4 Great Toy Haulers Under 40 Feet (With Prices & Pictures)

If you’re looking for a larger toy hauler, you will likely want one between 30 and 40 feet to have enough space for you and the other occupants.

It can be slightly challenging determining the great toy haulers from the not-so-great toy haulers.

That’s why we have put together this descriptive list to give you a few examples of the greatest toy haulers available currently that are 40 feet and under:

How To Establish If A Toy Hauler Is Capable Of Four Seasonal Travel

Many RVers want a motorhome that they can live or travel in year-round.

If you happen to be one of these people, you will need to ensure you purchase a four-season capable toy hauler.

On the market currently, there are many four-season toy haulers available. In most instances, a toy hauler will either be constructed with specialized materials and amenities to make it four seasonal.

However, companies will often have optional packages that you can choose to add to make your toy hauler four seasonal.

For example, the motorhome company Forest River has additional artic packages that you can select if you want your toy hauler or other toy haulerss to be capable of all-season travel or living.

There are primarily four questions that you should keep in mind when determining if a toy hauler you are interested in is four-season capable.

We have briefly listed them below:

  1. How are the walls of the toy haulers constructed, and what materials are used in the construction.
    • You should also note what insulation is used and the R rating for the walling and insulation.
  2. Are other areas of the RV insulated?
    • You need to find out if the roofing and flooring are insulated, which is also important to note.
    • A true four-season toy hauler will have insulation in the walling, flooring, and roof.
  3. You need to check how many windows there are and what sizes the windows are.
    • You will want there to enough windows to allow a breeze in summer, but you will also want the windows not to be too large as this could allow your toy hauler to become cold in the winter easily.
  4. Arguably the most important consideration to keep at the forefront is if a toy hauler has venting and proper heating and cooling systems.
    • Have a look and note if the toy hauler has an air conditioner and an electric heater.
    • You will also need to check if the underbelly is heated and enclosed and if the pipes are winterized.

2 Great Toy Haulers Under 40 Feet That Can Sleep, Four People

Fortunately for us, many toy haulers under 40 feet can meet various needs, budgets, and specific requirements.

Most people want a toy hauler that can sleep four people, especially if they have a small family or plan to use their toy hauler to travel with friends frequently. Toy haulers under 40 feet are perfect for many as they are not too hard to maneuver, but they can also be more easily towed than rigs over 40 feet.

Additionally, many campsites, national parks, and RV parks don’t have space for rigs more than 40 feet. So buying a toy hauler under 40 feet will allow you more freedom and choices when it comes time to plan your next fun adventure.

Below are our two top picks of great toy haulers that can sleep four that we think could be ideal for you.

Have a look at the price, size, and features to determine if one of them could be your next big toy hauler investment.

1. 2021 Grand Design Momentum G Class 29GO (~$65,000)

If you want a cozy toy hauler that comes with bunk beds, the 2021 Grand Design Momentum G Class 29GO might be worth considering.

This model is 36 feet long and has overall water carrying capacity of 100 gallons. With all that space and a large water capacity, you and your occupants won’t be in each other’s way all the time, and you won’t need to stop as frequently.

This toy hauler has a gross vehicle weight of 12,000 pounds, and it has an estimated retail price of $65,000.

The Grand Design Momentum G Class 29Go has an 11 foot long attached open garage which allows for more space and furnishings inside the toy hauler.

This garage area is fully enclosed and includes a ramp door and aluminum entry steps making it easily accessible.

Unlike other models, this toy hauler is slightly more expensive, but you will have more features, such as the handy outside kitchen near the outdoor kitchen.

This kitchen even has a 1.6 cubic foot refrigerator making this garage space a convenient entertainment area.

The Interior:

Inside you will find that the floorplan is well thought out.

The bunk beds are located at the front of the toy hauler, and across from the bunk bed section is the full private bathroom.

The bathroom is spacious and has overhead cabinetry, a wash hand basin, wardrobe, full-sized shower, and toilet.

Centrally located in this toy hauler is the beautiful kitchen done in shades of black and white. The kitchen has many modern appliances, and there is a gorgeous white backsplash highlighting the roomy space.

You will find a sink with a faucet set into the l shaped counter, and there is a microwave, stove, and refrigerator.

The communal lounge and bedroom area at the rear of the toy hauler are packed with features. A large drop-down queen-sized bed can be easily stored away on the ceiling when not in use and two recliner chairs.

There is also a sofa with overhead cabinetry, a LED television an electric fireplace.

This model also comes with an air conditioner, and the entire toy hauler has spectacular lightwood vinyl flooring.

2. 2021 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 29RLE (~$425,000)

Suppose you want a toy hauler that offers privacy between the two sleeping accommodation locations.

You might want to have a look at the 2021 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 29LE. This model is 34 feet and has total water carrying capacity of 50 gallons.

It also features a slide-out and comes with a handy awning. You can expect to pay roughly $425,000 for this model if you purchase it brand new.

The garage area acts as the dining room and sleeping accommodation area for two people. This area is separate and private from the combined lounge and bedroom area located at the front of the toy hauler.

This garage is a huge 13 feet long, and there is an outdoor enclosed patio area that is perfect for entertaining.

Furthermore, if you and your family are interested in adventure camping, then this toy hauler would be ideal no matter the season. The 2021 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 29RLE has a fully heated and enclosed underbelly, marine-grade outdoor speakers, enclosed holding tanks, and a seamless, durable PVC roof system.

Additionally, this toy hauler also features insulated storage doors to keep warm air in during winter travels.

Heading indoors to the first entrance, you will walk into a spacious living room. Inside this living room are comfortable furnishings in the form of a murphy bed couch.

This murphy bed is the sleeping accommodations for two people. In the living room, you will also see a LED television and a toaty electric fireplace.

The living room and kitchen are wholly open plan and lead into one another. Inside the kitchen, you will likely notice the countertops’ unique design and the beautiful wood cabinetry.

The appliances in the stylish kitchen include a refrigerator, microwave, and stove. There is also an impressively large stainless steel sink that has a faucet. Across from the kitchen is the moderately sized bathroom area.

You will see a long decent-sized shower, a small cabinet and wash hand basin, and a toilet in the bathroom.

The bathroom theme matches the theme seen throughout the toy hauler allowing for a uniformly elegant look and feel.

2 Great Toy Haulers under 40 feet That Can Sleep, Six People

Sometimes four sleeper toy haulers are not big enough for larger families, but luckily there are six sleeper toy haulers under 40 feet.

Accommodating six people can be a challenge, but numerous toy haulers have ingenious layout options to suit various family dynamics.

There are several affordable six sleeper toy haulers that have a lower or comparable price to those that sleep four.

3. 2021 Winnebago Spyder 29SFW (~$58,000)

If you love the Winnebago brand, you will likely like the 2021 Spyder 29SFW.

This toy hauler is comfortably furnished and can sleep six people. This model’s overall length is 34 feet, and it has a water carrying capacity limit of 100 gallons.

Additionally, this toy hauler features two slide-outs, allowing for more space in the toy hauler for all the occupants.

The estimated price for this model is approximately $58,000.

The Interior:

The interior is modern yet comfortable, and there is plenty of seating available for everyone to sit together and be comfortable during family meetings or game nights on the road.

The garage area is fairly large, where there is enough space to fit the entire family’s outdoor toys.

The garage space is a makeshift dining room with comfortable seating for six on sofas that fold up when not in use. These seats are also sleeping accommodations for two people.

Next to the garage area is a small living room that features uber comfortable grey-toned recliner couches, a table, and a fold-out double bed sofa couch. Above this sofa bed is beautiful dark wood cabinetry which provides storage for all items you might need to keep safe.

Conveniently next to the living room section in this toy hauler is the small but spacious kitchen.

The kitchen is definitely the highlight of this toy hauler as it is impressively well laid out and modern. The countertops are sparkling white which is a lovely contrast to the black appliances and black kitchen sink with a faucet.

Additionally, the Television is located in the kitchen above the one countertop.

There is also a large stove, microwave oven, and a two-door residential-sized refrigerator and freezer combo.

Bed & Bath:

Past the kitchen and up the stairs is the spacious yet compact private bedroom.

There are numerous storage cabinetry present in this area and bedside tables, and a king-sized bed. Moreover, you will also notice that two medium-sized windows allow natural lighting to filter in.

This room also has a huge wardrobe and chest of drawers with multiple windows, and there is a 32 inch LED television across from the bed.

Some might call the bathroom a bit cramped, but although this bathroom does not have a lot of space, this room’s design perfectly utilizes all the available space. There is a circular, fully enclosed shower with glass doors, and there are shelves.

Additionally, there is also a flushable toilet and a bathroom cupboard with a built-in stainless steel sink.


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