8 Electric Bikes With High Torque (With Prices)

If you’re tackling the roughest terrain and want to soar up the steepest mountains with ease on your electric bicycle, you’ll need a lot of torque.

Electric bikes are growing in popularity as an alternative to automobiles for tasks such as commuting, shopping, and more.

But one area where bikes were never competing with cars in the first place is mountain biking.

If you’re interested in tackling hilly terrain with an e-bike, read on, because today we’re going to cover the 8 bikes with the highest torque we could find on the market!

But What Is Torque, Anyway?

There are two main ways to measure the power output of your e-bike’s motor: wattage and torque.

Wattage is a more direct measure of the electrical energy output by the motor, but we’re less interested in that for the purposes of today’s article.

Torque, on the other hand, is a measure of rotational force, described in Newton Meters (Nm).

“Rotational force” means it’s a measurement of how much force is exerted in a circular motion, i.e. the spinning of a bicycle wheel, in this case.

The reason it’s of interest to us is that the rotational force of the wheels translates to the “pushing” force of moving the bike forward.

Simply put, the more torque you have, the harder you can push forward when you need to, and the faster you can accelerate.

Most e-bikes don’t need much torque; anything over 50 Nm is simply unnecessary for your average commuter or city bike.

However, the one place high torque is absolutely necessary is when climbing steep inclines: the more torque you have, the better your bike can push itself up steep hills.

With that in mind, this article is for the serious electric mountain biker; if you just want a reliable way to get to work, you do not need to spend money on these high-torque models.

Now, with all that being said, let’s get right into the list of the highest-torque bikes we could find on the market!

1. Trek UM5+: 75 Nm Torque

Trek is a well-known and high-quality maker of eBikes for a variety of purposes, and that certainly includes mountain biking.

The UM5+ offers a respectable 75 Nm of Torque, well above what you would need for flat terrain.

With a Bosch Performance CX motor, you can rest assured you’re getting a reliable and hard-wearing motor from one of the finest manufacturers on the market.

While it may have the lowest total torque on this list, 75 Nm is more than enough for traversing hilly terrain with ease.

It was surprisingly difficult to find exact price data on this one, but from what we can tell, you’re likely to see it in the 1-3 thousand USD range.

2. Haibike AllMtn 6: 80 Nm Torque

Powered by a Yamaha PW-X2 motor, the AllMtn (short for “All Mountain”) 6 is quite clear about its purpose: top performance on the steepest of terrain.

It’s quite pricey at $6,700, but if you’re a mountain biking pro who can afford it, we doubt you’ll be disappointed with the performance of this beast.

At 80 Nm of Torque, it’s not the biggest number on this list by a long shot, but the numbers only tell half the story.

With a full suspension frame and a 60+ mile range, this bike offers an excellent balance of raw power and endurance for long mountain trails.

3. Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB: 85 Nm Torque

Ah, Gazelle bikes, is there anything they can’t do?

If there is, “steep mountain trails” certainly aren’t on that list; a point proved by the Ultimate T10+ in spades.

This bike, and all Gazelle bikes that made this list, for that matter, features a Bosh Performance Line Speed motor, rated at 85 Nm of torque.

This is the highest-torque motor Bosch offers, and their usual commitment to hard-wearing quality is certainly evident in the Speed line.

With one of these motors, you can reach the max speed of 28mph in no time at all, or soar up the steepest inclines with relative ease.

Besides the excellent motor, the Ultimate T10+ features wide, durable tires, an absurdly stable frame, and the ability to add a second battery to double your range.

You can get an Ultimate T10+ for $4,000, not cheap by any means, but not the priciest option on this list either.

4. Gazelle Ultimate C380+ HMB: 85 Nm Torque

Another Gazelle bike with the Bosch Performance Line Speed motor, the Ultimate C380 is an even more feature-rich counterpart to its cousin the T10+.

This iteration on the Ultimate line features a carbon belt drive instead of a chain, which does the same job while being more durable overall and requiring less maintenance.

It’s also got powerful hydraulic disk brakes, and powerful brakes are a must when you’re going back down the same steep hills you just climbed up.

Beyond the extra bells and whistles, it’s more or less identical to the other Ultimate bike (the T10+ covered above).

Those extra features come with an extra $500 added to the price tag: you can snag yourself an Ultimate C380+ for $4,500.

5. Gazelle Medeo T10+ HMB: 85 Nm Torque

The last Gazelle bike in this list, the Medeo T10+ also uses the Bosch Performance Line Speed motor, so you know it’s up to the task when it comes to rough terrain.

Beyond this, it’s more or less a slightly stripped-down version of the two Ultimate bikes we just covered.

It’s also got a highly durable frame, powerful hydraulic brakes, and all the other hallmarks of quality you’d expect from a Gazelle bike.

However, it doesn’t have any standout features compared to the Ultimates.

The price tag reflects this, going for $3,800, $200 less than the Ultimate T10+, and $700 less than the Ultimate C380+.

So if you’re looking to save a few hundred while still getting a fantastic Gazelle bike with the most powerful e-bike motor Bosch offers, the Medeo T10+ might just be the bike for you.

6. Meridia eOne Sixty 10k: 85 Nm Torque

Meridia’s eOne Sixty bike is made for serious, experienced mountain bikers and comes with a suite of state-of-the-art gear to this end.

For starters, it features a powerful Shimano EP8 motor providing 85 Nm of Torque for powering through hilly terrain.

It also has excellent suspension, allowing a surprisingly smooth ride on even the roughest trails.

All the tech on this bike is well-integrated in a way that keeps it out of the way but easy to access when you need it.

The battery, for instance, is housed in the downtube with an easy-access panel that slides open to allow you to remove or replace the battery when needed.

It’s also got a handlebar-mounted display showing you the information you need at a glance, and a heat vent for the battery to keep it from overheating, among other handy features.

It’s also very expensive, at $11,000.

We question whether this price tag is particularly worth it when you can get a Gazelle bike for half the price with equally stellar craftsmanship.

That being said, if you can afford it, the Meridia eOne Sixty 10k is still a top-of-the-line electric mountain bike perfect for a seasoned mountain biking veteran.

7. Nox Hybrid XC Trail: 112 Nm Torque

The Nox Hybrid XC Trail is truly a powerhouse of a bike, and certainly not suitable for beginners.

With a Sachs RS motor capable of a whopping 112 Nm of torque, you will be hard-pressed to find a hill this beast can’t climb.

The Nox Hybrid also allows you to purchase an additional battery when you order, doubling your maximum range.

Overall, this is a fantastic and well-rounded electric mountain bike that can handle extremely rough terrain and keep going for miles and miles.

The price of this beauty starts at $4,700, and the price goes up from there depending on which features you choose.

8. Haibike Xduro AllMtn 8.0: 120 Nm Torque

The undisputed champion of torque on this list, the Haibike Xduro AllMtn 8.0 really lives up to that “All Mountain” name.

This bike’s HPR 120S motor delivers an unbelievable 120 Nm of torque: the highest we’ve ever seen.

Everything about this electric bicycle screams “for experts only.”

Needless to say, if you’re a beginner to mountain biking, electronic or otherwise, this is not the starter bike for you.

However, if you’ve never met a mountain trail you didn’t want to climb and are looking for an upgrade after years of experience, look no further than the Xduro AllMtn 8.0.

The full-suspension carbon-aluminum frame is durable and surprisingly smooth to ride, and stylishly sporty to boot.

At $7,800, it’s not the most expensive entry on this list, but pretty close to it.

Unlike some previous entries on the list, however, we can say with relative confidence that it’s almost certainly worth it if you can afford it and want the most powerful bike you can find.


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