7 Popular Boats With Air Conditioning (With Pictures & Prices)

Days out on the water can get very hot and air conditioning can offer relief from the heat.

This is even more essential if you choose to sleep on your vessel. I myself prefer to sleep in colder temperatures while sleeping so I can cover up with a blanket or snuggle with my four-legged friend. This makes air conditioning key to my sleeping comfort during the hot summer months.

If you think a boat with air conditioning sounds like something that you could benefit from, you do have options.

Boats can now come with built-in air conditioning, or you can purchase an air conditioner for your already existing boat.

The Basics Of Boat Air Conditioning

Marine air conditioning is a great advantage for your vessel. Air conditioning can cool your boat or even help to reduce humidity on your boat.

Boats with less humidity are not only more comfortable, but it can help to reduce the likeliness of mold or corrosion.

Just because you have an air conditioning doesn’t mean you won’t have to make other accommodations to reduce dampness, mold, and corrosion.

You should also make sure you do not leave anything damp in your cabin and that you dry or spread everything out. A damp and musty boat cabin can be bad for your boat, your belongings, and in some cases, your health.

There are a few different options that are available when it comes to marine air conditioners and their types.

Refrigerant Air Conditioning Systems:

Refrigerant air conditioning systems use a principle similar to those in a refrigerator to produce chilled air.

There are a few different options for refrigerant air conditioning systems.

1) Split System:

A split system utilizes separate condenser units and fans. These are usually connected by long tubes.

This system is usually quieter because the condenser unit is not in the living space.

The disadvantages include long tubes and the need to charge the condenser.

2) Self-Contained System:

In a self contained system the condenser, evaporator, and fan all in one place.

One major advantage of this system is that it can be installed by the average boat owner.

These systems are only a few inches bigger than the split systems.

3) Chiller System:

These systems are most common on larger yachts and ships.

These systems are usually placed in the engine room with fan coils placed where they are needed.

The chiller systems create cold water that is continuously pumped through a closed loop.

4) Portable Unit:

Portable units are similar to window units featured in homes.

They are usually placed over a hatch overhead and plugged in. These are not ideal if you do not have access to shore power.

Advantages of these systems is that you do not have to make room for them in your living spaces and they use shore power instead of power from your vessel.

5) Evaporator System:

Evaporative systems cool air by using the evaporation of water.

An advantage of these systems is that they are cheaper and do not need a complicated installation that could include thru-hulls or other advanced installations.

7 Boats That Come With Air Conditioning:

In order for a boat to have an air conditioning system, if will also have to have an enclosed space. Otherwise, the air conditioning will not be able to be put to good use.

The most common type of boat that offers airconditioning is yachts.

Yachts are made for luxurious and comfortable experiences and this is no different when if comes to airconditioning.

You can either find or install, air conditioning in most available yachts.

Sailboats also often offer a luxurious and enclosed cabin that is perfect for installing airconditioning.

Sailboats are the vessel of choice for multiple-day travel. When choosing overnight travel, you will want to be comfortable. Air conditioning can help with that comfort.

You can either by a boat that is already equipped with air conditioning, or you can buy air conditioning for your vessel after the fact.

1. 2007 Four Winns 288 Vista:

Four Winns are a great manufacturer of recreational watercrafts. This boat from 2007 is 28 feet long and has been recently been updated.

These updates include rebuilt outdrives, new manifolds and risers, and new Gelcoat and paint.

Four Winns is so confident in their craftsmanship that they offer lifetime warranties and this boat is a holder of a lifetime warranty. This is ideal when buying a used boat since you are more protected if something goes wrong with the vessel.

This boat offers 2 engines that have a total power of 540 hp.

This boat also has a head, a forward double berth, a mid-cabin double berth, flat-screen TV with DVD player, large salon with dinette table, and a hanging locker.

This boat also features built-in air conditioning as well as a heater allowing it to be used in all types of weather conditions.

The interior of this boat is a luxurious cherry.

This boat currently for sale with a price of $50,000.00.

2. 2004 Sea Ray 280 Sundancer:

This 2004 Sea Ray 280 Sundancer is 28 feet long and has a fiberglass hull. This particular vessel was well maintained and clean.

This boat has 2 engines that have a total of 440 hp that also have low hours.

This boat features 6 single berths and 1 head.

Electronics on this boat include a compass, VHF, depth sounder, speakers, CD player, and GPS.

Inside this vessel, there is a microwave oven, refrigerator, electrical generator, and other features that make overnight stays more comfortable.

This boat also has heating as well as built-in air conditioning.

This means that you can use this boat in all types of weather conditions and be perfectly comfortable.

Outside features a cockpit table, swimming ladder, cockpit shower, and swimming platform with ladder.

This boat is sold for $50,000.00.

3. 2001 Linssen Grand Sturdy 430:

This 2001 Linssen Grand Sturdy 430 is 43 foot long with a steel hull. This vessel features 1 engine with about 150 hp.

This boat offers 2 cabins as well as 2 bathrooms that each feature 2 heads.

This vessel features a hot water boiler that makes sure that you always have hot water.

Outside this vessel has a swimming platform with a ladder and plenty of bow space.

This boat is perfect for both seasons with an air conditioner and a heater built into the interior.

This boat is featured as-is and could use some minor maintenance, but will be great for a new owner who intends to take care of it.

This boat is currently selling for $185,439.00.

4. 2006 Monterey 350 Sport Yacht 37:

The 2006  Monterey 350 Sport Yacht 37 is 37 feet in length and features a long and slim bow.

The interior is clean and sleek and looks close to new. The exterior has new paint on the bottom of the hull also. This boat also has a low hour twin 375 hp engine.

This boat features a remote-controlled spotlight, 3 different flat screens televisions, a fully equipped galley, large head compartment with mirrored vanity, toilet, and full stand up shower, a crescent-shaped salon sofa that can convert into additional accommodation, and plenty of storage.

This boat also has air conditioning built-in as well as heat. Like the other vessels listed previously, this helps you boat comfortably in all weather types and conditions.

This luxurious boat with dark wood and light interior is currently being sold for $70,500.00.

5. Waterwish New Style Popular Fiberglass Luxury Boat:

This boat is a pleasure boat with a fiberglass hull that is mainly used for fishing. This boat has a maximum capacity of up to 12 passengers.

This vessel comes with standard features such as head, washing basin, live fish cabin, store fish cabin, a swimming deck and ladder, and other watercraft luxuries.

This boat also has an air conditioner fitted to it.

This production company features durable and well-performing vessels.

This boat has 2 engines that offer 400 total horsepower.

This boat is currently for sale for $55,500.00.

6. 2008 Majesty 50:

This older Majesty 50 features a fiberglass hull and can accommodate up to 6 guests. This yacht is full of luxuries and immaculate design and craftsmanship.

This boat is 15.77 meters long and features 2 engines that offer 1150 hp.

This boat offers 3 cabins and 1 head. This is great if you plan to use this vessel overnight.

The equipment offered inside is an oven, microwave oven, hot water, and fridge.

This boat also features built-in air conditioning.

The electrical on this boat features both a shore power inlet and a generator.

Outside on the spacious deck, you can enjoy a cockpit table, swimming ladder, and teak side decks and aft swim platform.

There is also plenty of outdoor seating on all levels. To go between levels there are full stairs instead of ladders. This can be much easier for children, the elderly, and people with injuries.

This boat is selling for $200,000.00.

7. BestYear 33H Yacht

This BestYear 33H Yacht is compact and features a fiberglass hull. Mainly used for sportfishing, this boat has high-performance features that make boating comfortable and fun.

The standard accessories on this vessel include a cabin, a head, sofa that converts into a bed, and a sink with running water.

This boat also features built-in air conditioning.

Outdoors there is plenty of seating space and a large swimming platform that make outdoors just as comfortable as indoors while on this boat.

This boat is for sale with a price of $38,000.00.

3 Popular Air Conditioning Units For Your Vessel:

If you already have a vessel, or you want to buy a boat that doesn’t have air conditioning but you would still like to enjoy this feature, you can always add air conditioning to an older boat.

This option can range in expense but can be worth it in the long run.

There are plenty of different types and choices that you can choose from when it comes to choosing an air conditioning system installation so you should be able to find the option that is perfect for you.

1) MarinAire 6000BTU Self Contained Marine Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

This air conditioning and heating system is a self-contained system that is a perfect choice for any type of vessel.

This system has a 10″ by 10″ size and can be installed close to anywhere.

This system uses about 500 watts and can be connected to a DC Inverter module to allow it to be powered up by a battery.

The benefits of this system are its compact size, 90-degree rotatable blower, sound cover, lightweight, efficiency, and it is also environmentally friendly.

This system also offers wireless controls, an LCD display, an on/off timer, and a 3-speed fan.

You can also use this system’s dedicated dehumidifier function if you need to.

The price of this particular system is approximately $1,300.00.

2) RolliCool 10,000 BTU Mini Split Quiet Ductless Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier

This system has a powerful cooling function with 10,000 BTU.

You can also control this system with an advanced schedule and varying modes. The control for this system can be accessed right from an app on your phone making sure it is easy and user-friendly.

This system also offers easy insulation without the need to hire an expensive professional.

This system allows for WIFI connectivity and other advanced features.

If you are looking for an inexpensive air conditioning unit this is an ideal choice. The price for this unit is reasonable at $500.00.

3) Frigidaire 550.0 Sq. Ft. Smart Portable Air Conditioner

This small and compact portable air conditioner is perfect for use in multiple locations.

This air conditioner has an airflow rate of 200.00 cubic feet per minute.

This air conditioner system offers great features such as sleep mode, venting kit, timer, WIFI ability, 3 fan speeds, can be app-controlled, and even comes with remote control.

This air conditioning unit is also reasonably priced at $600.00.

How to Choose a Marine Air Conditioner:

There is more to selecting an air conditioning system for your vessel than just having an idea what you might want.

In addition to your personal preferences, there are some things to keep in mind.

Required Capacity:

You will want to make sure you know how much you plan to cool and make sure your unit can handle the desired space.

Number of Units:

What you need will be determined by the size and length of your boat and any space limitations that might apply to your ducts and plumbing.


You can also need to look at your boat layout and determine the proper location to install your system.

Sea Water:

You will want to make considerations for sea water pumps. This can depend on your fitting, valve, strainer, pump, and other factors.


A complete system is more than just the unit. There is also a control/switch, cooling system, and air distribution to consider when installing your system.

If you have any questions about the requirements or best unit for you, you should consult a professional for expert advice.

A professional will be able to tell you what system you need, how it is best installed, and will even be able to complete the installation for you.

Misting System:

If air conditioning is not a viable option for you, you could always invest in a misting system.

Misting is similar to the evaporator system. This uses special misting nozzles to create a fog of fine water droplets that can assist with cooling down the area on your vessel.

The fine water droplets can cool anyone down. If you need even more cooling power you can combine this with a small fan.

This is a good option, and the only option, for an outdoor solution to the heat that goes beyond shade and going for a swim.

Using a misting system can reduce temperatures by up to 30 degrees.

This can be ideal if you are currently traveling and do not have the time or luxury to stop and swim.

Depending on the area and the temperature, you will want to make sure that you stay cool and hydrated to combat dehydration which is a very real problem and dangerous concern.

If you suspect you might have dehydration you should treat yourself and try to go back and get help immediately.

Final Thoughts:

Air conditioning is a luxury that is becoming more and more commonplace in today’s world. We have air conditioning in our homes, our cars, and now even our campers and boats.

This shift towards a need for air conditioning means that you will likely consider a boat with this comfortable cooling option.

If you are planning to buy a boat, finding one that offers a system already built-in would be the way to go as adding an air conditioning unit would be an additional expense.

If you already have a vessel or you have your heart set on a boat that doesn’t offer air conditioning, you can always equip your boat with a new air conditioning system.

Air conditioning offers great comfort and can offer relief from the heat, ideal sleeping conditions, and can even reduce the dampness and humidity in your boat which has so many advantages.

Only you know what is best for you, your budget, and your intended recreational activities. Make sure that you pick the option that is best for you and your needs.

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