7 Reasons First-Floor Apartments Are Cheaper (Explained)

Renting or buying an apartment on the ground or first floor is a cheaper way to go, but why?

Why are first-floor apartments cheaper, and what are the disadvantages?

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the lower cost of first-floor apartments and how it can impact you if you decide to choose an apartment on the first floor!

1. First-Floor Apartments Get Less Privacy and Security

With first-floor apartments, you get less privacy and security, which is one of the main reasons these apartments are cheaper.

Even though thieves and burglars can target any apartment, first-floor apartments are more prone to burglary attacks simply because they are closer to the entrance. Because they don’t want to risk getting caught, thieves and burglars would target first-floor apartments.

Targeting first-floor apartments will make it easier for burglars to get in and out of the building without being seen by anyone.

In many residential buildings, first-floor apartments face the street and can easily let passersby peer into the windows, making anyone uncomfortable.

Of course, you can always put curtains or blinds for privacy, but this also means less natural light will enter your apartment.

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2. First-Floor Apartments Usually Don’t Offer Scenic Views

First-floor apartments are generally cheaper because they do not offer many scenic views. People typically want an apartment with a view if the building is located close to nature or if the city has a beautiful skyline.

Since people are willing to pay higher rent for higher floors with a view, the rent is cheaper for first-floor apartments.

If the area is close to a shoreline or on a mountainside, people living on the first floor are paying significantly cheaper rent, but they are losing out on astounding views of the ocean or mountains.

The same goes if the location is a city like New York or Paris, where you can get breathtaking views of the city skyline.

3. First-Floor Apartments Get More Noise

First-floor apartments are closer to the streets, meaning they are closer to the noise source.

If you live on the first floor, you can hear all sorts of noise coming from outside the building – from the sound of honking cars to the sound of tires screeching on the roads to the sound of people shouting or talking loudly outside.

If you live in a city with ongoing roadworks or construction work, you may also hear heavy machinery coming from these construction sites.

If you work from home full-time or at night and sleep during the day, all the noise from the streets can be annoying and disrupt your daily routines.

4. First-Floor Apartments Get More Pollution

If you live in a first-floor apartment, you don’t just get the noise coming from outside; you also get the pollutants.

First-floor apartments are generally more exposed to dust, dirt, smoke, and other pollutants, which is another reason they are cheaper than apartments on higher floors.

Living on the first floor means getting dust, dirt, and smoke from the streets.

The obvious solution to this is to always keep your windows closed, but that means you get poor ventilation and air circulation inside your apartment.

5. First-Floor Apartments Have Higher Heating Costs

During winter, first-floor apartments have colder temperatures leading to higher heating costs, which can also explain why they are cheaper than apartments on higher floors.

It is generally colder at ground level in winter because the hot air tends to rise. If it is colder, you must increase the heating.

First-floor apartments can also have higher electricity bills because of the lack of natural light, especially if you have curtains or blinds installed for privacy.

Since there’s not a lot of natural light coming into the apartment, you would use artificial light more often, which means you consume more power leading to higher electricity bills.

6. First-Floor Apartments Are More Prone to Critters

If your apartment is on the first floor, it can be more accessible to critters and pests, such as rats or bugs.

Apartments on the first floor are more prone to unwanted critters and wildlife, which can sneak their way in through cracks or windows.

Many people have reported squirrels, stray cats, and other animals finding their way into their apartments.

If you live on the first floor, you pay cheaper rent, but you risk having unwanted critters enter your house, which can destroy furniture, floors, walls, and other surfaces. Some of them can even cause allergies and spread diseases.

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7. First-Floor Apartments Get More Disturbances

Living on the first floor of an apartment building can bring more interruptions and disturbances compared to higher floors.

This is because first-floor residents are usually the first point of contact for strangers and outsiders. If the building lacks proper management, first-floor residents may end up inadvertently taking on management or concierge responsibilities.

In addition, first-floor residents may be the first to receive visits from salespeople and delivery personnel who are unsure of which unit to go to.

Moreover, if a neighbor’s guest is unfamiliar with the building layout, they may also knock on the door of a first-floor resident for directions.

The Advantages of First-Floor Apartments

There are many drawbacks to living in a first-floor apartment which explains why they are cheap, but these apartments have advantages too.

Here are some of them:

  • First-floor apartments have easier access to the building parking lot, especially if it’s in the basement.
  • First-floor apartments have better access to the mail room and other building amenities on the ground floor.
  • Carrying heavy items and furniture is easier and faster when you live on the first floor.
  • Movers also charge less when you live on the first floor.
  • Living in a first-floor apartment means you can easily escape safety in case of fires, earthquakes, or other calamities

Of course, they are cheap!

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