3 Best Class A Motorhomes For All Seasons (With Pictures)

For many people owning a Class A motorhome is ideal.

Many people prefer owning a Class A motorhome because they tend to have more features and amenities, with many offering luxury furnishings.

However, Class A motorhomes can be expensive and not worth the investment if you cannot utilize the RV during all four seasons.

These types of motorhomes are perfectly suited to families or larger groups of people for many different reasons.

It can be somewhat challenging finding the perfect four-season motorhome, which is why we have assembled a few Class A RVs that we think you should consider if you are looking for one that you can use year-round:

Why You Should Consider A Class A Motorhome:

Class A motorhomes are one of the most popular types of RVs that people commonly purchase.

These motorhomes are usually built on a commercial truck chassis, a bus chassis, or heavy-duty vehicle chassis, and they range in sizes, with most having at least two slideouts.

It is important to note that Class A motorhomes usually have the worst fuel economy because of how large they are, but many motorhome manufacturing companies are constructing Class A RVs that are more fuel-efficient; they are just slightly harder to find.

Class A motorhomes also tend to be more expensive than other types of motorhomes, so you will almost certainly need a larger budget if you are considering purchasing a brand new model.

Despite a higher cost and lower fuel economy capabilities, there are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing a Class A motorhome. Remember that you will want an all-season Class A model if you plan to travel frequently throughout the year, during different seasons.

Furthermore, owning an all-season capable Class A RV will allow you to participate in a full-time motorhome living experience comfortably without being too concerned about your safety during extreme weather conditions.

Have a look below at the reasons we have provided concerning why you should consider a Class A motorhome:

Large Engines, Glamorous Interiors & Storage:

Class A motorhomes are incredibly powerful due to their larger engines.

This means that you will have access to durable towing features, and you also won’t need to worry about steep inclines when driving.

With Class A motorhomes, you can look forward to glamourous interiors that are spacious and packed with modern features. The interiors are incredibly spacious, which is a huge benefit for families who travel together.

If you like to travel with lots of luggage, a Class A motorhome is perfect as it has lots of indoor and outdoor storage.

That means you won’t have to leave anything at home or in storage when you travel next.

2 Gas Class A Motorhomes That Are Capable Of All Season Travel:

When deciding on a Class A motorhome, it can be daunting determining if you want a gas or diesel RV.

Should you have a smaller budget but are still looking for a quality motorhome, you should consider selecting a gas Class A RV.

However, there are some expensive luxury gas models that you might prefer.

Gas models are not as fuel-efficient as diesel models, so you will need to have a bigger budget if you use your Class A frequently for trips. On the other hand, servicing a gas engine is easier and cheaper.

Ultimately it will be your decision if you prefer driving a gas or diesel Class A motorhome. Below are two different gas models that could be perfect for you.

We have given a simple description of each Class A, and we have detailed the specifications that make them capable of all-season travel.

1. 2021 Jayco Alante 31V (~$133,000)

If you’re looking for a compact Class A motorhome with a gas engine, you may want to seriously consider the 2021 Jayco Alante 231V.

This model has a length of 32 feet and 2 inches with an interior height of 84 inches.

The gross vehicle weight rating is 18,000 pounds, and it has an exterior cargo capacity of 122 cubic feet.

This Class A goes for roughly $133,000 brand new, which is not too expensive when considering how compactly luxurious and stylish it is.

The Interior:

The interior is absolutely gorgeous, with wood-like vinyl flooring, LED interior lighting, and soft brown furnishing. These elements add a touch of luxury to the spacious interior.

The exterior is just as nice with a lovely paint job, 23-foot long awning, and an outdoor entertainment center.

The kitchen and lounge area is located near the cabin area and is definitely the focal point of this Class A. You will likely first notice the gleaming countertops complemented by the white wooden cabinetry with black accent handles.

There is a stainless steel corner sink with a faucet, a modern microwave, a three burner gas stove with oven, and a double door 12 cubic foot refrigerator. The kitchen also has an LED television placed on one wall facing the opposite direction to the lounge and dining area.

In this area, you will see comfortable theater seating with reclining chairs that have cup holders. Next to the theater seating is a spacious dining room booth with a large table and double sofas facing one another.

Throughout this entire section are many windows that provide natural light.

Bed & Bath:

In this motorhome, you will find the private bedroom located at the rear.

It has a large queen-sized bed, two wardrobes, a dresser, and an optional LED television. There are small bedside tables on either side of the bed, and there is an overhead cabinet above the bed.

The wardrobes have mirrors, and there are four windows in the room that allows for ample lighting and a breeze.

Unlike other Class A motorhomes, the Jayco Alante 31V has a separate bathroom and shower room. This is not only convenient but beneficial to those who enjoy a spacious shower.

The shower is located next to the bedroom across from the bathroom.

It is beautifully styled and designed with a 30 inch by 36-inch marble-like shower with glass doors. There are also handy shelves built into one wall.

The bathroom across the hall features a flushing porcelain toilet, an expansive countertop with a cupboard and built-in sink, and a double-doored glass-topped medicine cabinet.

Additionally, at the very front above the driver and passenger seat is a drop-down queen-sized bed.

All Season Specifications For The Alante 31V:

  • Seamless fiberglass roof.
  • 1000 watt inverter.
  • Blackout night roller shades.
  • Fiberglass exterior walls.
  • Heated holding tanks.
  • An outside shower.
  • Winterization drainage system.
  • Solar prep.
  • Two 11000 BTU airconditioning units that have a power management system.
  • A digital antenna with a signal booster.
  •  30000 BTU auto-ignition furnace.
  • 72-gallon fresh water tank carrying capacity

2. 2021 Entegra Vision XL 34G (~$173,000)

It’s important to be comfortable with the motorhome you are driving especially if you plan on taking many long-distance journeys.

The 2021 Entegra Vision XL 34G has excellent handling features due to the E-Z Drive Elite package, and these features make driving this model incredibly easy.

The 2021 Entegra Vision XL 34G is 36 feet and 6 inches long with an interior height of 84 inches.

This model’s gross vehicle weight rating is 22,000 pounds, and you can expect to pay an approximate retail price of $173,000.

The Interior:

The 2021 Entegra Vision XL 34G interior is very stylish with classic white furniture, chocolate brown cabinetry, and beige marble-like countertops.

The flooring is a gorgeous pine wood-like vinyl that extends throughout the motorhome giving the entire Class A a unified interior look.

At the front of this motorhome is the theatre seating, which includes two recliner chairs with cup holders. Directly in front of these chairs is a two-seater sofa couch.

Next to the theatre seating, you will see a comfortable u shaped dinette area that includes a table and under-seat storage. This entire area is serviced by a roof-mounted air conditioner and an electric fireplace.

The kitchen is located near the rear of this Class A, and it is small but glamorous. There are many cupboards above and below the sparkling countertops, so you have more than enough space to store all your goods.

Additionally, you will see a residential-sized microwave and double door refrigerator and a three-burner gas stove with an oven.

There is also a corner situated kitchen sink which has a faucet.

Next to the fridge is a huge pantry with loads of space available for all your groceries.

Bed & Bath:

At the very rear of this motorhome is a large, fully walkable bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, you will find a king-sized bed, a roof-mounted air conditioner, and an LED television. There is also a countertop, wardrobes, and overhead cabinetry.

The bathroom is elegantly designed, and the layout is very space conscious. The shower is large, with glass doors and marble-like walls.

Alongside the shower is beautiful wooden cabinetry where you can house all your toiletries and linen.

There is also a bathroom sink with a faucet and a toilet.

Outside this model, you will see an outside shower, entertainment center, and storage areas.

All Season Specifications For The Vision XL 34G

  • A Fireplace
  • A 35000 BTU furnace
  • Vacuum bonded and laminated sidewalls and flooring.
  • A seamless fiberglass roof.
  • Bead foam insulation includes R-24 for the roofing, E-9 for the flooring, and R-8 for the walls.
  • Onan 5500 watt generator.
  • 10-gallon water heater.
  • Heated holding tanks.
  •  A winterization drainage system.
  • Solar prep.
  • An outdoor shower.
  • High-intensity LED lighting.
  • Airconditioning units.

1 Diesel Class A Motorhome That Is Capable Of All Season Travel:

Diesel Class A motorhomes have been a long-time favorite for many RVers.

With a diesel motorhome, you get better fuel economy and a longer-lasting engine.

Additionally, diesel Class A RVs also have more power and are thus better for those looking at taking frequent long-distance adventures.

Furthermore, diesel Class A models have a better resale value which is ideal for those who want to continuously trade in their old models for a newer one after a few years.

You will also find that diesel Class A motorhomes are more luxurious, but they tend to cost more than their gas counterparts.

Below we have listed one of the best four-season capable diesel motorhome models that we think would suit those looking at making a new investment.

When you’re participating in full-time living, you will want a four-season model that you can rely on, and the 2021 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33BR is one of the best four-season capable models available on the RV market currently.

3. 2021 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33BR (~$307,000)

If you want a motorhome with an ultra-modern interior decor theme and aren’t too concerned with how much it will cost you, you may want to consider the 2021 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33BR.

This Class A is motorhome has a length of 33 feet and 2 inches with an interior height of 78 inches.

You will also receive a basement storage area with this model, and it is approximately 94 cubic feet.

The gross vehicle weight rating for the Riffin Allegro Breeze 33BR is 25,500 pounds, and you can expect to pay an estimated price of $307,000.

Although this model is quite expensive, it may be worth it if you enjoy luxury furnishings and quality modern features:

The Interior:

At the front, near the cabin area, you will find comfortable white leather couches and the dining room, which can seat two.

When you need more space, you can easily push back the table into its hiding space and move the seats to a storage area. Along the entire wall facing the lounge area is overhead cabinetry and ground floor cabinetry topped by a sparkling white countertop.

Before you reach the kitchen near the front, you will likely be pleased to find an electric fireplace and a large LED television. When you enter the kitchen, on the left-hand side, there is a large counter with a built-in dual sink that has a faucet and a residential fridge.

There is also a two-burner gas stove and a small but efficient microwave.

The kitchen isn’t overly large, but there is far more counter space than some of this model’s competitors. If you enjoy cooking and having space to spread out your ingredients, you will enjoy this room.

Bed & Bath:

If you want a luxurious bedroom, this motorhome is definitely worth having a look at.

Inside this room, there is a memory foam king-sized bed that has bedside tables and overhead cabinetry. A large sliding door wardrobe features two huge mirrors, plush carpeting, and wardrobes.

Across from the bed is an expansive countertop and an LED television mounted to the wall on the far right-hand side.

The bathroom is moderately sized and is located across from the kitchen and next to the bedroom. There is a large shower, cupboards, a bathroom sink, and a toilet.

Additionally, you can opt to have a washer and dryer installed in the bedroom, convenient when you are far from town.

All Season Specifications For The Allegro Breeze 33BR

  • Continuous Truma gas water heater.
  • Moisture-resistant one-piece molded fiberglass roof.
  • Formed insulation.
  • Cooling system with ducted supply air and return air feature.
  • Durable, high-performance thermal insulated sidewalls and flooring.
  • Two 13500 BTU airconditioning units.
  • 6.0 kW Onan generator.
  • Two ducted furnaces, with one being a 35000 K BTU and the other a 20000 K BTU
  • Solar power prep.
  • Optional 2000 Watt pure sine inverter and 3 solar panels.
  • Tank level monitoring system.
  • In-Dash navigation system.


Gas vs. Diesel Motorhomes: What’s Right for Me?

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