Are Catalina Yachts Still Worth The Price? (We Checked)

Catalina Yachts is an American boat-building company that is still going strong after more than 50 years in the industry. Founded in California in 1969 by Frank Butler, the company has built more than 80,000 yachts ranging in size from 8 to 54 feet.

While the company made its name through building good but affordable sailing yachts, since 2010, they have redesigned and upgraded its larger sailing yachts, from 27 feet and above.

The result is their 5 Series, which offers boats from their Catalina 275 to the Catalina 445, which positions the company at a higher end of the market:

Here’s Why Catalina Yachts Are Still Worth Their High Price:

The core values of Catalina Yachts are always about quality construction with dependable systems and performance cruising sail plans that make a Catalina yacht a pleasure to sail.

Over the years, Catalina has introduced many important innovations and upgrades. This evolution and development resulted in the introduction of the higher-end 5 Series.

The following bullet points highlight the standards and the ongoing innovations at Catalina, making them worth their high price.

Many of these construction details are trademarked and unavailable as standard on other yacht brands.

  • Lead keelsĀ – lead is much more expensive than cast iron. The advantages of lead include better impact absorption and minimal maintenance;
  • Teak interiorsĀ – a beautiful, hand-crafted teak wood finish give the Catalina interiors a warm, contemporary yet classic style that has become synonymous with Catalina Yachts;
  • StrikeZoneā„¢Ā – this is a water-tight collision bulkhead with high-density foam built under the anchor locker and not found on any other similar brands;
  • 5-part constructionĀ – featuring a dedicated structural grid beneath the cabin sole. This grid adds important strength and stiffness to the hull and spreads the torque loads from the engine and mast compression;
  • SecureSocketā„¢ mast support systemĀ – simply the best and strongest mast support system in the industry;
  • T-Beam MastStepā„¢ systemĀ – providing all the benefits of a deck-stepped mast with the strength of a keel-stepped mast;
  • DeepDefenseā„¢ rudder systemĀ – provides a failsafe system even if the rudder gets damaged;
  • Oversized travelers, winches, and linesĀ – for ease of sail handling in all sailing conditions;
  • Innerspring mattressesĀ – provided in all sleeping quarters or cabins for your comfort;
  • Navigation AC/DC panelĀ – comes as standard with additional circuits for adding optional extras;
  • Wide, clear weather decks and protected cockpitĀ – designed with inboard shrouds to make moving forward easy, plus you have great helm visibility from the protected cockpit.

In addition, all Catalina Yachts larger than 30 feet are built to robust standards.

These standards include being rated CE (Certified European) Category A Ocean, NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) Yacht Certified Program, and following all applicable ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) construction standards.

How Much Exactly Do Catalina Boats Cost?

Just like any other boat brand, how much a new Catalina Yacht costs will depend on the size of the boat and any additional optional extras you may wish to include.

However, new boat prices for the basic 2023 models are as follows:

Model Year Price
Catalina 12.5 Expo 2023 $9,000.00
Catalina 14.2 2023 $11,000.00
Catalina 14.2 Expo 2023 $11,500.00
Catalina 16.5 2023 $13,000.00
Catalina 22 Sport 2023 $38,000.00
Catalina 275 Sport 2023 $100,000.00
Catalina 315 2023 $210,000.00
Catalina 355 2023 $250,000.00
Catalina 385 2023 $300,000.00
Catalina 425 2023 $390,000.00
Catalina 445 2023 $425,000.00

How much do 40, 50, 60, 70, and 100 foot yachts cost?

Adding optional extras like navigation packages, safety gear, extra sails, cockpit cushions, or a bimini (to name a few) will increase how much a Catalina Yachst costs. The result could be a lot higher than the basic boat price.

If you don’t have the budget for a new boat, then checking the second-hand boat market is a good option. When writing, had 421 Catalina Yachts for sale, including 104 new vessels and 317 used yachts offered by various dealerships and private owners worldwide.

Prices start from $2,450.00 for a Catalina 25 from 1981 to $420,000.00 for a Catalina 425 from 2018 equipped with all the bells and whistles.

However, if you are buying a used boat, always give it a thorough inspection first. Suppose you are satisfied with your preliminary inspection.

In that case, it’s wise to employ the services of a qualified marine surveyor to ensure there are no hidden structural problems, which may cost you extra in the long run.

How Reliable Are Catalina Boats? Check out our article here for more information!

Do Catalina Boats Cost More Than Similar Brands?

Catalina Yachts are classified as production boats. Similar brands to Catalina include Bavaria, Beneteau, and Hunter. All of these brands build mid-size, affordable cruisers that are comfortable and spacious down below.

How does their pricing compare? Let’s take a closer look:

Model Year Price
Catalina 355 2019 $249,900
Bavaria Cruiser 37 2020 $189,904
Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 2019 $216,990
Marlow-Hunter 37 2016 $205,000

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While, at a glance, the Catalina Yacht does seem to cost more than similar brands, it isn’t easy to compare any two yachts, even if they are from the same brand and of a similar size.

To determine the real value, you must compare detailed inventories and consider each boat’s overall condition.

Why Do People Choose Catalina Over The Competition?

People choose to buy Catalina Yachts over the competition as the company builds quality, sturdy boats that perform well in all conditions and cost less to maintain than similar brands.

A Catalina owner can expect many extras included as standard, increasing your sailing capabilities while maintaining an excellent resale value. Catalina currently offers a wide range of intelligently designed family-oriented sailboats.Ā 

Their range includes the following:

  • Daysailer and Sport series – from the 12.5 Expo up to the 275 Sport;
  • The Cruiser series – 2 capable, roomy mid-sized yachts, the 315 and the 355;
  • The Ocean series – for more serious offshore adventures, the Catalina 385 up to the 445.

There is a Catalina for everyone, no matter what size boat fits your lifestyle and pocket.Ā In addition, Catalina is about creating the best possible ownership experience, so they’ll always have your back.

The aftersales service is top-notch, and original Catalina parts are widely available from both the sales team, the dealerships, and the stand-alone company Catalina Direct.

So if you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a high-quality American brand, you can’t go wrong with a Catalina.

Do Catalina Boats Keep Their Value Better?

As an internationally recognized brand, Catalina boats keep their value relatively well, especially if it has been well maintained.

However, everyone knows owning a boat is like throwing money into a hole in the ocean, so you don’t buy a boat as an investment. New boats depreciate quicker than secondhand boats, and a Catalina Yacht is no different.

The real value is in the experiences that boat ownership brings; those memories are priceless.

What Are Typical Alternatives To Catalina Boats?

Typical alternatives to Catalina Yachts include Bavaria, Beneteau, and Hunter Yachts.

These brands build practical sailing boats with comfortable, spacious interiors below. They compare well with their midsize cruising models.

Hunter is the American alternative to Catalina Yachts, while Bavaria and Beneteau are their European counterparts.

Do You Pay Full Price, Or Do Dealers Offer Discounts?

Most Catalina Yachts are built to order, so you will generally pay full price. However, most dealers will agree that the factory may offer incentives or discounts subject to the seasons or at a boat show.

Plus, you may be able to negotiate a discount with one of the larger dealers with an inventory boat that is taking longer to sell than anticipated.

Yet many agree there is little room for dealer discounts on the new boat price. You can negotiate a discount for any additional extras you may want to include, such as electronics, safety gear, or extra sails.

Final Thoughts:

The following quote sums up Catalina Yachts nicely:

“Catalina Yachts are uniquely American with a strong focus on performance, safety at sea and enduring value. They are overbuilt and underpriced. That’s why Catalina Yachts are the Sailor’s Choice.”

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