Do Campervans Have Air-Conditions? (5 Helpful Examples)

Older campervans don’t usually have airconditioning or ways to keep your space cool in the summer months.

Most air conditioning was a luxury until recently.

Now, more modern models will include aircon units for users’ pleasure.

An Answer About Whether Campervans Have Aircondition:

Many campervans on the market today come with aircon or can have an aircon feature added at an additional cost. Whether or not a campervan has an aircon will largely depend on what campervan make and model you choose.

These Campervans Come With Aircon:

After scouring the web, we have come across a few campervans that do indeed come with an aircon.

Below we will show you five examples of campervans that you can purchase that have an aircon feature.

1. Boulder Campervans Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ConversionĀ  ‘Pearl’

The colorado based company Boulder Campervans has designed and created a campervan conversion that they call the Pearl.

This campervan has a 2020 Mercedes-Benz as its base van and can sleep four comfortably. For this campervan conversion, you are looking at a starting price of roughly $210,000.

The features that come with this campervan make the price point bearable.Ā  Not only is this campervan off-grid, but it comes with a substantial 780-watt solar panel system, a 300-watt inverter, and lithium-ion batteries. Due to this campervans multi-source energy system, you won’t have any problem running amenities.

You will be able to run dimmable LED lighting in the van’s interior, and you will be able to run the airconditioning unit for up to three hours on the batteries.

This feature is particularly handy when traveling to hot climates.

This van’s helpful and innovative feature is that the van’s equipment is considered smart equipment. This means you can monitor the energy levels from the different energy sources remotely.

You won’t have the issue of not knowing when to switch off your aircon as you can easily check the power usage on your smartphone.

2. Storyteller Overland Sprinter Mode 4×4 Campervan

If you’re looking for a campervan that you can use for all your off-road adventures, then the Storyteller Overland sprinter campervan could be the van for you.

The 4×4 capabilities of this van make it one of the best options for summertime adventures.

The starting price for the Storyteller Overland Sprinter Mode 4×4 is approximately $150,000. Although not as affordable as other adventure vans on the market, the features offered more than substantiate this campervan price.

This campervan comes with off-road terrain tires, a roof rack, an access ladder, and the floorplan is multifunctional and can be rearranged to suit your fancy.

The campervan has off-grid capabilities with a lithium battery electrical system that can run your amenities.

Adventuring in the summer heat won’t be as uncomfortable in this van as the Storyteller Overland comes with airconditioning to keep you cool.

Summer adventures have perhaps never seemed more enticing.

3. Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Campervan

Where elegance meets functionality, the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo campervan is an excellent choice for those wanting an aesthetically pleasing campervan that can double as a day to day vehicle as well.

This luxurious yet functional campervan will come at a base cost of around $70,000.

What makes this campervan different is the many smart features that it comes with.

With the Mercedez-Benz advanced control interface system, you can control all the interior lighting, the sound system, and you can control the campervans’ airconditioning and heating.

This campervan has lush interior decorating, and there is a fold-out dinette area that connects to a kitchenette.

You will have a fridge, sink, and gas burner stove in the kitchenette, and these features are all stylishly done.

This van even has an advanced thermotropic automatic climate control system in place where you can control the three different ventilation modes offered.

Acclimatizing while traveling has never been easier.

4. VW T6.1 California Ocean Campervan

The new VW California ocean 2020 model campervan is sophistication and comfort at its finest.

With this latest model, you get revamped features, and with them comes an incredible sense of adventurous tranquility.

The pricing on this campervan can also be considered reasonable, with a starting price of roughly $82,000.

In terms of features and amenities, this campervan has plenty.

With their intense focus on comfortability, this campervan comes with three-zone climatronic airconditioning and houses a heater in the living room. No matter the climate, you won’t be traveling in discomfiture.

Not only will you be more relaxed in warm climates with the aircon feature, but in colder climates, this campervan additionally comes with heated seats.

The California Ocean also has a small kitchenette with a fridge, sink, and a stove and dinette area where the front seats can swivel to face the fold-out table.

The easy pop-top roof creates more headspace should you need it and doubles as another comfortable sleeping area bringing the total sleeping accommodations to four.

5. Sussex Campervans Renault Trafic Manhattan Conversion Campervan

The campervan conversion firm based in the UK has created the Manhattan campervan on a Renault Trafic base.

This van is one of the most affordable on our list that offers airconditioning with approximate pricing of $58,000.

You won’t just get airconditioning in this van but a range of other features and amenities.

The Manhattan model can sleep between two and five people, respectively. This campervan also comes with a side style kitchen with a sink, stove, and fridge all laid out in a stylish setting.

The campervan also comes with standard features for the Renault Traffic, including satellite navigation, rain-sensing windscreen wipers, rear parking sensors, and even cruise control.

In combination with the conversion amenities that Sussex Campervans has installed, these features will ensure comfortable and hassle-free trips in the future.

How Much Do Campervans With Aircon Cost?

When we look at campervans that come with an aircon feature, we would naturally think that they could cost more.

Some campervans will cost more depending on how advanced their aircon and climate features are. However, this is not always the case.

There are many campervans on the market that come with aircon units that won’t break the bank.

Consequently, it will largely depend on the make and model of the campervan; sometimes, you can get a campervan with an aircon unit that is cheaper or similar in price to other comparable models on the market.

You can look at a campervan with an aircon costing upwards of $70,000.

How Do You Cool A Campervan Without An Aircon?

There are many ways to cool your campervan without an aircon.

Below we will look at a few tips you can undertake to keep your campervan cool this summer:

Parking & Keeping it Cool:

A key element to consider when you’re parking your campervan for the day is how you park the van.

You can keep the campervan cool by parking it under a tree or in a shaded area.

Using Ventilation & Fans:

You must also have proper ventilation in your campervan.

Having enough ventilation will keep your campervan cool. Open some windows or install some extraction fans or roof vents to increase the ventilation in the van.

Also, make sure to cover exposed windows.Ā You won’t believe how much cooler your campervan will be if you shade the windows with cloth or curtains.

Finally, it would be best if you used a portable fan. There are many portable fans available that won’t drain too much of your battery power.

What Do Campervan Aircon Run On?

Many of us often wonder how aircon units run in campervans.

If your campervan has an additional aircon unit installed, it can be run with three different energy sources.

Campground Electrical Shore Power

Many aircon makes for a campervan will need a shore power supply to run.

This works well if you don’t need to be off-grid.

You can plug in your campervan electrical system directly to a 110 shore power supply and run the aircon, or you can plug your battery into the shore power outlet, which will then run the aircon.

Propane Fueled Generator

If you are going off-grid, you would be able to run your aircon unit off a propane-fueled generator.

Your onboard aircon unit in your campervan would be run by being plugged into the generator.

Battery Power Energy Source

Many campervan aircon units are run on battery power.

Depending on the energy requirements of your aircon, you may need a powerful battery.

One of the best battery types to use when running a campervan aircon off a battery is a lithium-ion battery.

Is Aircon Really Necessary In Campervans?

The answer to this question is utterly up to you as a person and depends on your personal preferences.

If you frequently travel in hotter climates having a campervan aircon would make your trips more comfortable.

Ideally, your campervan must have proper ventilation, and an aircon would help with this.

What Are The Best Aircon Brands For Campervans?

Notably, there are a few aircon brands that stand out from the rest.

We have listed below a few that we think are worthy of a mention:

  • Advent
  • Dometic
  • Coleman

Can You Install An Aircon Unit Yourself In A Campervan?

You can install an aircon in your campervan yourself, and a rooftop campervan aircon might be the most accessible type of aircon to install if you are doing a DIY installation project.

If you have some electrical knowledge and follow instructions, you can install and rig your campervan aircon reasonably easily.


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