Maria Storgaard, Founder

Maria Storgaard started GoDownsize with her husband Morten. Maria is a YouTuber, Blogger, Interior designer, and an experienced RVing enthusiast.

Her YouTube videos have been viewed more than 20 million times.

Maria Storgaard

My Work Story

Maria has 15 years of experience with space optimization. She draws on experience from her studies at Aarhus School of Architecture and hands-on interior design projects with many customers.

She quickly found her passion for tiny spaces and space optimization while studying architecture.

She started documenting the tiny house community back in 2014 and today she has interviewed hundreds of people who live in small spaces in everything from tiny houses on wheels to boats and RVs. She started our YouTube channel to document it all.

Her videos have been viewed more than 20 million times and today she’s a full-time YouTuber and Blogger. Maria also started the travel channel OneGirlOneSuitcase but I have paused it to focus on GoDownsize.

As a child, she spent countless hours in her dad’s woodworking workshop and that’s where she found her passion for furniture and interior design.

Maria often travels with her family in their RV which they’ve rebuilt completely together in order to make it the optimal home on wheels for our little family.

Accomplishments & Awards

YouTube Silver Award

Maria’s Go Downsize YouTube channel is quickly becoming one of the pillars within the tiny houses and RVing community. She received the YouTube Silver Creator Award in the spring of 2019. The channel now has more than 16 million views.

Netflix Feature

Maria was featured on the Netflix minimalist documentary about how she downsized her wardrobe.

Downsizing Expert

Maria has been mentioned and quoted in multiple national newspapers in Denmark and Norway like and She has also spoken at various events.

National Newspapers

We’ve has been mentioned and quoted in multiple national newpapers in Denmark and Norway like and

Podcast Features

Maria has been featured on shows and sites like “The Simply Designed Life” Podcast and Keep Your Daydream.

Rebuilt two RVs

Maria has redesigned and renovated two RVs. It’s documented on this YouTube playlist.