How Long Do Coleman Tents Really Last? (Solved)

Did you know that the Coleman brand has been manufacturing outdoor camping products since 1900 in the US? They were the first company to produce a portable gas-powered lantern, so it’s no surprise that their ingenuity has crossed over into producing their premium quality tents.

Yet, the burning question many people want to answer is how long Coleman tents last. 

Our tent guide article will answer this question and look at some of the crucial information you need to know about this respected brand:

Here’s The Answer To How Much Coleman Tents Cost:

Despite their high quality, Coleman tents aren’t as expensive as you might believe. A two to three-person Coleman tent and a four-person Coleman tent cost on average between $50 to $249. It’s estimated that a six-person costs between $110 and $350.

What Lifespan Does Coleman List For Their Tents?

Although Coleman does not list the lifespan of its various tents, many consumers have stated that Coleman tents are built to last. 

According to sources, on average, Coleman tents last longer than five years if they have been appropriately maintained, are only used a few times a year, and are used during fair conditions or extreme conditions only occasionally. 

Essentially, like with other reputable brands, if a Coleman tent is used harshly and not looked after, its lifespan can be only a few months.

Do Coleman Tents Last Longer Than Other Brands?

In many instances, certain Coleman tents will last longer than other tent brand tents with inferior materials and poor construction practices.

Since Coleman has been involved in the camping industry for many years, they have fine-tuned their manufacturing processes to deliver quality tents. However, not all Coleman tents are equal. 

You might find one of the cheaper Coleman tends not to be as good as a more expensive brand and vice versus. It all depends on the features you are after, the type of tent you want, and your preferences.

Which Factors Impact The Longevity Of My Coleman Tent?

No tent is made to last forever, but a few factors impact the longevity of your Coleman tent. 

Below we have spoken a bit about these factors to know what to be aware of after you have purchased your new Coleman tent:

The Material It Is Made Of And How It Is Built:

The type of material a tent is made out of, and its manufacturer can drastically affect how long a tent lasts. 

Most Coleman tents are made out of nylon or polyester, and although these materials have many benefits, one of their drawbacks is that they don’t last as long as canvas and poly-cotton tents. 

Fortunately, most Coleman tents are constructed very well and utilize premium quality nylon and polyester, so it’s likely that if looked after, your tent will see you through many camping seasons.

The Weather You Use It In:

It might go without saying, but the weather you subject your tent can affect how long your Coleman tent lasts. 

Suppose you frequently use your tent during bad weather like extremely cold conditions, very windy conditions, or out in the open during high indexed UV ray days. In that case, your tent will sustain damage quicker than those using their tents during fair weather conditions.

How Often You Use It:

The more often you use your Coleman tent, the more likely you will decrease its lifespan. 

Those who use their tents often, such as with weekly camping excursions or more than seven to ten days out of a year, will need to replace their Coleman tents quicker than those who occasionally use their tents in a year.

However, this will also be dependent on how a tent is cared for as a tent used frequently can last longer than a tent infrequently used if it is cared for properly.

The Storage Practices You Follow:

Where you store your tent can significantly impact how many camping seasons it will last you.

If you keep your tent in a wet area or an area that experiences high moisture levels, you are making it susceptible to mold and mildew development. 

It’s best to avoid storing your tent in attics, garages, and car boots. You should also ensure you don’t roll your tent too tightly when storing it, as this could cause damage as well.

How Long Do Coleman Tents Stay Waterproof?

Most Coleman tents are waterproof, but not every single one of the brand’s tents has the same level of waterproofing. Usually, the more expensive Coleman tents have higher waterproofing than the cheaper ones.

Before we look into how long Coleman tents stay waterproof, we thought it prudent to discuss with you the Coleman tents waterproofing process. 

The Waterproofing Process:

Unlike a few other tent brands, Coleman has its system in place for testing waterproofing, and this system is known as the WeatherTec system.

Coleman tests their various tent types in a special room in their factories. The tests simulate various weather conditions, from light rain to heavy rains, to see how well a tent performs. 

When testing their tents, they ensure that they have durable, weather-resistant fabric and anti-wicking thread, that the seams are protected, and that a strong frame has been built to withstand strong winds.

Waterproof Limits:

Its believed that certain Coleman tents will keep you dry during heavy rains and that most Coleman tents can withstand winds of up to 35 miles per hour. 

So just how long does a Coleman tent’s waterproofing last? 

Well, like other comparable tents, most Coleman tents are expected to need waterproofing every two to three camping seasons, even though they feature different waterproofing levels. 

However, if you use your tent more frequently, for example, staying in it year-round, you will need to waterproof it every six to twelve months.

How Can I Make Sure My Tent Lasts As Long As Possible?

Now that you know the factors that affect how long your Coleman tent will last, it’s time to look into how you can make your tent last as long as possible. 

After all, no matter how much you spend on your tent, it is still an investment. 

Choose a Suitable Campsite: 

If you choose a campsite out of the direct path of the elements or natural windbreaks and shady areas protect that, your Coleman tent will last longer.

Always Clean and Maintain your Tent: 

When you don’t clean your tent after it has been used, you are allowing the dirt to cause damages to it, and you could be allowing mold and mildew to develop, especially if the tent was used while it was raining.

Additionally, if you don’t maintain any rips or ensure your tent is stored correctly, you shorten its lifespan.

Be Gentle with your Tent: 

You should try to avoid manhandling your tent and mistreating it if you want it to last longer.

Treating it with care will ensure you don’t tear any holes, break any poles, or damaged zippers.

Protect it From UV Damage: 

The sun is one of your Coleman tent’s biggest enemies. UV rays cause extreme damage to tents as a tent that is constantly exposed to direct UV rays can become brittle, thin, and damaged beyond repair. 

That’s why you need to be sure always to spray a UV protectant on your tent and always to try and pitch it away from direct sunlight.

Or you could opt to use a tent covering over your tent if there are no shady areas available.

When Should I Replace My Tent?

You need to consider replacing your Coleman tent when it stops doing the job it was built to do.

Essentially, when your Coleman tent stops acting as a shelter against the elements because of broken poles, when it develops rips in the fabric, and when it cannot protect against the rain, you need a new tent even with waterproofing.


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