9 Boat Light Options That Don’t Attract Bugs (With Pictures)

One of the most frustrating parts about lighting options at night are the bugs which are attracted to the default white lighting in most boats.

Here are 9 lighting options for your boat that won’t attract bugs!

9 Light That Doesn’t Attract Bugs (With Great Reviews!)

Below are nine different boat lighting options which range from camping lanterns (for portable lighting) to installation required LED lights.

Since different boating activities require diverse lighting options, the list is varied.

Everyone loves options.


1. RV Boat Recessed Ceiling Light 4 Pack (Super Slim LED Panel Lights)

These lights are ultra-thin and can fit in the narrowest spaces, which is perfect for any kind of boat. They are shock and vibration resistant.

The full aluminum body allows the radiating heat to be focused away from the LED chipboard.

This allows for the lifespan of the lights. They are energy-saving LEDs and have spring clips for mounting.

The reviews boast of their great aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, low profile designs, and that they can be programmed with a dimmer switch.

These babies are also available in a soft warm white which can help if you’re a little unnerved by the scientific evidence which states that earwigs are attracted to yellow lights.

Check the prices here at Amazon.


2. The OPT7 Aura 8 piece Interior LED lighting Kits (for boats)

The Aura LED Boat Interior Lighting Kit has plenty of features for boaters who want something a little flashy but is easy enough to install themselves. They are bright enough to allow you to see where you’re going at night, without having to deal with the eyestrain of bright white light options.

The color and tone of the light ensure that bugs and other creep are not attracted to your boat.

It features 16 color options, brightness control, and a Sound Sync option, all of which can be controlled using one remote. It also has the option of patterned lighting: flashing lights, fade, and strobe for all of your boating activities.

They are encased in aluminum, which is covered with silicone to make them waterproof. Because of that, the silicone also protects against sand, snow, and dirt.

The mounting is simple enough to be completed with reliable adhesive tape. However, for a more secure hold, the AURA original kit includes a small screwdriver.

The kit also includes:

  • A handheld remote
  • A cigarette power adapter
  • A V1 control box
  • 8 LED pods (with 6 LEDs per pod) for a total of 48 LED lights.
  • An OE-rocker switch
  • A 10-foot hardware power harness

The only downfall I could find in the reviews was the need for wire extensions.

Check the prices here at Amazon.


3. Nilight LED Light Bar

When you need some powerful lighting, this great spot beam/flood light will be all you need. It comes in a number of different lengths (12 inches, 32 inches, 34 inches, 42 inches, and 52 inches).

While this light won’t help with your bug issues, you can easily pair this light with other options and only use this when you’re in need of a bright area light for night voyages.

The package comes with a LED light bar and mounting brackets.

The reviews boast that this light bar is easy to install, is super bright, is heavy-duty, and is highly recommended. However, while this is one of the bestselling boat and off-roading lights on Amazon, the most common complaint is the accumulation of moisture inside the casing.

Check the prices here at Amazon.


4. OPT7 Boat Interior Glow LED Lighting Kit

This is the second lighting option from OPT7. Since these lights allow you to choose your color and also comes with a dimming option, you can adjust the light to your needs.

You can power these lights with either a car charger (a 12-volt cigarette outlet) or a fuse box. You can even sync the lights to your sound system to add a little extra pizzazz to your boat parties.

This kit includes four 24 inch long flexible strips which are waterproof (perfect for boats). It also comes with a remote, small screwdriver, power adapter (for your cigarette outlet), fuse tap connectors, power harness, and a mounting kit with zip ties. No power tools required.

The reviews state that this kit is easy to install, bright, and is wonderful for a “plug and play” option. The ease of use and color-changing options are the favorite of the customers. In fact, many people loved it so much that they opted to get extensions and additional kits as well.

The option of having warm and red lights will work wonders for night lighting and avoiding bugs.

Check the prices here at Amazon.


5. GuoTonG LED Light Strip (rope lights)

If you’re creative and looking to light a path or have some warm accent lighting on your boat, consider using warm LED rope lights. These particular rope lights are waterproof, cuttable, connectable, and are sturdy.

Using customizable lights like these (which are cuttable and connectable) can personalize the lighting situation on your boat.

This package includes:

  • A 50 foot LED strip light
  • Waterproof adhesive
  • Two end caps (a big one and a small one)
  • One strip connector
  • A user manual
  • Installation accessory package

Check the prices here at Amazon.

6. Dome Lights sold by Obeaming

If you’re looking for some small, warm, LED interior lighting, this is a great, dimmable option. They are easy to install, work great as small night lights to mount in your cabin. Make sure they are within reach since they are touch operation lights.

With a low profile, it is perfect for an affordable accent light option. The warm LED option even comes with a blue night light feature for quick low lighting.

Check the prices here at Amazon.


7. Smart Sensor Lighting by Vgogfly

If you have lamps or lighting system that uses 120V E26 Medium Base LED light bulbs, these bug lights will be great for your boat. You can feel free to relax on your deck without being bothered by moths or flying bugs.

A lot of the “bug lights” on Amazon are a hit or a miss and have mixed reviews, with some swearing by one product while others chided the same product. This particular bulb has a decent set of reviews which boast that it lasts a long time, works just as described and that the sensor option works wonderfully.

Check the prices here at Amazon.

8. Thermacell Bristol Mosquito Repellent Shield Lantern

When it comes to bug repellent lanterns, searching for camping options seemed like my best bet. After all, campers have to worry about flying insects all the time, so they would have a great choice of bug repellent lighting to choose from.

What I found was the Thermacell Bristol Mosquito Repellent Shield Lantern, which claims a 15-foot zone of protection. In addition to its original use as a bug repellent, the light works as a great ambient light source. Of course, this isn’t a flashlight, so it isn’t bright enough for you to use as a light source only.

It is portable, lightweight, and affordable. Buy a few and place them in your cabin for some wonderful bug-free relaxation.

Check the prices here at Amazon.

9. PryEU Warm White LED strip lights

If you’re looking for a DIY, personalized option (that isn’t rope lights), try this waterproof LED strip from PryEU. While the link below leads to the warm white color option, there is also a yellow option for you to try if you want to test out each option.

The reviews for these LED strips claim that they work great for the inexpensive price and that they were incredibly easy to install. If you enjoy the warm white and yellow, you can also test out their other color options.

Check the prices here at Amazon.

What color light does not attract bugs?

Swap your lights to a warm-colored LED bulb to reduce the number of insects hanging around your light at night. Not only that, but they are also better for the environment, in comparison to tradition globe bulbs.

When tested, incandescent bulbs would bring the largest amount of insects around (one study counted an average of 8 insects per hour.

There are specific options called “bug lights” (which are specific yellow LED bulbs) and warm-colored LED lights both only drew in about 4 insects per hour. Unfortunately, the bugs that they did attract were Hemiptera (“stink bugs”) and Dermaptera (“earwigs”).

However, if you’re in an area where these bugs aren’t prevalent, that won’t be much of a problem for you.


What kinds of bugs might you find on your boat?

If you’ve moored your boat for a while or if you’ve stored your boat in dry storage, you may find that a number of bugs might have stowed away in various crevices onboard.

Some of these include:

  • Ants
  • Weevils
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Fruit flies

You can take care of most of these by cleaning your boat regularly. Make sure that stains and food residues are cleaned up. Food should be stored in airtight containers. Also, limit the amount of cardboard which you keep onboard. Cardboard can store a surprising amount of bug eggs.

However, this isn’t the only time you will find yourself harassed by bugs. Flying insects are often attracted by boat lights at night.

What types of light are required by law on a boat?

We have written another article that lists all the rules and regulations regarding boat lighting.

It’s a really good read to make sure your boat is using the right types of light at all times.


Final Thoughts:

Flying insects have a way of ruining perfectly good vacations and day trips. Keep bugs away by using a combination of good lighting (warm LED lights or bug lights) and bug repellent spray to make sure that you stay safe.

While bugs and mosquitos are more prevalent in still waters (like lakes), you should always use bug repellent spray in order to avoid diseases and illnesses brought on by insect bites.

Different regions and areas have varying bug populations so test out your options in order to find the right combination for you.


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