Do Small Houses Sell Faster Or Slower? (We Checked)

Small houses are quite practical as they are cheaper to build and easier to maintain. Apart from this, small houses also have a less environmental impact, which is great if you want a more sustainable way of life.

As small houses become increasingly popular because of their benefits, does this mean they sell faster?

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the topic of selling houses and whether small houses sell faster or slower. Let’s get to it!

Here’s What You Need to Know About Selling Small Houses:

Small houses generally sell faster than big ones. That is because they are more affordable, and the maintenance and upkeep for small houses are cheap. Utility bills are lower for small houses. Also, these houses tend to increase in value over time.

When Are Houses Considered “Small”?

The average size of houses in the United States is around 2,500 square feet. This means that anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000 square feet can be considered a normal-sized house.

Given this information, houses that are below 1,000 square feet are considered small.

A house of this size can easily and comfortably fit a small family without them feeling cramped.

With an area of 1,000 square feet, you can have 2 to 3 bedrooms, a small kitchen, a living and dining area, and a bathroom. You can even include a small second bathroom, but that’s stretching the house to its limits.

The same can be done with houses measuring 800 to 900 square feet, but it would already feel a bit cramped.

What Is The Best Strategy For Selling A Small House Faster?

Even though small houses are becoming quite popular, selling them can still be challenging because not everyone feels that a house that’s less than 1,000 square meters is enough to live comfortably.

For some people, a house that small can feel cramped.

So how do you sell a small house faster? Here are some tips:

Prepare the House for Viewing and Selling:

This strategy applies to selling small houses and all kinds of houses in general.

When selling a house, it’s always best to prepare it. This means cleaning and decluttering the house. You can also do any minor repairs if needed and add a fresh coat of paint if possible.

Even though house buyers are accustomed to doing the minor repairs themselves once they purchase a house, it’s always nice to be able to simply move into a house without doing any repair or maintenance work.

It relieves the new house owners from the hassle and makes the house more appealing.

Show Buyers How to Maximize the Space:

Many people have qualms about buying a small house because they don’t know how to maximize the space for everything they need to live comfortably.

A good strategy for selling a small house is to show buyers how to maximize the space by showing the different possibilities for storage and organization.

If you have potential buyers for viewing, stage the house in a realistic way that works for day-to-day living. Show potential clients how to organize and store their things in a small house.

Make sure to show the house’s features that add convenience to their daily routines and highlight the rooms or areas with multiple functions.

Additionally, you can show potential buyers how to decorate the space. Show them how a small house can both be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

One challenge of living in small houses is that they can be hard to decorate without looking cluttered. By incorporating tasteful and minimal design pieces and adding some artwork here and there, you can show off a beautifully-designed space that can attract potential buyers.

Take Good-Quality Photos of the House:

It goes without saying that including great visuals always helps when selling something.

To sell a small house faster, having good-quality photos accompanying the advertisement is important.

Use a good camera when taking photos, and make sure to take photos of every room in the house. Take photos in the afternoon when natural light is softer. Highlight corners or spaces that look beautiful.

If you can’t take good photos, then hire a good photographer. Yes, it costs extra, but it will help sell the house faster.

Create a Detailed Listing Description:

Photos are not always enough to entice buyers. You must also have a good listing description of your selling house.

Remember to include all the basic details about the house when writing a listing description, such as the number of rooms and bathrooms.

Create a detailed narrative about the house as if you’re telling a story to make it more enticing to potential buyers. If you’re trying to attract a certain type of buyer, describe how the house would be perfect for them.

For example, if you want to sell it to small families with kids, you can write about the small yard behind the house and how it would be a great outdoor space for children to play in. You can also write about how it would be the perfect space for a small plant garden.

In addition, don’t forget to include any renovations you’ve done and any parts of the house that need fixing and extra care.

Sell the Location – Not the House:

While size matters when it comes to selling the house, there are other factors that people consider. And one of them is the location.

If the small house has a good location, then you can sell it faster by selling the location.

Is the house close to a grocery store? Is it accessible by public transportation? Is there a park, school, gym, public library, hardware store, or shopping mall within a 5-kilometer radius of the house?

Details like this should be included when advertising a small house, and they should definitely be part of the selling pitch when talking to potential buyers.

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When Is a House TOO Small for a Quick Sale?

Not all small houses sell faster. Sometimes, a house may be too small for a quick sale.

Houses smaller than 500 square feet can be considered too small for a quick sale. That’s because not many people can live comfortably in a small space.

Yes, it would be easier to sell these houses to single people or even to couples, but they can still require a lot of convincing, especially if they are considering building a family in the future.

Ideally, you would not buy a house that’s too small if you want to have a family with kids in the future because it’s simply not practical. You’d want space for your future kids to grow, and having more household members means needing more space to move around and store things.

Do Tiny Houses Take a Long Time to Sell?

Any house with 400 square feet or less floor area can be considered tiny.

In general, tiny houses can be challenging and take a long time to sell, and that is because not everyone is into the tiny house movement.

The clientele is completely different for tiny houses.

People who are accustomed to full-sized bathrooms with tubs will often not be enticed to buy a tiny house. The same goes for people who own many things or are used to large spaces.

Living in a tiny house means getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter and going through extreme downsizing just to fit all your things in less than 400 square meters of space.

The only people who would buy a tiny house are those who live a minimalist lifestyle.


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