Tiny House With Downstairs Bedroom & Lots of Storage 🎥

Welcome to this cozy tiny home, complete with a unique and practical exterior design. Bear’s Tiny House!

The house measures 24 feet in length, 13 feet, and 4 inches in height, and offers a generous 370 square feet of living space.

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Key Takeaways

  • Unique railing system enables easy access during travel and maximizes functionality
  • Ground floor master bedroom and loft space cater to various mobility needs
  • Efficient, energy-saving windows throughout provide a comfortable and eco-friendly dwelling

Exterior Overview

One of the most interesting features is the retractable porch, which slides under the unit for easier travel and accessibility while on the go.

With a good attention to detail, our tiny home is well-insulated with spray foam insulation, ensuring that its inhabitants stay warm and comfortable.

The fireplace, surrounded by stunning slate, uses propane gas logs for warmth and coziness. Our tiny home also features a kitchen adorned with copper sheeting that extends as a backsplash, and cabinets finished with lacquer to preserve the beautiful patina.

Of course, there is no compromise when it comes to appliances either.

This tiny home comes equipped with a dishwasher, washer-dryer combo, and more. Plus, there is ample storage in the form of upper cabinets and six dovetailed drawers – practicality at its finest.

Delving further into this tiny home, we find a cedar-lined bathroom with a standard RV-style toilet and a 30-inch shower stall, made from a unique rubber-based product that provides excellent durability and flexibility.

The master bedroom on the ground floor is a signature feature in our tiny homes, offering accessibility and comfort for those with mobility issues or anyone who prefers not to climb a ladder.

Lastly, the loft area is a versatile space that can accommodate two more people, providing additional sleeping or guest quarters.

To ensure safety, the house is coated with Class A and Class B fire retardants, thus promising a secure living environment.

Overall, this beautifully crafted tiny home with its wooden aesthetics and smart design offers a comfortable and inviting living space for those who embrace the tiny house lifestyle.

Living Room Features

Our tiny home boasts an incredible living space that is both cozy and functional.

The living room features a built-in entertainment center, complete with a television and a fireplace that adds an extra layer of warmth and enjoyment.

Additionally, we have installed an air conditioning unit in the living room to ensure your comfort on those hot summer days. For added convenience, there’s a second air conditioning unit in the back as well.

High-quality windows in the living room are aluminum-clad and energy-efficient, with argon gas to ensure the space remains cozy and warm.

Never worry about running out of storage in the kitchen, as there are ample upper cabinets, six drawers, and even a hidden dishwasher. Our drawers are also of high quality, boasting dovetail joinery for a reliable and elegant finish.

Storage Capabilities

Bears Tiny Homes offers a range of features to maximize the storage space within their 370 square-foot homes.

In the living room, a custom-built hidden cabinet offers space for long-hanging items, while the bedroom boasts six feet of half-height hanging space.

The bathroom is another area that offers storage solutions. The cedar-lined walls surround an area that includes storage under the sink and inside spacious overhead cabinets. Beyond the bathroom, the ground-floor master bedroom has its own heating and cedar-lined closets.

The upstairs loft provides extra living space and can comfortably fit two people without feeling cramped. This feature allows for flexible living arrangements that cater to people’s needs and preferences.

Storage is also a major factor in this kitchen, as there are numerous upper cabinets and six drawers built in for ample storage options.

The drawers are designed with attention to detail, featuring dovetail joints instead of just plywood boxes. Additional storage can be found under the stairs leading to the loft area.

Under Stairs Utility

Mark from Bear’s Tiny Homes designed a clever feature in the house: an under-the-stairs utility area that maximizes space and adds convenience.

This utility space houses various appliances and storage compartments, including:

  • A combination washer and dryer, efficient and space-saving, handling both washing and drying tasks in a single unit.
  • Storage steps that offer additional compartments for organizing belongings, making the stairs doubly useful.

This design choice showcases the house’s intention to make the most of its limited space. With the help of custom-built furnishings and thoughtfully designed features, the home proves that small living spaces can be both cozy and highly functional.

Master Bedroom

In this particular tiny home, the master bedroom is conveniently located on the ground floor, which is ideal for individuals with physical challenges or mobility issues who may struggle with climbing stairs or ladders.

The bedroom area is cozy, yet features enough room to comfortably fit a full-size bed with extra space around it for easy and convenient bed-making.

The master bedroom also offers an impressive six feet of hanging closet space, all lined with cedar, providing a pleasant aroma and added touch of quality.

For guests or extra sleeping space, this tiny home includes a loft accessible by actual stairs, offering a safer and more convenient alternative to a ladder. The loft is sizeable, comfortably fitting two people, with ample room for movement and relaxation.

Loft Space

The loft can comfortably accommodate two people and is easily accessible via its staircase. This space is ideal for guests, children or even as a cozy reading area.

With Bears Tiny Homes, comfort and practicality are combined in a well-thought-out design, providing an inviting and functional living space.

The tiny home also features a dual-zone air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable temperature. Energy-efficient windows are installed throughout to minimize heat loss and maintain optimal insulation. A propane gas fireplace with a slate surround adds a touch of warmth and charm to the living area. It’s worth noting that the insulation is so effective that the home may require opening a window if the fireplace is left on for too long.

Final Thoughts

As we explore this beautifully constructed tiny home, we can’t help but appreciate its unique features and clever design. One notable element is the sliding porch that tucks under the unit, allowing safe and easy access while traveling.

Clearly, this wooden tiny house is a work of art — a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. The attention to detail and convenience of having a ground-floor bedroom with an adjacent bathroom truly sets this beautiful abode apart. With a casual, charming atmosphere, this delightful dwelling is bound to make a lasting impression.

For individuals requiring additional sleeping space, there is a cozy loft accessible via stairs. Bears Tiny Homes also pays serious attention to safety by applying multiple coats of fire retardant on the house’s structure.

Overall, Bears Tiny Homes impresses with their dedication to creating welcoming, functional, and safe tiny houses with elegant wooden finishes. This company truly caters to the needs of those interested in embracing the tiny house lifestyle.

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