2330 sq ft. (216 m2).

As a consequence this book features only houses under 1000 square feet (93 m2). She includes a broad range of designs and shows inspiration for everything from sleek modern town houses, to some very stylish tree houses and recreation spaces.

Images from TINY Houses


Every house is briefly introduced in a short text along with a floorplan and size. She shows in detail a lot of interior ideas for space optimizing and floorplanning. But the book is not only an interior design book, she has deliberately chosen houses where interior, exterior and landscaping is carefully thought out and designed.

” It takes certain sacrifices to live in one of these homes- having fewer possessions or cooking over a wood stove- but the quality of architecture isn’t compromised. These designs illustrate ways to build homes that are reductive in scale, not in scope. By making a positive impact on the environment, each house dreams big.”           -Mimi Zeiger

You can buy this great book at only $21 at amazon.

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