6 Best Electric Bikes With Removable Battery (With Prices)

The ability to remove a battery from an e-bike is very useful – especially if you live in a city apartment without easy access to an outside power source.

Some models are designed to make this process part and parcel of using the electric bicycle in question.

In this article, we take a look at the best electric bicycles that have easily removable batteries and, with a little luck, you’ll find an e-bike that is in your budget and suits your needs.

1. Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB LTD ($4,796)

If you value comfort and top-of-the-line design, then the Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB LTD is most definitely for you.

What’s more, this e-bike is designed to allow you to remove the powerful 625Wh battery, allowing you to charge it up either attached to the bike or detached in a place of your choosing.

The Gazelle brand epitomizes what a ‘Dutch e-bike’ should be – sturdy and packed with features that make riding an absolute joy. The Avignon C380 HMB LTD is no exception and goes above and beyond to further cement Gazelle’s dominance in the e-bike market.

The Avignon C380 HMB LTD is a step-through e-bike that won the IF Design Award (2022).

It also stands out from the crowd with its:

  • Bosch Performance Line motor
  • Gates CDX belt drive
  • Enviolo gear system.

Gazelle boast that this is their most comfortable e-bike to date, which makes it perfect for commuting the city and dealing with rush-hour traffic.

This is achieved in part because of the upright seating position, allowing for a greater vantage point for keeping an eye on what’s around you, but the suspension and tires ensure that a smooth ride is almost guaranteed.

Add in a luxury saddle, Magura disk brakes, and integrated daytime running lights, and you’ll realize quickly that this is a superior ride.

On a single charge, the removable battery on the Avignon C380 HMB LTD will allow you to undertake massive journeys – at least 65 miles!

2. Radrunner Plus ($1,849)

If you found the Gazelle Avignon’s price tag a little hard to stomach, then why not take a look at the far more affordable Radrunner Plus.

The company behind the Radrunner Plus affectionately calls it the ‘fully-loaded sidekick’ that can do far more than meets the eye.

The Radrunner Plus can be customizable for your particular needs and can come with a ‘Bring a Friend Kit’ or ‘Haul it All Kit’, that allows riders to ensure that the Radrunner can be used for almost any purpose.

This makes the Radrunner Plus an amazingly versatile utility e-bike that can also go the distance. With one single charge, the Radrunner Plus can take on a 45-mile range and will even hit the 20 mph mark.

If you value carrying capacity, it’s worth taking note that the Radrunner Plus can handle up to 300 lb. With all that weight, the Radrunner Plus is cleverly fitted with a tough heavy-duty kickstand and the rear rack will support 120 lb alone.

All this is powered by a removable 48V lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 672Wh and can be found located on the seat tube.

This battery powers the Rad 700W gear motor that allows riders to take on the challenge of both steep hills and heavy payloads.

Moreover, you’ll look good doing it too, thanks to the retro design and ‘moped-esque’ style and feel of this distinguished model.

3. Fiido X V2 ($1,999)

If portability is paramount to you, then the next e-bike you purchase may well be one that folds up like the Fiido X V2.

Fiido X V2 has been well received by the experts, with TechAdvisor.com claiming that it is:

“(…) a superb folding e-bike which rides exceptionally well and has just about all the features you’d want.”

One of the features that have put the Fiido X V2 on this list is that the 417.6Wh battery is removable. This allows Fiido X V2 owners to charge up easily by simply disengaging it from the seat post.

Crucially, it’s not possible for anyone to remove the Fiido X V2’s battery as it is locked on and only opened via the security keypad.

Despite this added security, some reviewers have felt that it would have been better to simplify the lock system and instead would have preferred a key lock.

However, the Fiido X V2 battery is kept safe and it packs a punch, providing power to a 250W or 350W motor (depending on which you purchase), resulting in a foldable e-bike that can hit speeds of 15.5mph or 19.2mph.

When it comes to range, the Fiido X V2 super quiet motor will take you between 110km – 130km.

Moreover, this fantastic e-bike has hydraulic disc brakes, seven-speed Shimano gears, and a torque sensor to ensure smooth delivery of power.

However, the lack of suspension and color choice may not be to every rider’s liking.

4. Trek Fuel EXe 9.8 ($10,999.99)

If you’re looking for an electric bike that can handle the toughest of terrains that has a removable battery, then the Trek Fuel Exe is well worth your consideration.

The Trek Fuel Exe hides its 360Wh battery within the down tube, but because it is easy to remove, it means that it is easy to charge, too.

The battery, once fully charged will last between 2-5 hours, but it can be complimented with the optional addition of a 160Wh external battery, allowing for a 40% increase in the baseline range.

MTBR.com put the Trek Fuel Exe on its ‘Gear of the Year’ list for 2022 and for good reason. The Trek Fuel Exe has an OCLV Mountain carbon frame, RockShox Super Deluxe suspension, and a SCRAM GX AXS drivetrain.

Additionally, the TQ harmonic pin ring transmission ensures that the powerful TQ-HPR50 motor is as efficient as it is silent.

The Fuel Exe 9.8 is an incredible ride on the trail due to its array of technical features and unparalleled design making climbing and turning every bit as fun and fluid as it should be.

5. Aventon Aventure ($1499)

When it comes to fat tires and massive amounts of power, the Aventon Aventure has you covered.

Moreover, the removable integrated battery is a standout feature that, as one reviewer noted,:

“(…) fits seamlessly into the left side of its down tube [AND] (…) if you look at the bike from the other side (I.e the right side) you might think the battery is locked into the frame because there are no gaps that indicate the battery is removable.”


This remarkable design of how the battery is housed and concealed is only the tip of the iceberg when analyzing why the Aventon Aventure deserves the attention it has already garnered.

This is an e-bike that can take on almost any challenge you throw at it. Whether that’s on dirt trails, hard concrete, gravel or anything in between, the Aventon Aventure will be happy to oblige and will provide comfort at the same time.

The wheels are as fat as they look (a whopping 4 inches) and they’ll give you the traction you need, especially when you consider that the 750W rear hub motor can give speeds of up to 28mph.

That power is delivered in combination with the 720Wh battery that allows for a range of 45 miles.

Moreover, charging up that battery is easy because you can unlock it from the frame using the supplied key and then take it up to the office or into your home whilst the Aveture is safely stored outside.

The Aventon Aventure also comes equipped with a fancy color LCD display that is compatible with the Aventon app and allows for a whole range of metrics and data on the fly.

Please read my article for more on electric bikes with hidden batteries (batteries in the down tube).

6. Lectric XPremium ($1,599)

One removable battery is a nice touch, but having two is a serious perk and the Lectric XPremium has done just that.

You’ll find one battery neatly inside the down tube, and the second on the seat tube. Together, these batteries will allow for 100 miles of travel at a low cost.

At only $1,599.00, you’ll be impressed by the vast array of features that the Lectric XPremium has:

  • 500W mid-drive motor
  • 28mph max speed
  • Hydraulic disc breaks
  • Five-level pedal assist
  • Torque sensor
  • Twist throttle
  • 55 lbs capacity rear rack
  • Puncture resistant tires
  • LCD display
  • Integrated safety lights

The Lectric XPremium is also a foldable bike, allowing its size to be reduced to “H 40″L x 22″ W x 32”. This allows this e-bike to be stored both when and where you need it to be.

Nonetheless, this is a foldable e-bike on the heavier side, weighing in at 70 lbs.

However, if that’s not a problem for you and you’re a rider who wants that extra mileage from the power of more than one battery on board, then the Letric XPremium is a solid choice.

Additional Information

There are now many e-bikes on the market that allow riders to remove the battery from the frame quickly and easily.

The three main advantages of being able to  remove the battery from an e-bike are clear:

  1. Practicality and storage
  2. Ease of charging
  3. Simple to replace a new battery

It’s worth remembering, however, that not all e-bikes have the same battery removal system in place. Below is a list of the different ways e-bikes differ when it comes to removable batteries:

  1. Frame-integrated Designs
    • The battery fits into a ‘cut-out’ area of the e-bike’s frame and is easily removable.
  2. Removable Seat Tube Batteries
    • Found attached to the back of the seat tube of your e-bike and removable for ease of charging.
  3. Removable Rear Rack Batteries
    • The battery will often be located below the rear rack – a system that is now fairly unpopular with consumers.
  4. Semi-integrated Removable Batteries
    • These attach to the down tube of the e-bike and, unlike the ‘frame integrated’ system, stick out from the frame.
  5. Bolt-on Removable Batteries 
    • The oldest and most cost-effective method of a removable battery system.


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