5 Most-Common Problems With Ezytrail Campers (Explained)

The Ezytrail Camper is one of Australia’s largest camper trailer brands.

Popular for its versatility in rough terrain, this camper can handle some rough off-road trails.

There were some recalls of this brand between June 2015 and June 2017, so there are some cons behind this camper that one should be aware of.

However, almost any camper will have its list of pros and cons.

Let’s explore some of the noteworthy cons for the Ezytrail camper:

1. Structural Weakness Under Extreme Conditions

If you are purchasing a used Ezytrail camper, keep an eye out for any possible structural weakness, whether it is a soft-floor or hard-floor camper trailer.

The main concern is the weld that attaches the top of the drawbar to the main body of the camper. This weld has been failing prematurely under some extreme conditions and causes the drawbar to break, resulting in serious damage.

It is this problem that initiated a safety recall of the Ezytrail K Series MK1, Stirling soft-floor and hard-floor, Lincoln, and Portland camper trailers between the period of June 2015 and June 2017.

In total, 1277 Ezytrail campers were affected.

The recall was, however, voluntary and not mandatory, which means you may experience this problem if you have purchased an older, used Ezytrail camper.

The good news is that the latest Mark 2 models have addressed this problem. Hopefully, you won’t worry about chassis breaking between the toolboxes and the body of the camper, especially when fully loaded.

Additional Structural Concerns

There are some shared complaints about the aluminum rivets on the clamps pulling.

To fix this, you can replace the aluminum rivets with all-steel rivets.

The stone guard welds can also crack easily if they are bumping against the spare wheel carrier when reversing the camper trailer.

The solution to this problem is to explore rubberizing and to reinforce the stone guard welds.

2. Bearings That May Capitulate

The bearings on Ezytrail camper trailers need to be inspected regularly because, for the most part, they do not last.

A common occurrence is that despite regular maintenance and frequent checks of the temperatures of the hubs, the bearings do not always exceed a two-month lifespan on the camper and may capitulate and leave you stranded.

Some campers have reported that the bearings that are listed on the Ezytrail website are incorrect and may offer the inconvenience of future problems.

You can get around this problem and change out the bearings on your camper and replace them with a better quality set if you want peace of mind and added longevity.

If you are really worried, then we suggest carrying spare bearings with you and some extra grease too.

3. Managing All The Dust

If you are taking your Ezytrail camper trailer on an off-road excursion, then be prepared for the dust.

Despite keeping the fan on that comes standard with the camper trailer, a common problem is that dust gets into and builds up inside the forward drawers.

The two slide-outs are also not dustproof, and dust tends to gather in these areas too.

The fridge is another hotspot for dust on the road. When traveling through sandy conditions, rather switch the fridge cooling vent off to prevent additional intake of sand.

A helpful tip to prevent dust from entering your camper while you are on the road is to adjust all your panel brackets and make them tighter.

This will close the panel seals and prevent sand from entering the camper trailer.

4. Common Kitchen Problems

There are a few common problems that are centered around the kitchen area of the Ezytrail camper.

These common problems include the following:

  • The water that falls into the kitchen from spillage, leaks, or the rain ends up in the battery box.
    • Since there is no drainage in the battery box, the water settles there and floods the battery.
    • Make a drain hole to create a quick fix.
  • The kitchen has not been modernized yet, and many campers complain about the standard styrofoam packers it comes with.
  • A small problem that is raised commonly is the inconvenience of having to remove the gas cylinder.
    • You must do that and take it to the rear kitchen and connect it every time needed.
  • The stove burner connections scratch the cooker with movement on the road.
    • It is best to take these parts and wrap them in a soft cloth and store them in the sink during transport.

5. The Paint Finishes Need an Extra Touch

The exterior paint on the Ezytrail camper is excellent; however, the paint finish on the main body of the camper is problematic.

The paint on the boxes and the racks do not have a long life, and rusting takes over fairly quickly.

Repainting these areas is a common chore to maintain the finish and reduce the rust.

General Pros and Cons for the Ezytrail Camper Trailer


The Ezytrail Camper brand is one of the largest in Australia for many reasons.

The Ezytrail Camper is to tow and offers great suspension. A spare stub axle can also be ordered and replaced on the side of the road with ease.

The annex walls are quick to put up.

The Ezytrail Camper LED lighting is helpful and offers a decent amount of light inside the camper.

If you want to sit inside, then the forward fold provides seating at the back of the camper. There is a lot of storage space available and a lot of 12V power on offer too.

This camper comes with two spare wheels.


  • Structural weakness under extreme conditions.
  • Bearings that may capitulate after only two months.
  • Dust gets into the forward drawers and builds up inside the slide-outs.
  • The paint finishes on the boxes, and racks need extra attention and touch-ups to reduce rust.
  • Water leaks gathering in the battery box and sliding gas burner parts that scratch the cooker.

What Do the Reviews Say?

While we have identified the list of cons, the Ezytrail camper trailer is still undefeated especially when it comes to braving environmental elements.

“The inside has held up better than expected too. Despite sitting in the rain, there had been no water ingress, no moldy tent, and no rips or tears even though a few of the latch pins had gone AWOL.”

[Source: camper.hemax.com]

One feature the Ezytrail camper boasts is handling those rough terrains and tows with minimal hassle and lag.

Whether you plan on traveling off-road or not, rest-assured the Ezytrail camper will be able to handle some serious conditions on the road.

“The Stirling Z EzyTrail Camper Trailer had towed well and, as long as you aired down, was able to be taken over some decent dunes.”

[Source: traveloutbackaustralia.com]

After previous recalls, Ezytrail had to step up their game and ensure their future models would retain the loyalty of their customers.

While some of the negatives for the structural and safety concerns were addressed, they also went all out to produce one of their largest hard-floor camper trailers.

What’s the Resale Value On Ezytrail Camper Trailers?

Ezytrail Camper Stirling GT Mk2 2018 $17,000
Ezytrail Camper Stirling GT 2016 $15,000
Ezytrail Camper Trailer Coorong 2015 $11,000
Ezytrail Camper Trailer Pug 2014 $9,999
Ezytrail Camper Trailer Top Trail Hard Floor 2012 $6,900

Helpful Final Tips:

If you are feeling wary about some of the common problems associated with A-frame campers, then it may help you to feel better that each of those problems does have a valid solution.

Below are some helpful tips to help prevent future problems for your Ezytrail camper:

Prepare for Maintenance in the Future:

By planning and budgeting for age-related maintenance on your camper, you will be more than ready to handle any problems.

Consider saving for batteries, pumps, and plugs that will all need replacement at some point in the future.

Open Those Vents:

Prevent deterioration inside your camper and open the vents to control the temperature.

Keep all fabric and furniture dry and off the ground.

This will reduce mold and bad odors.

Safe Off-Road Driving:

Do not drive too fast when you are on sand/rocky roads.

This will eliminate dust, and it will prevent rocks and stones from being thrown against the camper trailer


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