Shelby Sullivan is an author and editor.

She mainly writes about boating, camping, and outdoor life.

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My Work Story

I was born and raised in Michigan, surrounded by the Great Lakes, so boating has always been a big part of my life. I often captain my family’s Manitou pontoon boat with my sisters and dogs on the biggest freshwater lakes in the world. Writing about boats and my experiences for Godownsize is an amazing opportunity!

My writing career began in 2015, where I spent three years as a writing tutor at Grand Valley State University. In this position, I assisted both undergraduate and graduate students with their written works and making sure they excelled academically. During that time, and after graduating from Grand Valley State University, I have dedicated my time and skills to writing and editing.

I have been a professional freelance writer, editor, journalist, and ghostwriter for nearly four years, writing over three hundred articles and pieces to date.

I specialize in content related to e-commerce, freelance software, travel, small businesses, and literature. Most of my recent works include profile pieces about camping, sailing, and boating on

Adventures & Experience

Professional Writer

Shelby has been a professional freelance writer and editor since 2017. She has been a writing tutor, ghostwriter, journalist, and editor. She has helped clients and friends publish books, create resumes, list merchandise on their e-commerce stores, and submit academic papers.

Light Traveler

Shelby has a lot of experiences with living small and downsizing for adventure. In the summer of 2016, she spent six weeks backpacking in New Zealand’s north island where she survived off of three shirts, two pairs of pants, a few extra things, and the money she carried with her. She saw beaches, mountains, geysers, volcanoes, and oceans unlike any in the world. She likes to bring this lifestyle of “living small” and “downsizing travel” to her writing.

Boating Exam

Shelby has taken the boater’s safety and education course and is certified by the State of Michigan (link).

Experienced Boater

Shelby is a native of the Great Lakes of Michigan. She has spent a lifetime on the water. Since the age of 16, she has captained her family’s Manitou Pontoon, rented watersports vehicles, sailed on several ships, and has set foot in every Great Lake.