Boat Detailing Prices: Average Cost For 13 Different Boat Types

We’ve analyzed some of the best prices for some of the most popular boat types. While there are many services that detailers provide, not all of them will have the same prices or packages included.

Please make sure to ask your detailer about everything you want done upfront to make sure they will meet your needs!

Here are detailing prices for 13 different types of boats to keep in mind when considering cleaning your boat:

1) Pontoon Boat Detailing | Gives You A Gleam You Never Seen

Generally, pontoons are 16 to 30 ft. long (Class1 boat). As a rule of thumb, the larger the boat, the more it’ll cost to clean.

The price of a pontoon cleaning service also depends on the boat’s surface. If the surface of your pontoon appears chalky or faded, then it’s said to have its gel coat heavily oxidized and would require interior-exterior complete detailing service.

Overall, an average interior-exterior pontoon complete detailing can cost around $15 per foot and $23 per foot.

Basic cleaning packages can include:


  • Wash gel coating (hull inclusive)
  • Water spots removal
  • Wax gel coating
  • Dust and sand blowout from crevices and vents
  • Storage compartment cleaning
  • Carpet pressure washing
  • Vinyl and conditioner
  • Seat cleaning
  • Canvas cleaning


  • Optic clarity restoration
  • Buffing polishing to remove medium to heavy oxidation
  • Exterior window cleaning

2) Ski Boat Detailing | A Spotless Wonderment

This is an outboard runabout built for water skiing, with a roomy cockpit and sufficient fishing gear and equipment space. It ranges from 16ft. to 28 ft.

A simple restoration package is $15 per foot on average and can possibly includes:


  • Floor cleaning, cup holder cleaning, tables, compartments, seats, and cubbies
  • Wheel cleaning, tire dressing
  • Vacuum interior cleaning
  • Inside window cleaning
  • Washing and drying of the hull
  • High-end stain pretreatment
  • Leather, plastics, and vinyl conditioning
  • Carpet and upholstery shampooing


  • Spotless wash and dry
  • Outside window cleaning
  • High-end cream wax to remove black streaks, algae, grime, and general dirt
  • Oxidation removal
  • Buffing and compounding to restore sheen

Exterior cleaning is best for chalky, oxidized, and dull-looking boats and covers the ski boat’s Hull, bottom, and Gunwales.

An acid wash would cost an extra $5 per foot. Examples of ski boats include Malibu, Cobalt, and Formula.

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3) Fishing Boat Detailing | Makes Fish Come Out To Play

Fishing boats come in numerous shapes and sizes. They are also known for their reliability, durability, and strength, enabling them to be operable in different waterways and remain on water for long periods.

Little wonder they pick up a lot of dirt after venturing into saltwater and freshwater. They range from 10-24ft.

Cleaning costs $14 to $18 per foot and includes:


  • Carpets, seats, floor mats, and trunk vacuuming
  • Interior surfaces’ wipe down with shampoo; conditioner application
  • Stain and Pet hair removal
  • Use of UV protection on harder interior surfaces due to long stays on the water
  • Interior window cleaning


  • Complete outside wash
  • Degreasing and cleaning of tires and wheels
  • Hand drying with microfiber materials to protect the coating
  • Exterior window cleaning
  • Spray wax paint protector or UV protectant application to restore luster and sheen
  • Malicious contaminate removal
  • Dressing of plastics and vinyl
  • Engine wipe down

Crestliner, Tracker Targa, and Lowe are some examples of fishing boats.

4) Sailboat Detailing | Take On The Waters With Verve

These come in many varieties and require a great deal of skill to clean as it does to operate.

They are generally considered a special boat and are a darling to cruisers and daysailers. They are in class 2 and 3 boat classification as they range from 25 to 80 ft.

Putting the wind back in your sails with a sailboat detailing demands at least $15 per foot, reaching up to $40.

The cleaning experience includes:


  • Meticulous cleaning using eco-friendly products
  • Dusting
  • Scrubbing
  • Interior glass cleaning
  • Mildew and mold removal
  • Vinyl and plastic cleaning
  • Metal polishing
  • Engine compartment cleaning and detailing


  • Non-abrasive washing which removes environmental pollutants
  • Cleaning of salty hulls
  • Buffing
  • Wiping of railings and metallic accents
  • Rust removal and reduction

5) Jet boat detailing |For a Sharp-Looking Speedster

Known for their high maneuverability, jet-propelled boats span 14 to 25 ft. They are sizable enough to take on bigger waters, necessitating the need for detailing from time to time.

So, it’s best to expect a quote at the $15 per foot minimum rate, though it is not always a guarantee.

Prices also depend on the severity of use. Examples include Bombardier, Vortex, Argos, and Yamaha.


  • Dusting
  • Window cleaning
  • Mold and mildew removal
  • Seatbelt cleaning


  • Protection from corrosion
  • Compound on gel coats
  • Seat conditioning
  • Waxing
  • Buffing and addition of protectant

6) Cruising Yacht Detailing | For Year-Long Lush Cruising

This kind of boat is for people who crave the feature of a home. It is a go-to option for enjoyable, relaxed sailing.

It offers sporty features and is sleek and comfortable. It is capable of long cruises, which is why this 25ft- 45ft cruiser is especially detailed when it’s time for cleaning.

Cleaning is sure to cost around $20 per foot. This is not a fixed price as the price also depends on the size of the vessel and its condition.

Cleaning includes but is not limited to:


  • Cleaning and conditioning of glass windows
  • Cockpit waxing
  • Wastebasket emptying
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting doorframes and handles
  • Sanitize kitchen backsplash
  • Sanitizing seating and kitchen table
  • Shelve and knickknack dusting
  • Refrigerator cleaning


  • Rust removal
  • Polishing of metals and rails
  • Complete yacht drying
  • Compound hull and topside
  • Outside window washing
  • Oxidation removal
  • Waxing and buffing

Examples of Cruising Yacht Formula, Cantius, Express

7) Bowrider Detailing | Adds Sparkle To Your Vessel

This versatile runabout boat is excellent for watersports or light fishing trips. They come in the 16-28 ft. range.

A classic bowrider design comes with a V-shaped seating section designed for extra seats and infill cushioning to convert the front end into a sunbathing area.

There are also cup holders, full-beam, aft bench, grab handles, and under-seat storage compartments. These add-ons necessitate that cleaning start from $15.


  • Vacuuming of dust or excess moisture
  • Scrubbing rear deck carpeting
  • Fiber fluffing


  • Degreasing
  • Stain removal procedures to rectify discolorations
  • Oxidation removal
  • Waxing and polishing

8) Trawler Boat Cleaning | For An A-Plus Cruising Experience

Trawler boats, trawler yachts, or cruising trawlers are vessels designed for mid-to-scale fishing and usually under 40-feet long.

Cleaning this enormous boat costs around $15 per foot because modern-designed trawlers are easy to maintain.

Let’s look at what is needed for a trawler boat detailing.


  • Upholstery and vinyl cleaning
  • Canvas cleaning  using the right waxes and protectants to prevent them from cloudiness
  • Brightwork and refinishing for wood surfaces that are constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays


  • Cleaning, waxing, and polishing for fiberglass and gel coating for aesthetic and protective purposes.
  • Oxidation

Beneteau, Ranger Tugs, Nordhavn, and Seapiper are examples of trawler boats.

9) Powerboat Detailing | High-Performance Boat Cleaning

This high-performance boat is known for its high power-to-weight ratio and is specifically built for speed, and features a narrow beam and a steep deadrise.

They comprise Spartan cabins, with the cockpit seat containing as many as 2-6 passengers.

Its use for long-distance activities makes this 25-60 ft. speedster a machine worth detailing regularly.

10) Dinghy Boat Detailing | In Appreciation Of Nature

This vessel measures between 7 to 12 ft. and are commonly used when you want to enjoy sightseeing on a small pond or pool.

It’s low-maintenance and can be propelled by oars, sails, or an outboard engine. A bigger boat can pull onboard a dinghy for emergency cases.

Detailing this little boat requires less than $10 to detail. Examples include Sea Ray, Bayliner, and Quicksilver.

11) Deckboat Detailing | For A Gleeful Ride, Every Time

This has a wide deck that can contain 8-12 people. They are powerful and are excellent for wakeboarding and skiing.

Hurricane Sundeck, Bayliner, Element, and Four Winns are some of the most likely sought-after deck boat brands out there, and they come with an average length of 9 to 23 feet.

They are popularly used for watersports and swimming. They usually cost around $10 per foot to clean.

12) Sportfishing Yacht Detailing| It’s All About The Next Big Catch

This boat is used for hunting large fish, staying atop water for days, and is manufactured with sleeping berths, a cooking gallery, and plumbing.

You can use them for saltwater fishing and overnight cruising. Sportfishing yachts can have a length of 24 to 100 ft and can cost up to $15 per foot for detailing.

Examples include Contender, Henriques, Boston Whaler, and Beneteau.

13) Daysailer Boat Detailing | For A Squeaky-Clean Outdoor Experience

The daysailer boat is a small sailboat. It is slightly smaller than a dinghy and is suitable for daytime rides that appeal to esthetic sensibilities and your budget.

They are usually under 25 ft. and command up to $15 per foot for detailing. Hunter, Catalina, Hobie, and Sage are some examples of day boats.

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