5 Best Campervans With Rear Kitchens (With Pictures)

We know how important maintaining a healthy diet is, but this can be an obstacle when we are out on the road in our campervans.

That’s why having a campervan with a kitchen is essential, and luckily for us, some campervans have convenient rear kitchens.

Our team has searched and can now deliver you a list comprising a few of the best campervans available with rear kitchens.

Accomplishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while out on the road will be all the more possible.

VW Campervans & VW Campervan Conversions:

Volkswagen is one of the most renowned campervan companies in the world.

The adaptability and affordability of their brand make it a popular choice for campervan lovers.

With numerous makes and models available, there is a campervan model to suit everyone’s needs. Not only do they make their campervans, but many conversion companies use VW vans.

Most VW campervans and campervan conversions will come with some kitchen amenity as an extra convenience. We’re going to look at a few that come with a rear kitchen, which differs from the side or galley-type kitchens that come with other campervan models.

1. Volkswagen T5 Campervan

The 2020 Volkswagen T5 campervan is undoubtedly one of the unique options available on the market.

The T5 model campervan has a design concept redeveloped to sleep two comfortably with the massive queen-size bed. The attention-grabbing feature of this campervan is the rear kitchen.

Designed with versatility in mind, this campervans kitchen is often referred to as the “swiss army knife of kitchens” because of its multifunctional design. The kitchen in this van is located in the rear and faces out, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors due to its sliding and rotating capabilities.

That’s not all the kitchen has to offer. When you slide out the movable kitchen station, you will have an extendable counter to create more space.

The kitchen station includes a ceramic cooktop that works off-gas and has a stainless steel sink alongside the stove. There is also a 28-liter fridge and a bottle holder for all your favorite wines.

What’s significantly different about the T5 is the kitchen folds to become the queen-sized beds’ platform.

2. Livingstones VW Campervan Conversion

Are you looking for a campervan with a rear kitchen that is luxurious with a bespoke design that is also eco friendly?

If you are, then the VW Livingstone campervan conversion by UK conversion company Rolling Homes that can sleep two with the twin single beds deserves to be considered.

The award-winning model has a luxury feel with a handmade solid wood interior that encompasses the kitchen and living areas. The rear kitchen area has an elegant design with wooden cabinetry and black countertops.

This kitchen features a twin burner hob, integrated sink, 50-liter fridge, and water tank with a pump.

For those hot summers, day, and cold winter nights, the Livingstone campervan has you covered.  There are blackout curtains installed on a twin rach system hidden behind stylish timber wood paneling to keep the van cool in summer.

Cold winter nights won’t be as cold with the blow air heating system equipped with this campervan and the full insulation where eco-friendly sheep wool was used.

3. Nomad T6 Ranger VW Campervan Conversion

The T6 Ranger campervan by conversion company Nomad conversions optimizes all available space to give you the most functionality out of your campervan.

With an array of features included, the T6 Ranger can sleep two with the option of adding an additional bed to sleep two more.

The space optimization in the interior of the campervan allows for a rear kitchen and spacious living areas. The dinette area is located in the middle of the campervan and is near the rear kitchen.

With the T6 Ranger’s clever design, the van can accommodate a 40-liter fridge without sacrificing storage space. The kitchen comes equipped with the basic kitchen amenities that you will need to cook meals daily.

You can look forward to some additional features: blackout curtains, a removable fresh water tank, LED strip lights, and airconditioning.

Nissan Campervan Conversions:

Nissan has many fantastic campervans available to purchase, and lately, many conversion companies are opting to use Nissan vans.

The versatility and adaptability that Nissan vans offer are what make this brand perfect for campervan conversions.

Whether you’re needing a campervan for touring, family vacations, or even remote working situations, there is a Nissan campervan conversion to suit your purposes.

4. Sussex Campervans Nissan NV300 Paradise Deluxe Conversion

UK based company Sussex campervans don’t disappoint with their Nissan NV300 campervan conversion.

If you need a campervan to travel with your family or work colleagues, the option of having either a double bed that is king-sized or two twin beds is extremely convenient. 

The NV300 Paradise Deluxe campervan is designed in a retro theme with grey and orange interior finishes. The campervan also comes equipped with a rear kitchen with everything you could need to cook up a storm while on the road.

Compactly designed, the kitchen features a full-size modern stove, small sink with a faucet, and more than enough counter space to prep food.

With the Paradise Deluxe campervan, you will also have a small dinette area and a built-in flushing cassette toilet. This is incredible considering the Nissan NV300 Paradise Deluxe campervan isn’t as large as most campervans available.

An Honorable Mention:

5. Mazda Bongo Purbeck Campervan Conversion

The Mazda Bongo Purbeck campervan conversion by Imperial leisure Vehicles is worth a mention.

This campervan offers culinary excellence while encompassing traditional campervan values. The campervan boasts the capability to sleep four and has a variety of exceptional features.

The indoor and outdoor rear kitchen features a two-burner hob and fold-out table and shelf built into the kitchen unit’s rear panel.

What’s particularly nice about this rear kitchen design is that two people can cook at once with one person standing on the inside and one outside, making mealtimes that much faster.


Livingstone Camper – Rolling Homes


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