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Published On June 13, 2013 | By Morten Storgaard | Living small

We simply love workflowy. It wins because of the ultra-simple user interface. We use it everyday to keep track of ideas, thoughts, to-dos, shopping lists etc. Their slogan is “Organize your brain” and that’s really what Workflowy does.

Here’s a screenshot:


Workflowy screenshot

Very simple interface

As you can see the user interface is SO simple. You simply start typing something you want to remember, and when you want to add notes to that subject you just click the dot next to the note.

Then Workflowy creates a new sub-level category, where you can type in new notes. Everytime you click a dot, a sub-category is created.

The breadcrumbs in the top shows where you are. You really have to try it to get the sense of just how simple this tool is. Before I had tons of folders to organize my different categories. E.g. I would have a folder called GoDownsize, and inside that folder I would have 3 folders called: Contacts, New Posts and Ideas.


One-Click navigation

With Workflowy I just click on the breadcrumbs to shift back to a super-category, or click on a dot to create another sub-level. The circle around the dot indicates that a sub-level exists.

It’s a free web-tool, and you can also download the free App for your iPhone. Workflowy automatically saves all your data in the sky, so you can access it on all your devices.

Well that’s it, there’s nothing else to it, and that’s really the great thing about Workflowy :)

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