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Published On January 29, 2014 | By Morten Storgaard | Working online

We have worked on the road in several European countries, and thought we would like to share our experiences and recommendations with you.

Internet speed and prices

Depending on what type of work you do, you might just need stable Internet at a reasonable price to work. In Europe you will find high-speed free / cheap internet in almost every larger city.

Depending on the extend of your stay (and your data usage) you should consider buying a temporary simcard / number for your phone, and use it as Internet hotspot for your computer.

Me working at at cafe in Vilnius, Lithuania

Me working at at cafe in Vilnius, Lithuania

This might be the cheapest solution, and this way you also get a local cellphone number,  to use during your stay. The 3G network is strong in Northern Europe, England, Italy, France etc. if you stick to the capitals or larger towns.

Check this worldmap to see Internet speed pr. country:

Click on each country to check the Internet speed in Mb:

Map found at

I wouldn’t recommend using the phone network in the baltic countries though.

We did so in september, and it was quite expensive. I think we ended up spending 200 dollars for three weeks! I would recommend working from a cafe instead, or rent an aprtment with Internet included.

A lot of cafes has free (super fast) internet, and a cup of coffee is much cheaper than mobile data!

Generally we just start out working from a cafe. This way we don’t have to check prices and connections. The inner-city cafe’s always has great connections.

Meet likeminded people

If you wish to find other nomadic working buddies or online entrepreneurs, you should go for cities like Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Madrid etc.

If you google a little you will easily find work hubs and other entrepreneurial environments, where you can pop in and work for a week or two.

This is also a great opportunity to meet some likeminded people on location! Maybe you will even find a travel buddy – who knows?

Where do they speak english?

Generally people in Europe speak very good english. Not only the native speakers in England but all the countries in northern Europe, as well as big parts of southern Europe (The Italians and French might be a little hesitant though).

The only place you can’t expect people to speak fluent english is the “deep” eastern Countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania etc.

They had strong connections to Russia back in the days, and some of them still learn Russian in school instead of English.

We found great differences even in neighboring coutries. In Riga (Latvia) we had not problems, but in Vilnius (Lithuania) it was harder.

On the road in Europe – where to stay?

When you plan a short term stay or you are traveling on a budget, you should check out HostelWorld.

You can use it as a starting point, and then find a room or an apartment within the first few days. We normally book (at least) the first couple of days in advance, and then find something locally.


Make sure to check out the prices in advance, which brings us to the last tip:

How expensive is it to travel in Europe?

We normally use Numbeo to see the price differences.

Numbeo is a great site. You just type in your home country / city and your destination, and you can instantly see the price differences on everything from groceries, restaurants and rooms to public transportation and local saleries.

Check out more good links for travelling and working on the road at our Resource Page.

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