4 Boxable Alternatives You Should Know (With Pictures)

Boxabl alternatives include modular homes and kit homes.

Modular homes are similar to prefabricated homes in that they are built off-site and transported to your property. However, modular homes are generally more expensive and require a longer lead time.

Another option is a kit home, with everything you need to build the home yourself. Kit homes can be cheaper and quicker to build than traditional homes, but they require more labor on your part.

Whichever option you choose, do your research beforehand to ensure that you are getting the best possible value for your money.

Here are 4 Boxabl alternatives to consider for your next project:

Boxabl Home Alternatives with Different Styles:

1. Den Outdoors Homes

DEN Outdoors offers A-frame and standard-structure cabins that allow you to connect with nature.

They are a kit home company that provides design plans and kit files to help you build your ideal home.

Unlike Boxabl, DEN does not offer construction materials or building services. They focus on supplying the necessary resources to start your building project.

With DEN, you can personalize designs and make them unique to your tastes!

However, DEN does not handle building processes, permits, or materials. They provide you with the necessary paperwork you may need to present to a builder, and they can help you estimate costs.

Their packages and plans price varies from $199 to $3,000+ for the required files.

2. Alternative Living Spaces

Alternative Living Spaces is a company that provides a range of container homes, offices, and campervans. Unlike DEN, they build their designs for you and then deliver them to your preferred location.

Their campervans come in three models: Eco, Deluxe, and Premiere. These models differ in the use of space but generally include sleeping, bathroom, and kitchen facilities.

They also offer two ECO Container Tiny Homes types: a 20′ and a 40′ version.

The 40′ home features a living/dining/kitchen area, a bathroom with a toilet and shower, and a bedroom. The 20′ version has enough space for a small bathroom and bedroom, making it perfect as a tiny sleeping/renting space or an office.

On their website, two testimonials from Airbnb owners who purchased the tiny homes as rental properties in Zion, UT are available.

If you’re looking for a permanent housing option, the 40′ ECO Container would likely be the most suitable.

For more information on alternative tiny houses, here are 8 Really Encouraging Numbers & Facts!

What Are Some Similar Options to Boxabl Homes?

House manufacturing, such as Boxabl, is a relatively new industry.

It demands significant financial investments to develop the manufacturing capabilities required to deliver innovative designs to the public.

Despite this, several other options are available if you’re searching for a foldable and easy-to-assemble house in the near future.

While few companies can rival Boxabl, Tenfold Engineering, and Madi Homes are two potential options to consider when seeking a compact and simple-to-assemble home.

3. Madi Homes

Madi Homes are prefabricated, earthquake-resistant houses designed in an A-frame style.

These innovative constructions originated from the designs of Renato Vidal, the inventor of patented folding houses. They were brought to life by Modula, a Swiss real estate developer and distributor of modular homes.

The Madi Homes’ cheapest model is the M60, a small A-frame structure over 300 square feet in size and costs approximately $81,000.

Although it may not be suitable for a single-family home, the M60 could serve as an excellent little cabin or Airbnb rental.

Similarly, Boxabl’s Casita model also offers a comparable studio apartment-style home. However, the Casita model is available at a lower price of around $50,000 (reported base price) and is a fully-furnished home ready to occupy immediately.

Despite the promising features and cost-effectiveness of Madi Homes, the buzz surrounding this company has diminished since 2019, and their website lacks more recent information.

Nonetheless, Madi Homes’ models seem to provide a suitable option for anyone seeking an innovative and affordable tiny home.

4. Tenfold Engineering

Tenfold Engineering is an emerging player in the pop-up construction industry, and its prototype is expected to be available soon.

Founded in 2013, Tenfold Engineering started as a structural company that built customized structures for specific applications. Their homes are built on a chassis and feature “pods” and panels, making them easy to move more than once without needing a solid foundation.

This flexibility makes them suitable for temporary housing, office buildings, and disaster relief areas. However, Tenfold Engineering structures are not intended as permanent family homes, and their design reflects this.

Tenfold Engineering offers two size options, with the houses measuring 400 and 800 square feet, respectively. According to their website, the homes cost between $350 and $400 per square foot, which translates to roughly $160,000 per structure.

While not as economical as the Boxabl house, Tenfold Engineering structures are an excellent choice if you are looking for a semi-permanent. This easily deployable structure can be relocated.

Suppose you need a structure that can pop up quickly, be relocated easily, and can be repurposed as needed. In that case, a Tenfold Engineering structure may be the perfect solution for you!


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