Do Electric Bike Batteries Get Stolen? (We Checked)

Whenever something becomes popular, some people will always find a way to take advantage of it to make a quick buck, and electric bikes are no exception.

Since e-bikes first started to become popular in the early 2000s, there has been a major increase in not only bike theft but also the theft of the battery itself.

This is especially true in larger cities where electric bikes are more popular. So, what gives?

Here is what we learned about the market of re-selling e-bike batteries and what you can do to protect yourself:

Why It’s So Easy to Steal an E-Bike Battery:

Removing a battery from an electric bike is simple to do. It only takes a few tools and a few minutes to disengage the battery and remove it from an e-bike. E-bike batteries have a huge resale value and are big targets for thieves. Keep an eye on your e-bike battery when it is not in use.

Is It Generally Safe to Leave the Battery on the Bike?

Generally, if you live in a small populated area, you should feel safe enough to leave your battery in the bike once you chain it up.

However, if you live in a larger city, you may want to consider removing it.

As mentioned, an e-bike battery is fairly simple to remove. This is especially true if you have an e-bike with a removable battery that is designed to remove the battery when it needs to be charged.

Taking out your e-bike battery is the best way to ensure that it won’t be stolen. This is because while you can chain up your bike to deter thieves, you can’t chain up the battery.

Since e-bike batteries have such a large resale value, if you worry about your battery being lifted, you should remove the battery after parking your bike.

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Does Insurance Normally Cover Bike Batteries?

Regular bike insurance does not actually cover electric bikes and only offers insurance on bikes that do not feature a motor.

This is because an electric bike needs to be registered as a motorized vehicle since it features a motor.

Luckily for you, many insurance companies now offer specialized insurance that will cover damage caused to your e-bike from any accidents and replace your bike if it is stolen. 

Does this Cover the Battery?

Yes, this covers the battery, but you must purchase insurance specifying that the battery can be replaced.

If you have this special insurance plan, you can get a replacement battery for your e-bike if the battery is stolen or damaged.

The best part about this type of insurance is that it will cover the full cost of a replacement instead of other plans that will partially cover the cost.

This is great news because the cost of e-bike batteries is almost as high as the price of e-bikes themselves. If you live in a large city and get your battery stolen often, this can be quite an expense for anyone to pay.

How Can You Best Protect Your Bike Battery from Theft?

The number one way to protect your e-bike battery from getting stolen is to remove the battery anytime you park your bike for an extended period of time.

Use your best judgment on when and where to remove your battery to reduce the risk of getting your battery stolen.

Another great way to protect the battery is by installing an alarm on the device. Bike battery alarms are specially designed to send an alert if the battery becomes dislodged or disconnected.

Along with specially designed alarms, you can use things you already have to protect your belongings!

When battery robberies started to pick up, more people were forced to get creative with protecting themselves. Most notably, riders use Apple AirTags to track their e-bike’s battery.

The AirTag will show you where your battery is and alert you if the device is moved. This should give you enough time to track down not only the thief but your battery as well.

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How Much Do New Batteries For Electric Bikes Cost?

The price of an e-bike battery absolutely depends on the type of battery that your bike needs. More specifically, the number of watts the battery should have. The higher the watts, the higher the price tag.

Standard e-bike batteries run around $500 for e-bikes that use a battery with up to 400 watts. Stronger batteries that can run up to 1200 watts will cost up to $800.

Since e-bike batteries are so expensive to replace, it is no surprise why they are a hot theft item right now. But how much does a used e-bike battery got for?

Used and refurbished e-bike batteries are not as expensive as new ones but still run up a pretty penny.

A used e-bike battery can cost anywhere from $250 to $500 per battery.

Traditionally, an electric bike battery should last up to 5 years before it needs to be replaced. So, having your bike battery stolen often will force you to invest much more money into your e-bike than initially expected.

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How Much Does An Electric Bike Battery Cost?

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