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Published On May 30, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard | Tiny Houses (on wheels)

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company was started in 2002, and most of the houses are designed in a ‘cozy cottage’ style.

You can live year round in them, or use them as guest cottages in your yard, if you need the extra space. Most people use them for all year round living though.



Tumbleweed Tiny House Models

Tumbleweed has 2 main groups of houses, ‘House To Go’ and Cottages. Below you can see the different models, and information about sizes and features for each model. I have included a brief introduction to a selection of the models.

House To Go

The ‘House to Go’ are houses on wheels and they have 4 different models. They all have a living space, kitchen, bathroom and most have a sleeping loft and sleep 2-3 people.

All these ‘To Go Houses’ can be bought ready-made from Tumbleweed, or you can buy the plans and build them yourself. The plans are detailed and have all the information you need to complete the project. A 16-year-old boy from California build his own house from the Tumbleweed plans – if he can do it, so can you:)

Here are examples of 2 different Tumbleweed ‘To Go Houses’.



The ELM is one of the only models with a separate room, it sleeps 2-4 people and is ideal if you have kids. The separate room would be perfect for a kids room, but I have seen it used for many purposes: TV room, office, music room, nursery, meditation space etc.

The ELM is 117 sq ft (10,8 m2) and because of the extra room, the kitchen and living share one space. It is roomy, but you might have to choose between a dining table or couch :). The kitchen has plenty of counter space, and the bathroom is equipped with a normal size shower stall. In front of the house is a beautiful small porch, big enough to seat two, where you can sit and enjoy your extended living space.

More ELM details check here
Buy it from Tumbleweed ready made from: $57.000
Build it yourself (estimated): $27.000



I love the bay window of the Cypress, it gives so much light and character to the house. The window light combined with the high ceilings in the living space, makes it feel very spacious.

From the living space you go to the kitchen, which has enough counter space to cook regular meals. From the kitchen you have access to the bathroom and sleeping loft. The sleeping loft is closed off a little bit with storage units. This is great because it gives a little more privacy and separation to the living space down below. It is especially nice if you live more than one person in the house

More Cypress details check here
Buy it from Tumbleweed ready made from: $57.000
Build it yourself (estimated): $27.000



The second group of houses are normal houses, they are designed to be small homes or guest cottages. You buy the plans for these and build them yourself. They have different designs and start as studios and go up to 3 bedrooms, the square footage is between 261 – 884 sq ft (24-82 m2).

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company also have workshops all over The US, where they pass on their experiences to people who wants to build their own small house.

Check out their website to see all of their house models, prices or just to get inspired www.tumbleweedHouses.com



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