Amazing Tiny Glass Treehouse & Co-living (Tuscany, Italy)

Discover the magic of living close to nature in a treehouse nestled in the heart of Tuscany.

We stayed a night in this beautiful treehouse and we’d love to share the space with you in this video tour that we filmed of the amazing treehouse.

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The treehouse is cleverly designed to provide all the essential amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

From a cozy bedroom with a blackboard wall for guests to leave messages to a functional outdoor walkway encircling the structure, the treehouse offers an experience that blends seamlessly with the changing landscape of the surrounding woods.

A Unique Treehouse Experience

The treehouse was constructed about seven years ago and offers an intimate, self-sufficient living space complete with a bedroom, small kitchen, and bathroom. Designed to provide a distinct experience depending on the season, the treehouse is surrounded by evergreen trees with the woods around changing colors throughout the year.

The bedroom connects seamlessly with the terrace, while the kitchen and bathroom discreetly occupy one-third of the space.

The design allows for maximum ventilation and light, with windows in both the kitchen and bathroom providing fresh air and a sense of being immersed in the landscape.

Sustainable Living and Unique Touches

Erina’s father utilized rustic and salvaged materials in constructing the treehouse, giving it the feeling of having always been part of the surroundings.

The flooring both inside and out is made from repurposed scaffolding wood, and many of the furniture and decorations are old treasures found in markets or passed down from years ago.

These unique touches create a cozy atmosphere that encourages sustainable living, including a small stove and a bathroom sink.

Community and Group Living

Throughout the seasons, visitors from all over the globe arrive to experience a quaint and enriching getaway.

Notably, the treehouse’s bedroom contains an engaging blackboard where guests can leave messages, doodles, or notes for one another.

Casa Barton’s residents partake in gardening and growing their own produce. Learning from one another, they cultivate a kitchen garden filled with seasonal delights.

An on-site design studio serves as a space for creativity and collaboration. Workshops and other artistic endeavors are hosted here, inviting visitors to participate, learn, and be inspired.

Treehouse Tour

The main goal of the treehouse’s design was to elevate it off the ground and create a space that seamlessly fits into its surroundings.

Using rusted materials and salvaged elements—like the scaffolding wood for the flooring—the house feels as if it has always been part of the trees.

Guests will find it fascinating how items such as Swiss pharmacy boxes and stoves from 1800s have been upcycled and repurposed to serve as part of the decor.

Design Principles

When it comes to the creation of a treehouse, there are specific design principles that help make the space more enjoyable and functional. The primary focus is to build a self-sufficient living area that is raised off the ground and surrounded by trees.

This enables the inhabitants to feel connected with nature and experience the beautiful Tuscan landscape that changes throughout the seasons.

Using large glass panes provides a 360-degree view of the surroundings, ensuring that residents always feel immersed in the countryside.

Another crucial design aspect is preserving the history and authenticity of the space by using recycled and salvaged materials. This can include repurposing old wood for flooring, sourcing antique furniture from local markets, or utilizing found objects for decoration.

The aim is to create a space that feels harmonious with the environment, appearing as if it has always been a part of the landscape.

To maximize space, the design allocates the majority of the floor plan for the bedroom/living area, which connects seamlessly with the terrace. The remaining third is dedicated to essential facilities like the kitchen and bathroom.

A continuous walkway around the treehouse further solidifies the feeling of unity and connection between the inside and outside spaces.

Mirrors are strategically placed to extend perspectives and make the space feel larger, while minimizing water usage and promoting sustainable living is encouraged.

The overall design intention is to create a retreat for visitors, allowing them to experience a more sustainable and connected way of living while staying in the treehouse.

The Delights of a Kitchen Garden

The kitchen garden is carefully tended to by a couple, considered as second parents to the community’s members. Experienced gardeners, they grow a variety of fresh produce, such as fava beans, which amaze people when they see them grow.

The couple is not only knowledgeable about the art of gardening but also has a passion for sharing their expertise with others, inspiring them to start their own kitchen gardens.

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