3 Great Class C Motorhomes With King Beds (With Pictures)

In recent years Class C motorhome manufacturers have been incredibly innovative and have released many Class C RVs that rival numerous Class A Models.

In the past, it would be fairly difficult for you to buy a Class C RV that had a king-sized bed as that honor usually went to certain fifth wheel models and Class A motorhomes.

Fortunately, times have changed, and a few Class C motorhomes have a king-sized bed installed.

We have put together this brief list describing four of the greatest Class C motorhome options available if you want to purchase one with a King-sized bed.

What Is A Class C Motorhome and Why You Should Consider One:

In the RV world, Class C motorhomes are the perfect go-between for people wanting a motorhome that isn’t as big as a Class A and that isn’t as small and compact as a Class B.

These motorhomes have engines, unlike towable RVs.

Essentially Class C motorhomes are built on either a truck or van chassis but what distinguishes most Class C models from other RV types is the overhang that extends over the cab area.

Class C’s are also known for their overhead cabin sleeping compartments and storage compartments.

Below we have provided a few reasons why you should consider a Class C motorhome as your next investment:


Class C motorhomes tend to be more affordable than most Class A RVs and some fifth wheel motorhomes.

Purchasing a large motorhome is often more expensive, but surprisingly you will likely find that you can buy a Class C motorhome that’s the same length as a Class A RV for a much more affordable price.

On average, you can expect a new Class C motorhome to cost between $70,000 and $400,000, depending on the brand, features, and amenities.


Sometimes you want to take a spur-of-the-moment trip, which can be hard to do in larger RVs.

Many Class C motorhomes are appropriate lengths and sizes for numerous resorts and state parks.

This means you have more variety when looking for somewhere to live or camp with friends and family.

You also won’t need as much planning as you will find an RV spot at a state park or resort easier because your rig isn’t overly large.

Small Luxuries:

Many Class  RVs have a bad rep of not being as spacious or luxurious as other motorhome types available.

This might have been the case in the past, but motorhome companies have really stepped up their game when manufacturing Class C models.

Just because Class C models tend to be more compact does not mean you will sacrifice huge amounts of space.

Additionally, with certain models, you will find the same luxuries, features, and amenities that you would with larger motorhomes.

2 Great Class C Motorhomes With A King Bed That Can Sleep Five:

Those with larger families no longer have to struggle with finding a Class c motorhome that can accommodate them.

There are numerous models on the market catering to larger families, but it can still be challenging to find a large Class C motorhome with a king-sized bed.

Fortunately, we have found two great Class C models with king-sized beds and can sleep up to five people.

Ultimately to help you decide if one of these five sleeper Class C models is ideal for you and your needs, we have included a brief explanation of each model,  including its features, amenities, and estimated retail price.

1. 2021 Thor Motor Coach Chateau 25V (~$105,000)

If you want a reasonably priced gas Class C motorhome, the 2021 Thor Motor Coach Chateau 25V might be worth looking at.

This model has an overall length of 26 feet and a gross vehicle weight rating of 12,500 pounds. It features one slide out and has a roof access ladder that allows you to utilize the roof as an entertainment area which is a huge bonus for families.

The estimated retail price for this model is $105,000.

Sleeping Arrangements:

Unlike most Class C motorhomes, the king-sized bed in the Thor Motorcoach Chateau 25V needs to be assembled when you want to use it.

The twin beds at the rear convert into a large king-sized bed, and there is a privacy curtain to separate the sleeping quarters from the living quarters.

The twin beds provide sleeping space for two people and are quite spacious, with dimensions of 38-inches by 75-inches each. The other sleeping arrangement for two people is located at the front of the motorhome.

There is a cab-over bunk bed that is 54 inches by 96 inches. Additionally, both sleeping areas feature LED televisions.

You will notice gorgeous multi-toned vinyl wood flooring and beautiful grey, white and beige furnishings and accents throughout this Class C.

The Interior:

The kitchen and dinette area is centrally located, and although each area is small, it is not cramped.

You will likely first notice the glossy white wooden cabinetry and the stone grey and white marble-like countertops inside the kitchen.

The dinette area has these same countertops, which allow a feeling of unity throughout this area. There is a stove, refrigerator, and microwave in the kitchen, and the dinette has under-seat storage compartments for all your storage needs.

Additionally, the kitchen also has a sink with a faucet and convenient covers, which provides you with more kitchen countertop space to prepare family meals.

Next to the private bedroom in the back is the bathroom. This bathroom is compact yet has everything your family needs.

There is a toilet, a shower with built-in shelves, and a bathroom sink. Additionally, there is also a medicine cabinet with a mirror and shelving behind the toilet for all the bathroom accessories you have.

2. 2021 Entegra Coach Odyssey 27U (~$90,000)

If you want a modern Class C motorhome with a luxury feel, can accommodate five people, and isn’t too expensive, then the 2021 Entegra Coach odyssey 27U is worth considering.

This model has an estimated retail cost of $90,000, and it has an overall length of 30 feet.

Although it isn’t overly large, it is spacious as it has two slide-outs and a gross vehicle weight rating of 14500. Additionally, this is motorhome is has a gas 7.3-liter V8 engine.

Sleeping Arrangements:

With this model, you will find the king-sized bed located at the rear in a wholly private bedroom.

If you want absolute privacy while traveling, then it’s likely you will enjoy this amenity. The King bed is strategically placed to allow for side tables and overhead cabinetry.

There is also a wardrobe and a mounted television to ensure you have access to indoor entertainment. As a nice bonus feature, you will find that the large wardrobe has two big mirrors on each door.

The bathroom in this model is located in the private bedroom.

The Interior:

There is a 30-inch by a 36-inch deep-set shower with glass doors, a medium-sized cupboard with a sink and a faucet, and a diagonal foot flush toilet.

To allow natural light into this room, there is a large window and a skylight.

If you like a spacious kitchen area, you will likely enjoy the l shaped kitchen in this model. The kitchen has a homey farmhouse kitchen style with white wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and black accent handles, and a kitchen faucet.

It is an overhead hob, a stove, a microwave, and a refrigerator.

Additionally, the gleaming kitchen countertops have a small flip-up counter extension next to the sink for a little extra space.

The dinette section is located next to the kitchen and features comfortable padded seating and a spacious dining room table. Across the dining area is a fold-out sofa bed that sleeps two people.

This model has an overhead bunk sleeping accommodation.

Additionally, the Odyssey 27U has a handy outdoor shower, an electric awning, and marine-grade exterior speakers.

1 Great Class Motorhome With A King Bed that Can Sleep Six:

You might need sleeping accommodations that can cater to six people.

If that is the case, you don’t need to despair that a Class C isn’t suitable as there are a few models that can accommodate six people. Additionally, a few models that sleep six also have king-sized beds.

However, you will likely pay more for these as this feature often requires more space.

We have managed to find a great super Class C model with a king-sized bed, which can sleep six. This model is more expensive than most, but it has some remarkable features.

Below we have provided a brief description of the model and have outlined some of its notable features and amenities:

3. 2022 Renegade Verona LE 38LDG (~$382,000)

Should you have an eye for luxury and a larger budget, the 2022 Renegade Verona LE 38LDG could be the ideal investment for your future.

This luxurious model is 38 feet long and has three slide outs making it uber spacious. It is, however, a heavier model as it has a gross vehicle weight of 34,300 pounds.

Additionally, it also has a Cummings L9 diesel engine and falls within the Class Super C motorhome category.

You will likely need a larger budget if you are interested in this model, as it has an estimated retail price of $382,000.

The Interior:

Although it is expensive, this super Class C motorhome is truly spectacular.

The flooring throughout is marble-toned porcelain tiling and plush brown carpeting.

There is an air conditioner, and there are numerous LED lights throughout, which give the entire RV a bright and spacious look.

If you need storage space, you won’t be disappointed as there are numerous overhead cabinetry storage spaces. The cabinetry itself complements the furnishings and flooring as it is a warm cherry wood color.

You will find a luxurious private bedroom that features an iRelax memory foam king-sized bed at the rear. This room is truly a focal point. It has an air conditioner, a ceiling fan, numerous overhead cabinetry compartments, a large chest of drawers, and marble countertops below an LED television.

The bed is large, but there is more than enough space for you to walk around from one side of the room to the other without encountering any furniture.

The center of this motorhome is beautiful as it is completely open plan and comprises a huge kitchen, dining room, and lounge area. The kitchen has gorgeous gleaming black granite countertops and numerous modern appliances such as a residential-sized stainless steel fridge, a large microwave, and an oven.

There is also a beautifully textured backsplash and a large sink with a faucet.

The leather beige furniture in the dining area and living area transforms into sleeping accommodations for two people. The dining room couches also have under-seat storage compartments.

You will also find a 50 inch LED 4K smart television in the lounge, and there is also an exterior 32 inch LED television. The bathroom is large and has a large shower with a built-in seat, a sink and cupboard, and a flushable toilet.

Additionally, this model has a central command center, LED motion-activated lighting throughout, and an AquaHot 450D hydronic heating system.

This system allows for continuous on-demand hot water.



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