How Long Do Big Agnes Tents Really Last? (Solved)

Did you know that Big Agnes was founded in 2001 and has been an instrumental player in the tent industry for more than two decades?

Founded by Bill Gamber, Big Agnes is a camping company based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Although this company began as a minor player in the industry, it has become a successful, sustainability-focused global leader in the outdoor recreational industry.

It’s undeniable that Big Agnes tents are some of the best in the industry, but many still find themselves asking how long Big Agnes tents last:

Here’s The Answer To How Expensive Big Agnes Tents Are:

Big Agness supplies many tents with varying materials, accommodations, and unique features. On average, an Ultralight tent costs between $300 and $800. Their Superlight costs between $200 and $350. Finally, a tent from their Crazylight costs between $600 and $1300.

What Lifetime Does Big Agnes List For Their Tents?

Although Big Agnes does not list their tents’ lifespan, they allude to them lasting a long time.

To uncover how long a Big Agnes tent lasts, we delved a little deeper and looked into how long consumers have stated their Big Agnes tents lasted.

Interestingly, but unsurprisingly the consensus is that Big Agness tents are some of the best tents in the industry that last many years. Most people have used their Big Agness tents for more than ten years.

Do Big Agnes Tents Last Longer Than Other Brands?

Many campers have stated that this brand makes tents last longer than others.

They use superior materials and state-of-the-art technological advancements to create durable tents with an impressive lifespan.

These tents don’t simply last long in storage or are used only a few times a year. Big Agness tents last long, even when used during heavy hail and under the blazing sun at little-known backcountry destinations.

Most Big Agness tent owners quickly say that their tents are tougher than the rest.

Which Factors Impact The Longevity Of My Big Agnes Tent?

Even though Big Agnes tents are durable, robust, versatile, strong, and long-lasting, there are still factors that can impact their longevity. 

If you’re curious about the factors that could affect how long your Big Agnes tent have a look below. 

We have detailed the various factors you should be aware of to have a better chance at extending the lifespan of your Big Agnes tent:

How Frequently you Use it:

How often you use your Big Agnes tent will affect its duration.

Even though Big Agnes tents are perfect for those who want to participate in frequent camping, these tents will still degrade over time the more they are utilized.

The Weather Conditions it is Used in:

It might seem like a no-brainer, but if you often use your Big Agness tent in extreme weather conditions, you are decreasing its lifespan.

These tents are not manufactured for year-round lousy weather and cannot be used in constant snowy conditions, gale force winds, or extreme heat.

How you Maintain and Care for it:

It will not have a long lifespan if you don’t maintain your Big Agnes tent.

Without frequent cleanings, mendings, waterproofing, and careful handling, your Big Agnes tent will be susceptible to damage that could shave off years of use.

UV Damage:

The sun is a genuine danger to your tent. If you don’t take care to prevent UV damage, you are shortening the lifespan of your Big Agnes tent.

If you Don’t Use a Groundsheet:

How you choose to store it: When you store your Big Agness tent, you need to make sure it is bone dry.

If it isn’t, you’re risking mold and mildew. Additionally, it would help if you tried to store it away from pests because they have been known to nibble their way through all the essential bits of a tent.

How Long Do Big Agnes Tents Stay Waterproof?

No matter which Big Agnes tent you purchase, it will come waterproofed if you buy it brand new.

However, washing, wear and tear, and UV damage over time, your Big Agnes tent could need to be treated with a water repellent coating.

You will need to re-waterproof your Big Agnes tent will depend on numerous factors. According to the company’s website, you might have to apply a water repellent product monthly if you use your tent often.

Additionally, the company recommends that you set up your tent and wash it before applying a waterproofing treatment to your tent each time.

They recommend that you utilize Nikwax TX Direct or Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarproof or something similar when waterproofing your Big Agnes tent.

How Can I Make Sure My Big Agnes Tent Lasts As Long As Possible?

Above we briefly spoke about the various factors affecting how long your Big Agnes tent lasts.

It’s now time to look at how you can make sure your tent lasts as long as possible.

After all, Big Agness tents can be pricey, and it would be unfortunate if your tent did not give you your money’s worth in year after year usage.

Ensure it is Dry After Each Trip:

No matter what you have to do to make sure, you can dry out your tent after each trip, do it.

If you don’t dry your tent after each use, you will allow it to develop mold and mildew while it is in storage potentially. To dry out your Big Agnes tent, all you need to do is hang it over a stairway or between trees in the shade.

Don’t dry it out in the direct sunlight, as this can damage your tent.

Pitch it in the Shade:

Whenever possible, you need to pitch your tent undercover to keep it out of the direct path of sunlight and UV rays.

Since UV rays can degrade your tent in as little as 20 days, you need to either pitch your tent under a few trees that won’t cause damage or use a shade covering.

Wash it:

Under no circumstances should you wash your tent in a washing machine.

Washing it in a machine could cause irreparable damage. Instead, after each camping trip, you need to wash it with a soft cloth and a mild soap that isn’t a detergent. Cleaning it after using it will ensure dirt is not left inside or on the outside of it to cause damage.

When washing your tent, don’t forget to clean the zippers.

Be careful how you pack it away:

It may not be easy to believe, but how you pack away your Big Agnes tent can affect how long it lasts you.

You want to avoid simply stuffing your tent away like you would a sleeping bag. Instead, it would be best if you considered rolling it carefully but not too tightly.

If you fold it eventually, you will create creases that could damage the waterproof coatings on your tent.

Avoid using bug repellent on it:

Although it might be incredibly tempting, you need to reconsider using bug repellent on your tent.

If you use bug repellent, you could damage the fabrics coating of your Big Agnes tent.

When Should I Replace My Tent?

We know that as a camper, you might become rather attached to your Big Agnes tent.

Unfortunately, there will come a time when your Big Agnes tent is no longer usable. When it can no longer keep you warm on a chilly evening or dry during rainstorms because it cannot be waterproofed anymore, you need to consider replacing it. 

Additionally, if it has holes bigger than an inch that you cannot patch or poles that are so wonky a slight breeze could blow them over, you need a new tent. 


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