Electric Bikes With Dog Carrier: 12 Best Models (With Prices)

Your dog may not be able to pedal their own e-bike, but it can certainly accompany you in a dog trailer or pet basket.

This can open up many possibilities for both of you and the dog; such as biking to the vet or park and back, or simply letting your four-legged friend enjoy the breeze on your daily bike ride.

With all this in mind, today we’re going to take a look at some of the best bicycle-mounted pet baskets and trailers, and some of the best e-bikes for hauling them.

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Electric Bikes:

First off, the bikes themselves.

Unfortunately, none of these bikes, save for one unique model, come pre-equipped with pet carriers.

However, the cargo e-bikes on the following list are all well-suited to having various types of dog carriers attached to them.

Why cargo bikes? Well, while there are some general-use e-bikes that might have a cargo rack, dedicated cargo bikes are literally made to haul things.

These same bikes are equally suited to carrying groceries, children, and more, but our interest today is their capacity to carry dogs in pet baskets and trailers.

1. Xtracycle: Stoker

To kick things off, let’s take a look at one of the best cargo e-bikes for camping trips.

Dogs often make excellent companions for camping, so if you’re someone who likes to backpack and take your dog with you, this could be the perfect bike for just such a purpose.

The Stoker features a reliable Shimano motor and a 630Wh battery that will keep it going for 45 miles, more than enough for a two-way trip on most camping trails.

It’s also got a convenient cargo bag in the back for all your gear and a long cargo rack that could easily house a rear-mounted pet basket.

Or, the cargo rack could be fitted to haul a second human instead, and you could attach a pet trailer to the bike to take two adults and one dog on a cozy weekend in the wilderness.

Get one for yourself for $5,000; not cheap, but a good value for what you get.

2. Bunch Bikes: The Original Electric Cargo Bike

There are generally two approaches when it comes to cargo bikes: bikes with pre-installed cargo containers and bikes with plentiful options for attachments – but no built-in baskets.

The so-called “Original Electric Cargo Bike,” which is technically an e-trike rather than an e-bike thanks to its three-wheeled configuration, belongs to the former camp.

It features a massive cargo container that could easily house multiple small dogs or one very large dog, though it does not have any harnesses or restraints for animals built-in.

The Bunch cargo eTrike goes for $4,290.

3. Ferla: Family Cargo Bike with Dog Basket

Remember earlier when we said that none of these bikes came pre-installed with pet-carrying capacity, with one singular exception?

Well, the Ferla Family Cargo Bike with Dog Basket, as you might gather from the name, is that exception.

This bike is another cargo bike with a big, front-mounted built-in basket, and like the Bunch Bike, it’s also technically a trike rather than a bike.

The three-wheel design makes it particularly stable, and the basket is roomy enough for dogs of various sizes.

It comes with various motor and accessory options, ranging from $3,000 to $6,500, depending on which configuration you pick.

4. Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser

This one’s borderline on whether we’d call it a dedicated “cargo bike” or not, but it does have a rear cargo rack and more than enough power to haul your pets.

The Cafe Cruiser is the ideal option for someone on a budget who just wants to take their small dog to the park with them while enjoying a nice e-bike ride.

A powerful 750W Bafang motor drives the unit, and the rear cargo rack can be fitted with a pet basket for your small dog.

All that will only cost you $1,600, or $1,500 if you take advantage of the current sale price for the step-over version.

5. Tern: Quick Haul P9

The Tern Quick Haul P9 is one of the more versatile bikes on this list, being equally suited to your morning commute, a run to the store, or of course, a trip with your furry friend in tow.

It’s compact compared to most cargo bikes, but more than powerful enough to haul a trailer if need be, or to house a pet basket on its roomy rear cargo rack.

You can get one for $3,300, an excellent value considering the multipurpose utility of this bike.

6. Urban Arrow: Family Electric Cargo Bike

Another dedicated cargo bike with a roomy front-mounted basket built-in, the Urban Arrow Family Electric Cargo Bike could easily house a doggy or two in its spacious compartment.

Its main draw is the continuously variable shifter that lets you downshift from a standstill; very helpful if you need to haul a heavy load of cargo up a hill.

Note that the basket is not pre-equipped to house pets and therefore lacks built-in safety harnesses or restraints.

You can get one for yourself for $7,000 to $8,000, depending on the retailer.

7. Gazelle: Makki Load

Naturally, given their penchant for making excellent e-bikes to suit a variety of purposes, Royal Dutch Gazelle also has an entry in the “dedicated cargo bikes” category.

It features a reliable Bosch motor, a roomy passenger compartment with a storage drawer underneath, and either a 53 or 65-mile range depending on your choice of battery.

Note that the passenger compartment was made for human children, not dogs, but if your dog is small and well-trained, you could feasibly adapt it.

Get one of your own for $5,430.

Pet Carriers:

And now for the actual pet carriers!

We’ll be focusing mostly on pet trailers because of their versatility and high capacity, but we’ll round out the list with at least one front-mounted and one rear-mounted pet basket.

1. Dutch Dog: Novel DoggyRide Dog Trailer

A versatile trailer for any dog up to 110 pounds, the Novel DoggyRide Dog Trailer by Dutch Dog will have you and your four-legged friend riding in comfort and style.

It can be converted to a doggy car seat, or—with an optional kit sold separately—a doggy stroller.

At $622, it’s not cheap, but you’ll be getting your money’s worth in the form of high-quality construction and versatility.

2. Snoozer: Lookout Dog Rear Rider

If you have a smaller dog (24 pounds maximum) and a bike with a rear cargo rack, the Lookout Dog Rear Rider by Snoozer could be the perfect fit for you and your faithful companion.

It’s got a soft, comfy padded basket with a removable liner for easy washing and a secure three-point tether that clips to your dog’s collar to keep them safe while you ride.

At $113, the price might seem a little steep for a simple padded basket that clips to your bicycle, but you’re paying for the peace of mind that comes with quality manufacturing.

3. Pawhut: 2 in 1 Dog Bike Trailer

For small and medium dogs (up to 66 pounds), the 2 in 1 Dog Bike Trailer by Pawhut is the epitome of convenient versatility.

It can be whatever you need it to be, provided you need it to be either a doggy stroller or a doggy bike trailer, two modes it can swap between with no sold-separately kit required.

It’s sturdily constructed with a cover to protect your four-legged friend from sun or rain, or to let them enjoy the air through a screen when the weather is favorable.

At $210, it’s a reasonable value for the money, given you don’t need to pay any extra for a kit to unlock the stroller mode, unlike the DoggyRide.

4. BABEYER: Pet Bike Basket

If you have a small dog (18 pounds maximum) or if you’re a cat parent who got this far through an article about dog carriers, the BABEYER Pet Bike Basket could be all you need.

It’s a front-mounted pet basket that attaches to the handlebars, so you don’t even need a rear cargo rack to use it; any bike with handlebars will do.

It has several zip-open windows and an internal clip to attach to your pet’s harness, so you can rest assured your small dog or cat is securely ensconced within the sturdy fabric basket.

Not only that, but it’s versatile, too; you can remove it from your bike and easily convert it to a backpack or even a pet car seat.

This makes the BABEYER Pet Bike Basket an excellent choice if you want to, say, bike to the vet, then carry your best friend inside on your back.

For only $64, it’s practically a steal for all the versatility it offers.

5. Burley: Tail Wagon

With a maximum capacity of 75 pounds, the Tail Wagon by Burley is a great choice for anyone who wants to take their medium-sized dog on all kinds of outings.

It’s designed with easy cleaning and general ease of use for its human operator, and maximum comfort and safety for its canine occupant.

A dedicated bike trailer, the Tail Wagon can be converted into a stroller with an optional kit, but these are sold separately.

It also features mesh windows for optimum ventilation and a low-clearance entry that makes it easy for your dog to get in and out without issue.

At $400, it can hardly be called a steal, but it’s still a great value for the quality.


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