Are Bavaria Yachts Still Worth The High Price?

Bavaria Yachts is a German boatbuilding company with one of the world’s most modern boat manufacturing facilities.

It has become one of Europe’s leading yacht builders and the biggest boatbuilding yard in Germany since establishing itself in 1978. The company builds a range of sailing and power boats from 29 to 57 feet and has been the owner of Nautitech catamarans since 2014.

In addition, Bavaria Yachts are built using the best quality materials, and the boats come with premium hardware, deck ware, and electronic packages.

The company is also known for its uncompromising approach to quality and high standards, which means using only the best as its standard for building solid, long-lasting, great-value yachts.

But are Bavaria Yachts worth their high price?

Here’s Why Bavaria Yachts Are Worth Their High Price:

Bavaria Yachts are worth the high price for boaters looking for a high-quality craft. Bavaria offers an uncompromising approach to top-notch materials and construction standards and their commitment to achieving the highest possible standards in terms of style, performance, durability, and value.

How Much Exactly Do Bavaria Boats Cost?

How much a Bavaria boat coast will come down to your choice of motor or sail, plus the size of boat you are interested in purchasing.

There are currently 38 Bavaria models to choose from, ranging in size from 29 to 57 feet. The models include 16 sailing yachts plus a choice of 12 motor boats in the current Bavaria line-up.

Prices start from €98,900 for a new Bavaria Cruiser 34 and go up to €455,500 for the Bavaria Virtess 420 Fly; however, some models are POA (price on application), so they could be even higher.

We’ve put together the following tables as a quick reference as to exactly how much each new Bavaria boat model costs:

Bavaria Sailing Yacht Prices:

Brand/Model Price
Bavaria Easy 9.7 POA
Bavaria Cruiser 34 €98,900
Bavaria Cruiser 37 €127,200
Bavaria Cruiser 41 POA
Bavaria Cruiser 41 Style POA
Bavaria Cruiser 46 €211,900
Bavaria Cruiser 46 Style €219,900
Bavaria Cruiser 51 POA
Bavaria Cruiser 51 Style POA
Bavaria C38 €139,900
Bavaria C42 €174,300
Bavaria C45 €232,900
Bavaria C50 €315,200
Bavaria C57 €435,900
Bavaria 42 Vision €179,600
Bavaria 46 Vision POA

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Bavaria Motor Boat Prices:

Brand/Model Price
Bavaria Vida 33 €182,000
Bavaria S29 Open €115,500
Bavaria S30 Open €122,000
Bavaria S33 Open €173,000
Bavaria S33 HT (Hard Top) €189,900
Bavaria S36 Coupe €183,000
Bavaria S36 Open POA
Bavaria S36 HT POA
Bavaria S40 HT POA
Bavaria S40 Open POA
Bavaria S40 Coupe POA
Bavaria S45 Open €399,700
Bavaria S45 HT €437,000
Bavaria S45 Coupe €444,000
Bavaria Virtess 420 Coupe €429,00
Bavaria Virtess 420 Fly €455,500

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Please note these are the base model prices only. When you add optional extras, safety equipment, or any upgrades such as bigger engines, additional sails, or canvas work, you can easily expect to pay a few thousand euros more.

If these new boat prices seem quite daunting, then another option is to look at the used boat market. Here you may find a relatively new boat with many optional extras and upgrades already added for a more affordable price.

At the time of writing, a quick search on, one of the world’s biggest secondhand boat market websites, came up with 723 Bavaria Yachts for sale. These include 231 new vessels and 492 secondhand models, all listed by experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships worldwide.

Prices start from US$31,247 for a Bavaria 30 produced in 1987 and go up to just over US$1 million for a 2020 Bavaria R55 Fly.

Do Bavaria Boats Cost More Than Similar Brands?

Bavaria Yachts are classed as mass-production boats, meaning they are produced on an assembly line and are considered ‘off-the-shelf’ boats. Other similar brands include Beneteau, Dufour, and Hanse, amongst others.

But do Bavaria boats cost more than these similar brands? As new boat prices are difficult to find for some brands, we’ve made a quick price comparison on one of Bavaria’s most popular models, the Bavaria C38, with similar models from similar years on the secondhand boat market.

Here’s what we found:

Brand/Model Year Price
Bavaria C38 2022 $250,000
Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 2022 $245,000
Dufour 390 2022 $255,000
Hanse 388 2020 $295,000

At first glance, the Hanse 388 is more expensive than the other three brands, which compares favorably.

However, to get an idea of the real value, you would need to compare the detailed inventories of each boat to see what is included.

For example, engine sizes, sail inventories, and electronic packages can all vary, as can things like in-mast furling mainsail systems and overall sailing set-ups (blocks, winches, spinnaker poles, etc.).

Why Do People Choose Bavarias Over The Competition?

As we can see from our quick price comparison, the cost of a Bavaria Yacht is very competitive, so people are not choosing a Bavaria based on price alone.

So why do people choose Bavarias over the competition? We’ve established the following reasons:

  • Bavaria Yachts are built to the exact standards of German engineering;
  • They have a modern, clean look and are very spacious down below;
  • Bavaria Yachts are known to offer great value for money;
  • Both motor and sailboats are designed to be easily handled by both novice and experienced boaters alike;
  • As they are a top choice for the charter market, many people are familiar with the brand;
  • Despite building and selling a lot of boats, Bavaria Yachts offer a great resale value on the used boat market.

Do Bavaria Boats Keep Their Value Better?

Many reviews quote Bavaria Yachts as ‘the most boat for your money.’ While this may be true for new boats, do Bavaria boats keep their value better than other brands or depreciate faster?

Generally, any new boat will depreciate quickly within the first five years of ownership. Plus, you have to factor in maintenance and mooring costs, and unlike property, you will seldom sell a yacht for more than you paid for it. This is also true for Bavaria.

However, as Bavaria Yachts are a popular brand, they are known to have a good resale value. Like any boat, this will depend on how well you maintain it and each boat’s overall condition and inventory.

What Are Typical Alternatives To Bavaria Boats?

The closest alternative to Bavaria Boats is Beneteau or Jeanneau, which also offer a range of yachts, both motor and sail, in a similar length and price range.

If you are looking for other alternatives, it will depend on whether you are looking for power or a sailboat.

  1. Sailing boat alternatives to Bavaria Yachts include Beneteau, Jeanneau, Dufour, and Hanse.
  2. Motorboat alternatives to Bavaria Yachts include Beneteau, Jeanneau, Sealine, and Sunseeker.

These brands manufacture high-quality production boats that are stylish, spacious, easy to handle, comfortable, and affordable.

Do You Pay Full Price Or Do Dealers Offer Discounts?

When ordering a new Bavaria Yacht, you will pay the full price, and the sale agreement will be fixed and binding.

However, if you are looking for a boat through an official Bavaria dealer, they may have a stock of boats they are willing to negotiate a deal on.

Don’t count on this, the boating industry has been experiencing a boom in the last couple of years, and most factories have full order books with waiting times of up to 2 years.

The charter market is a good option if you are looking for a great deal on a Bavaria yacht. Most charter companies have a turnaround time of 5 years on their boats. While charter boats get used and engine hours can be high, they also get well maintained.

A good tip is to look for a secondhand charter boat with a smaller cabin configuration, as these are generally in less demand, equating to less usage. Depending on your buying power, you may be able to negotiate a good discount on a secondhand ex-charter boat.

Final Thoughts:

While Bavaria Yachts sometimes get a bad rap on the various boating forums, they have many more fans than detractors.

The boats are classified more as coastal than blue water cruisers, but many Bavaria Yachts have safely crossed oceans.

If you are looking for a lot of boat for your money, then you won’t go wrong with a Bavaria Yacht.


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