3 Popular Class C RVs With Fireplaces (With Prices & Pictures)

Should you plan on traveling a lot during the winter season and dislike the cold, you’re probably considering purchasing a Class C RV equipped with a fireplace.

A furnace can keep you warm in the winter, but they don’t inspire a cozy winter evening nestled on the couch with friends or family drinking a hot cup of cocoa (it’s not like you can cozy up to your vents).

There are not too many Class C motorhomes equipped with fireplaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find one.

So if you have been eager to embrace the ambiance that comes with a fireplace in an RV, you might want to consider the Class C motorhomes we have managed to find that are equipped with a fireplace.

A fireplace is an attractive feature that can make a motorhome a true ‘home,’ and it can keep you extra toasty!

What Are The Different Types Of RV Fireplaces?

When you purchase an RV with a fireplace, it will either be equipped with an electric or a propane fireplace.

An electric fireplace has simulated flames, while a propane fireplace has real flames. Choosing which type you want in a motorhome can be somewhat challenging, so we thought it a good idea to tell you about the pros and cons of each motorhome fireplace type.

However, you should note that although both types of fireplaces use clean fuels, there have been health concerns associated with unvented propane fireplaces.

In addition to this, it’s rare to have the option of buying newer model RVs with a propane fireplace, but it is possible to install one.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the pros and cons of each fireplace type before we look at three of the most popular Class C RVs equipped with fireplaces.

RV Electric Fireplace Pros:

  • They are usually cheaper to operate than propane fireplaces.
  • They are believed to be safer than propane because the flames are simulated, and there is no lethal gas. Electric fireplaces usually have a feature that shuts them off if they detect a too-close object.
  • No chimney or fresh air vent is needed in the RV.
  • You won’t experience a degradation of your interior air inside your motorhome.
  • Usually isn’t too hot for smaller Class C motorhomes.
  • They are often equipped with technologically advanced features like colorful LED flames.

RV Electric Fireplace Cons:

  • Often can’t be used when participating in boondocking camping unless your Class C motorhome is equipped with a generator.
  • They might struggle to heat bigger RVs because electric fireplaces produce fewer BTUs than propane fireplaces.
  • Certain electric fireplaces have unattractive flame simulations.
  • No real flames which can ruin the aesthetic for some RVers

RV Propane Fireplace Pros:

  • They are easy to use while boondocking.
  • There are real flames that provide the aesthetic some campers need.
  • Better suited to heating larger RVs because of their often higher BTU output.

RV Propane Fireplace Cons:

  • BTU output can be too much for smaller Class C motorhomes.
  • Can use excessive amounts of propane.
  • They can inconvenience you at a campsite because when you run out of propane, you won’t be able to heat your motorhome.
  • They cause high humidity indoors, and this can cause mold to develop.
  • If you don’t have appropriate venting in your Class C, it can lead to unhealthy air buildup.
  • Often more expensive to run than electric units.
  • In many instances, they require more propane tanks.

Two Popular Class C RVs With Fireplaces That Can Sleep Six:

Not everyone wants a small or large motorhome.

If you’re seeking a mid-size Class C RV equipped with a fireplace and can sleep up to six people comfortably, you might find the models we discuss below interesting.

We have detailed what you can expect with these Class C motorhomes, including their best features and how much you might pay to own one of the popular models.

2022 Jayco Redhawk 26M:

Not every motorhome features a modern appearance with high-end luxury features at an affordable price.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a Class C motorhome that fits these parameters, you might want to consider the 2022 Jayco Redhawk 26M. This model has a beautiful white kitchen and spacious interior, but it is also equipped with a fireplace.

Currently, the estimated retail price for this RV is $140,000.

The 2022 Jayco Redhawk 26m has a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,500 pounds with an overall length of 28 feet and 8 inches, an exterior height of 11 feet and 6 inches, and an interior height of 7 feet. In addition to having an electric fireplace, this model is also equipped with a 30,000 BTU furnace and a 15,000 BTU air conditioner.

You can expect the 2022 Jayco Redhawk 26M to have a 45.5-gallon freshwater tank, an impressive 40-gallon grey water tank, and a 31-gallon black water tank. This popular Class C motorhome is built on a Ford E450 chassis and features a 7.3-liter V8 engine capable of a horsepower rating of 350 and a torque rating of 468.

Some of the best features of this single slide modern RV include an impressive 6-gallon water heater, a 50 inch LED television, a convenient outdoor kitchen, an outside shower that makes clean-up a breeze, and a 4000-watt gas generator that ensures you’re never without power.

Moreover, a spectacular kitchen is equipped with an eight cubic foot double door refrigerator, a stainless steel sink, a water filtration system, and a pop-up charging station.

2022 Jayco Seneca 37M:

If you have a bigger budget to invest in a state-of-the-art, luxury Class C motorhome that can sleep up to six people, you need to look at the 2022 Jayco Seneca 37M.

This modern masterpiece is one the pricier end of the spectrum with an estimated cost of $3,250,000, but this is worth it when you consider that an electric fireplace is only one of its attractive features.

The 2022 Jayco Seneca 37M has a gross vehicle weight rating of 29,000 pounds with an overall length of 39 feet and for inches, an exterior height of 13 feet and 4 inches, and an interior height of 7 feet.

Unlike other Class C motorhomes, this model is equipped with a 34,000 BTU furnace and two 15,000 BTU air conditioners.

In addition to this, the Seneca 37M features a 72-gallon freshwater tank, a 50-gallon grey water tank, and a 50-gallon black water tank.

It is built on Freightliner S2RV chassis and features a 6.7 liter Cummins ISB diesel engine that can produce a horsepower rating of 350 and an impressive torque rating of 800. This means you won’t experience any power issues towing your vehicle with you.

Besides a fully equipped kitchen, this RV has a bathroom including a 190-watt solar panel with a dual controller, an overhead bunk with a 750-pound weight capacity, a walkaround king-sized bed, an LED-lit stainless steel bathroom sink, and a Sony infotainment center.

Curiously, a few of the luxury optional extras you could choose from including a stackable washer and dryer, a 12 cubic foot four-door refrigerator, a hide a bed sofa, and a 12-volt refrigerator cooler in the basement.

One Popular Class C RV With A Fireplace That Can Sleep Eight:

It might not seem believable, but few motorhome manufacturers produce Class C RVs that can sleep eight people.

The popular model we speak about below is equipped with a fireplace and has two slides to accommodate the many people you might want to take with you on holiday.

To ensure you can make an educated decision about if the below model is suited for your needs and preferences, we have also briefly discussed the features it possesses and its estimated cost.

2022 Coachmen Leprechaun 319MB:

Although the 2022 Coachmen Leprechaun 319MB is the least expensive Class C motorhome on our list at an approximated price of $126,000, it has some of the best features and amenities.

This RV has a lift television that slides away into the kitchen countertop, an electric fireplace, a portable satellite dish, and a 4000 wat generator with an auto generator changeover feature. Yet this is not all.

The 2022 Coachmen Leprechaun has a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,500 pounds with an overall length of 32 feet and eleven inches with an exterior height of 10 feet and 11 inches.

This Class C motorhome also has a 50-gallon freshwater tank, a 32-gallon grey water tank, and a 29-gallon black water tank.

The Leprechaun 319MB has a propane furnace and a 13,500 BTU ducted roof air conditioner. This model is built on a Ford E450 chassis and features a 7.6-liter V8 engine.

It also has cruise control, upgraded side view mirrors, driver and passenger airbags to ensure your safety, and comfortable reclining passenger and pilot cockpit seats.

A few of the best features you can look forward to in the 2022 Coachmen Leprechaun 219MB include a systems command center, a child safety net for cab bunk bed, an interior cab privacy curtain, multiple USB charging ports, and a 39-inch coach television.


2022 Coachmen Leprechaun 319MB Specs

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