6 Electric Bikes with Banana Seats (Long Seats)

When the infamous Huffy Dragster began production in the 1960s, it revolutionized the entire bicycle market by featuring elongated seats, otherwise known as banana seats. This perfectly expressed the laid-back attitude of the 1960s American dream.

Now, fast forwarding to the present, there are many brands of e-bikes donning this care-free, 1960s-style banana seat which can be purchased easily both online and in-store.

So if you’re in the market for an e-bike with an elongated banana-style seat, then look no further, as in this article we’ve compiled a list of the ones you cannot miss.

1. Bezior XF001 ($1500)

Those purchasing an electric bike from Bezior will definitely not be disappointed. Bezior is a brand renowned for designing and creating electric bikes that are stylish, dependable, and affordable.

When it comes to finding a reliable high-performance electric bike that features a banana seat as standard then look no further than the Benzior XF001.

This impressive bike comes with:

  • Motor power of 1000w
  • Factory speed of 15.5mph(25km/h),
  • Maximum speed of 28mph(45km/h).
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame weighing in at only 30 kg in total.

It also comes with 3 driving modes to suit your individual needs:

  • Pedal
  • Pedal-assist
  • Pure electric

Moreover, it has a 48V 12.5Ah battery with a charging time of only 6-7 hours, meaning if you’re commuting to work, you have plenty of time to have it back to full charge before you need to head home.

The banana saddle allows for a larger seating area, which can distribute weight more evenly across the buttocks and thighs, reducing pressure points and discomfort.

Some reviewers have even raved about how they can easily and comfortably fit three people on the back.

Better yet, when aesthetics come into play you have an option of a brilliant retro theme with a green body and tan-colored saddle or a more sophisticated and modern black style, depending on which suits your personality the most.

Unfortunately one of the only downsides is the maximum climbing of 25°. In terms of mountain biking on steep terrain, this may not be the best choice for you and, therefore, it is best suited for city riding.

However, the elegant design, affordable price, and brilliant specifications make the Bezior XF001 one of the top choices when looking for a banana-seated electric bike, so it’s definitely worth checking it out for yourself.

2. Gogobest GF750 ($1873)

Another one of the top electric bikes on this list featuring an elongated (banana-style) saddle is the Gogobest GF750.

This model comes in slightly heavier than the Bezior XF001 at 43 kg, but it also boasts a durable and sturdy aluminum alloy frame.

It may only have a factory speed of 15.5mph (25km/h) but it has a maximum climbing grade of 45°, so is ideal for mountain biking in comparison to the previously mentioned Bezior model.

However, when used in pure electric mode, this electric bike can reach up to 31mph which is pretty impressive in terms of its competitors available on the market today.

This e-bike also features:

  • A 48V 17.5Ah removable battery, which is located inside the frame for a sleeker and less obvious design. It also means the battery is waterproof and dustproof so less likely to encounter damage.
  • A smart LCD display that has an integrated bicycle data view and also a visible gear switch.
  • USB charging – a brilliant feature that means you can charge your iPhone or other smart gadgets whilst on the move.
  • A battery charging time of 5-8 hours.

3. Cruz73 Retro Electric Bike ($1700)

For those of you looking for an electric bike with an elongated seat that looks like an amalgamation of a motorcycle and a pedal bike, then the Cruz73 Retro Electric Bike may be the perfect choice for you.

Owners love riding an electric bike that looks so similar to a motorcycle that some people could be fooled. So if you want a bike that’s road legal without the hassle of needing a license then the Cruz73 is the perfect match for you.

Similar to the models on this list, the Cruz73 electric bike’s frame is made from top-quality sturdy aluminum, making it lightweight and durable weighing in at only 38kg. This of course doesn’t make it the lightest on this list, but it is certainly close.

The Cruz73’s thick 20-inch tires make it perfect for both road and off-road riding, along with front and rear disc brakes for even more control.

It has a 48V 250w motor meaning it has a maximum speed of 15.5mph (25km/h) in line with the above model; the GoGobest GF750.

Similarly, there is also an added bonus of a USB charging port located on the main frame of the bike to charge all your smart gadgets whilst being able to take in the best views whilst on the move.

For those of you that love to cruise around with a friend or partner, you’ll be pleased to know that the Cruz73 bike has passenger foot pegs included to ensure that they too can enjoy an awesome ride.

And, if you happen to get into a sticky situation, there is a free bike tool kit included with every purchase.

So if you’re looking for an electric bike that’s both stylish, but also great for multiple terrains, then the Cruz73 Retro e-bike is definitely a great option worth considering.

4. Super73 Z-Miami Electric Bike ($2430)

The brand Super73 is renowned for making quality products, and this model comes in as one of the more luxurious options on this list.

However, don’t be put off by the price tag because Super73 electric bikes are known for their sleek designs, amazing aesthetics, and also top-quality materials, so you will not be disappointed.

Better yet, many of their models, if not most, feature banana-style saddles, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. The folks at urbanrider.co.uk explain that the Super73 Z-Miami electric bike :

“(…)takes the best elements of the iconic ZG series, and revamps it into a fresh new model. Featuring a hyper-lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame, and a conveniently removable battery, the Z Miami is the perfect launch point into the world of Super73.”

The manufacturers at Super73 ensure the comfortability of this model with its ergonomically designed lightweight frame and banana-style seat, perfect for long journeys on or off-road.

This stylish Z- Miami model is completely road legal, with 20-inch tires and a 48V motor, meaning you can reach impressive maximum speeds of 15.5mph (25km/h) with pedal assist at ease.

With the frame only weighing 30kg and, its incredibly powerful 615W 18650 cell battery, you’ll get a range of 40-80km on one charge.

Additionally, the Z-Miami’s battery has a quick charge time and can have a full charge in only 6 hours, making it one of the fastest on this list.

5. Himiway Escape Pro Electric Bike ($2230)

The Himiway Escape Pro Electric Bike is another slightly pricier electric bike featured in this compilation, but you can see why. This model is a best seller for a reason.

Featuring a powerful 250w engine and a 48V 17.5ah battery you’ll be able to get a 60-100km range on one charge, making it the most impressive maximum range out of this selection of e-bikes.

The Himiway bike has 7-speed Shimano gearing, with 5-level gear assist, and also has incredible 48V luminosity spotlights installed.

These 48V spotlights are installed on both the head and rear and are 20% brighter than the more commonly used LED lights. This provides more safety and visibility and, in turn, makes this electric bike great for off-road riding.

Front and rear mudguards are included in the price along with a rear rack, meaning you shouldn’t have to purchase many extra components, which can sometimes slowly creep up on that initial price tag.

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6. Welkin WKEM003 ($1340)

Another incredibly stylish banana-saddled e-bike that couldn’t be missed from this list is the popular Welkin WKEM003. With its sleek design and tan-colored saddle, this retro-looking bike is one that will definitely turn heads.

The bike weighs in at only 30kg and is made from high-carbon steel making it incredibly strong and durable.

Boasting an impressive 48V 1200W motor, it can reach speeds of 25km/h and has a mileage range of 50km using passenger assist mode.

This model has a front disk brake, a rear oil brake, and sturdy 20-inch tires, making it suitable for multiple terrains.

So if you’re looking for a lightweight, fashionable electric bike with a great motor that doesn’t break the bank, then the Welkin WKEM003 could be one of the best options out there.


[EU Direct] WELKIN WKEM003 48V 18Ah 1200W 20*4.0inch Electric Bicycle 40-50KM Mileage 200KG Max Load Electric Bike

Bezior XF001 Electric Retro City Bike 


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