8 Electric Bikes With Two Batteries (With Prices)

Anyone who’s played with any battery-powered piece of technology knows that the most annoying thing about using such technology is having the batteries die on you.

Electric bicycles are no exception to this rule; they offer great versatility and could even replace your car for the daily commute! At least, as long as the battery charge holds, they can.

And that’s why, today, we’re looking at 8 e-bikes you can order with the option of a second battery to extend your maximum range.

1. HJM: Electric Cargo Bike Transer

The Transer Cargo e-bike by HJM is a fantastic all-rounder cargo and passenger bike that is equally at home hauling groceries, hardware, or children.

With an extra-long rear cargo rack and a slot in the front for an additional cargo basket (sold separately for $124), you’ll find the Transer has room to spare.

It’s equipped with a 750w hub-drive motor and a durable aluminum frame.

The Transer’s included 54V, 15Ah battery has a projected range of 40-65 miles on a full charge.

And, of course, while it doesn’t come with one by default, it wouldn’t be on this list if it couldn’t house a second battery.

If you do opt for the second battery option, you can double that projected range for a truly impressive  80-130 miles.

The bike itself would normally cost you between $2,000 and $3,000, but as of this writing, it’s on sale for $1,799 on HJM’s website!

A second battery will add an additional $700 to that price tag, and if you want the front cargo basket, that’ll be another $124.

Even with these additions, it’s one of the cheaper bikes on this list, so if you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise quality, the Transer could be the bike for you.

2. Biktrix: Juggernaut HD Duo

If you want a wide range of customization options, including—but very much not limited to—a second battery, you might just like the Juggernaut by Biktrix.

A rugged bike designed to perform well under a variety of pressures, the Juggernaut has options for frame size, color, tires, brakes, accessories, and of course, extra battery.

Depending on your choice of tires, the Juggernaut can be perfectly suited to either paved roads or off-road biking, your choice!

The sturdy step-over frame can handle some punishment, and the included 52W 17Ah battery can keep you going and going for up to 75 miles!

And if you want to extend that range, not only can you get a second battery with this bike, but you have multiple choices when it comes to the battery capacity, too.

  •  $499 for a 13Ah battery (all batteries are 52w)
  • Up to $749 for another copy of the same 17Ah included by default
  • $849 for an even higher capacity 19Ah battery

This means that if you sprung for the most expensive option, you could more than double your maximum range to keep biking for over 150 miles!

The base model starts at $2,399 and comes out to $2,898-3,248 with a second battery, plus potential extra charges depending on which customization options you pick beyond that.

3. Juiced: Hyper Scrambler

If you’re looking for a more compact dual-battery option that also happens to be comparatively budget-friendly, the Hyper Scrambler by Juiced might just be your e-bike.

With a small, lightweight, but sturdy frame, the Hyper Scrambler is easy to store and makes a great choice if you have limited storage space.

Not only that, but unlike some compact e-bikes, you won’t find its performance lacking in the least.

The Scrambler features a 52w 19Ah battery (and the option for a second one, of course), an absurdly powerful 1,000w hub-drive motor, dual suspension, and various safety accessories.

It can also exceed 30mph, an impressive feat for an eBike, as it’s rare to see them exceed 28.

In fact, the higher speed and 1k-watt motor mean this bike won’t legally count as a bicycle in most countries, so your options for bike trails and the like might be more limited.

That being said, it’s fantastic for long commutes, as it can share the road with automobiles with relative comfort, thanks to high visibility, turn signals, and other safety features.

The Hyper Scrambler will cost you $2,000 with one battery, or $2,500 with two.

4. DŌST: Crate Cargo Cruiser

Typically, it’s very rare to see an e-bike that ships with two batteries as the default option.

It’s much more common for a bike to come with one battery by default, with additional batteries being either an extra customization option when you order your bike or sold separately.

DŌST is no exception to this rule, but it does have the unique distinction of having a dual-battery option on every single bike they make.

The Crate Cargo Cruiser is DŌST’s latest model, now available for pre-order, and is a dedicated high-capacity cargo e-bike that comes in two models: the Crate and the Crate ST.

The main difference between these models is that the Crate is a step-over frame and the Crate ST is a step-through.

While either model will have a very sturdy frame, step-through frames are always a concession to comfort at the cost of durability, so you get to decide which is more important to you.

Either way, you’ll get a high-capacity cargo bike that can hold up to 440 pounds, rides like a dream on a 750W mid-drive motor, and has a 120-mile range if you get the second battery.

The base model will run you $5,000, plus an additional $700 for the second battery.

5. DŌST: Kope CVT and Kope Chain

The Kope models from DŌST are designed to be all-terrain monsters among bikes that can handle the roughest rides with ease.

Perfect for punishing mountain trails, the Kope comes in two flavors: CVT and Chain.

These two options refer to whether you want your bike to ship with a carbon belt drive or a more traditional (and slightly higher maintenance) bike chain; they are otherwise identical.

Regardless of whether you go for the chain or the belt, you’ll get a throttle-capable bike with a 750w mid-drive motor, tough-as-nails frame, and thick all-terrain tires.

This monster of a bike will cost you $3,500 with a chain or $4,500 with a belt drive, and an additional $700 on top for the extra battery.

6. DŌST: Drop CVT and Drop Chain

The third and final option from DŌST bikes is the “Drop” model, a comfy step-through frame with the same two options for belt drive or traditional bike chain.

The Drop is basically identical to the Kope, other than the fact that it’s a step-through rather than a step-over.

That means you get the same 750w mid-drive motor, sturdy frame design, and so on and so forth.

Since the only difference is the frame style, it all comes down to whether you value maximum durability or comfort more.

The price, too, is identical to the Kope models: $3,500 for the chain model and $4,500 for the CVT version, with $700 on top of either choice for a second battery.

7. Gazelle: Medeo Models

Naturally, Gazelle Bikes had to have a place on this list, as it’s no surprise that with their commitment to quality and versatility, Gazelle would also offer dual-battery options.

Specifically, several of their Medeo and Ultimate models are dual-battery-capable, though not all: see the link under “Sources” below for a complete list of which types are compatible.

Gazelle describes their Medeo line as “sporty and fast,” as well as “modern, fun, and functional.”

Another apt descriptor would be to say that if the Ultimate line is Gazelle’s high-end, expert-level bike line, the Medeo is the more approachable all-rounder.

The Medeo line includes both step-over and step-through frames, with a lineup of powerful Bosch motors and batteries.

Medeo models range from $2,500 to $3,800 and require a $200 upgrade kit to be made ready to house a second battery.

The upgrade kit does not include the battery itself, which is sold separately; a wide range is available, but Bosch e-bike batteries tend to range from $500 to $800.

8. Gazelle: Ultimate Models

Gazelle’s Ultimate line features the models of choice for e-biking pros with a healthy amount of experience and an equally healthy wallet.

These are the most powerful, versatile, and expensive bikes Gazelle offers, with the sturdiest frames and best Bosch motors on the market, some of which hit 85nm of torque!

Gazelle’s Ultimate bikes range from $4,000 to $4,750, with an extra $200 required for the dual-battery upgrade kit, second battery sold separately.

DIY: How to Add a Second Battery Yourself

We can’t really call this one number 9 on the list because it’s not an e-bike model unto itself, but rather a method to render almost any e-bike dual-battery capable.

See, if you already have an e-bike you enjoy using and would rather upgrade it to hold a second battery instead of buying a brand-new bike, there are ways to accomplish this.

To do this, you’ll need three things:

  1. An e-bike to upgrade
  2. A second battery to add
  3. A dual-battery connector

Depending on the specifics of your bike and batteries, you may also need some specialized extension cables.

Ultimately, this solution is too technical to go into detail about here, but we’d be remiss not to mention that it is an option.

If you do decide to go the DIY route, please exercise caution, consider reading/watching some guides, and in general, be absolutely sure you know what you’re doing before you begin!

For some additional guidance going the DIY way, check out the video at the end of the post under “Dual Battery e-bikes” in the sources below.


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