How Much Does An Oyster Yacht Cost? (6 Examples)

An Oyster Yacht is the epitome of style, elegance, and functionality in the sailing world and beyond. The British company is renowned for building luxury, bluewater sailing yachts, to which other companies strive to compare.

Each yacht is semi-custom built to a new owner’s taste, so while each yacht will have the same classic Oyster lines, the interior and specifications of each yacht will be very different:

Meet The Fleet Of Oyster Yachts

Oyster Yachts is a privately owned British yacht-building company that can trace its roots back to 1973. Their first yacht, the UFO 34, was the first of many to be developed by Oyster Marine.

By 1978 Oyster Marine introduced a 46 ft cruising ketch designed by Holman & Pye. This pioneering design was the first Oyster yacht to feature the Deck Saloon, which has since become the company’s trademark.

Over the years, Oyster has continued increasing their yachts’ size.

In 1997, the company launched a 53-foot yacht in collaboration with Rob Humphreys, followed by another Humphreys design, a 62-foot yacht, in 2002.

Today, Oyster Yachts builds luxury sailing yachts ranging in size from 50 feet to 90 feet, all still designed by Humphreys Yacht Design and the Oyster Design Team.

How much does a 50-feet yacht cost?

1. Oyster 495

The all-new Oyster 495 is elegantly designed and exquisitely built from bow to stern. It’s no wonder it has been nominated for the prestigious 2023 European Yacht of the Year award.

The new Oyster 495 is the latest collaboration between Humphreys Yacht Design and Oyster’s in-house design studio – the first boat was launched in August 2022.

This yacht combines all the features you expect from Oyster –  innovative design, excellent sailing characteristics, quality materials, and superb British craftsmanship – in a thoroughly modern 50-foot bluewater sailing yacht.

LENGTH OVERALL 16.1m / 52’8″
LENGTH OF HULL 15.15m / 49’7″
LENGTH OF WATERLINE 14.27m / 46’8″
BEAM 4.77m / 15’8″
DRAFT – STANDARD KEEL 2.28m / 7’5″
DISPLACEMENT (LIGHTSHIP) 21,000 kg / 46,297 lbs
ENGINE Yanmar 4JH110
TANKS – FUEL 800 liters / 211 US galls
TANKS – WATER 600 liters / 159 US galls

[Price for the base model: £1.2 million ex VAT]

2. Oyster 565

The Oyster 565, launched in 2020, is a seriously impressive yacht. It’s a thoroughly modern design that is both good-looking and spacious.

It’s certainly an expensive yacht, but for a good reason. It is one of the few production yachts that includes an extremely high standard spec – you can just sail away.

Plus, the engineering quality and level of finish raise the bar.

No yacht is perfect, but in terms of design and execution, the Oyster 565 is as close as you’ll find to perfection on a production-built cruising yacht.

LENGTH OVERALL 18.09m / 59’3″
LENGTH OF HULL 17.22m / 56’6″
LENGTH OF WATERLINE 15.93m / 52’3″
BEAM 5.13m / 16’10”
DRAFT – STANDARD KEEL 2.50m / 8′ 2.”
DISPLACEMENT – STANDARD KEEL 27,570kg / 60,780lb
ENGINE Yanmar 4LV-150 110kW (150hp)
SAIL AREA – INCLUDING 110% FORETRIANGLE (IMF) 152.00m2 / 1638ft2
TANKS – FUEL 950 liters / 208 Imp Gallons (250 US gals)
TANKS – WATER 750 liters / 165 Imp Gallons (198 US gals)

[Price for the base model: £1.4 million ex VAT]

3. Oyster 595

The new Oyster 595 is the fastest-selling Oyster yacht to date, with 16 orders before the first one even hit the water.

With an overall length of 62ft 6in/19.05m LOA, the Oyster 595 replaces the Oyster 625, but don’t let the numbers fool you. We’re told the model’s name was chosen partly to debunk the myth that a yacht over 60ft is too big to handle by a family or small crew.

So, this yacht has been designed to be easily managed by a couple and includes hydraulics and push-button controls for hoisting sails and maneuvering.

As is typical with an Oyster Yacht, the 595 comes with an extremely high spec as standard, which includes retractable bow and stern thrusters, a genset (generator and dedicated engine), hydraulics systems, automated in-mast furling, the latest electronics, and a state-of-the-art lighting system.

It’s an impressive yacht – the Oyster 595 is built to a superyacht standard of design and finish quality:

LENGTH OVERALL 19.05m / 62’6″
LENGTH OF HULL 18.14m / 59’6″
LENGTH OF WATERLINE 16.81m / 55’2″
BEAM 5.36m / 17’7″
DRAFT – STANDARD KEEL 2.68m / 8’10”
DISPLACEMENT – STANDARD KEEL 30,807kg / 67,918lbs
ENGINE Yanmar 4LV-150 110kW (150hp)
SAIL AREA – INCLUDING 110% FORETRIANGLE (IMF) 167.00m2 / 1798ft2
TANKS – FUEL 1,420 liters / 312 Imp Gallons (375 US gals)
TANKS – WATER 1,140 liters / 250 Imp Gallons (301 US gals)

[Price for the base model: £2.3 million ex VAT]

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4. Oyster 675

The Oyster 675 is the centerpiece of the fleet.

This yacht has been designed as the perfect combination of size and practicality in a 70-foot yacht. It’s a versatile design that two people can easily sail, or you can take a full crew and up to eight guests.

The powerful, eye-catching hull is well-proportioned and offers enormous volume down below. This makes this boat extremely versatile, and a wide variety of layouts and customized build options are available.

The signature Oyster attention to detail can be seen throughout every inch of this boat, and the Oyster’s renowned build quality offers complete reassurance and confidence at sea.

This is a real, go-anywhere bluewater yacht.

LENGTH OVERALL 21.07m / 69’2″
LENGTH OF HULL 19.89m / 65’3″
LENGTH OF WATERLINE 18.31m / 60’1″
BEAM 5.65m / 18’6″
DRAFT – STANDARD KEEL 2.95m / 9’8″
DISPLACEMENT – STANDARD KEEL 40,787kg / 89,920lbs
ENGINE Volvo Penta D4-180 132kW (180hp)
SAIL AREA – INCLUDING 106% FORETRIANGLE (IMF) 225.00m2 / 2422ft2
TANKS – FUEL 1,780 liters / 391 Imp Gallons (470 US gals)
TANKS – WATER 1,270 liters / 279 Imp Gallons (335 US gals)

[Price for the base model: £2.48 million ex VAT]

5. Oyster 745

The Oyster 745 is a beautifully built boat that has been designed with easy access to all the systems.

First launched in 2014, this is a long-range, bluewater cruising yacht perfect for sailing to the world’s remotest corners. However, you will need a small crew to assist and maintain the boat.

With dedicated crew quarters (the smallest Oyster in the fleet to offer this), this should not pose a problem.

The spacious interior below offers different layouts, plus a private en-suite crew cabin with its own access, which guarantees privacy for you, your family, and your friends.

With generous cabins, enormous storage space, and tankage, this yacht is well-suited to long-haul live-aboard adventures or for local cruising and entertaining.

In addition, this award-winning bluewater sailboat’s design and layout options make it the perfect model to offer for charter when you are not on board enjoying the boat.

LENGTH OVERALL 22.74m / 74’7″
LENGTH OF HULL 21.93m / 71’11”
LENGTH OF WATERLINE 20.03m / 65’9″
BEAM 5.91m / 19’5″
DRAFT – STANDARD KEEL 3.10m / 10’2″
DISPLACEMENT – STANDARD KEEL 53,957kg / 118,955lbs
ENGINE Cummins Turbo-charged QSB6.7-250 184kW (247hp)
TANKS – FUEL 2,000 liters / 440 Imp Gallons (528 US gals)
TANKS – WATER 1,500 liters / 330 Imp Gallons (396 US gals)

[Price for the base model: £4 million ex VAT]

6. Oyster 885 Series II

The Oyster 885 Series II is a stunning 90-foot bluewater sailing yacht in production since 2013.

This yacht has been designed and engineered to deliver uncompromising performance. It will need a crew to sail, but it can take you anywhere in the world in luxury and style. The Oyster 885 is the largest yacht in Oyster Marine’s production range.

Built to Lloyds and MCA (Maritime & Coastguard Agency) standards, this yacht is perfect for commercial charter while still under the 24m load line rule, saving many red tapes. This allows an owner to recoup part of his investment in this large and expensive vessel.

There is a choice of different entertaining areas on deck for all occasions.

Below the deck, you can choose from a range of interior layout options, with the standard layout offering four double cabins, all en-suite, plus separate crew quarters for complete privacy.

Large and fast, this boat does blur the boundaries between production boats and superyachts:

LENGTH OVERALL 27.08m / 88’10”
LENGTH OF HULL 26.06m / 85’6″
LENGTH OF WATERLINE 24.18m / 79’4″
BEAM 6.33m / 20’9″
DRAFT – STANDARD KEEL 3.50m / 11’6″
DISPLACEMENT – STANDARD KEEL 71,500kg / 157,630lbs
ENGINE Cummins turbo-charged QSL-330 246KW (330HP)
TANKS – FUEL 3,500 liters / 770 IMP gallons (925 US GALS)
TANKS – WATER 2,000 Litres/ 440 IMP gallons (528 US GALS)

[Price for the base model: £4.5 million ex VAT]

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Additional Information

All prices quoted are for the base models only.

While the base model of an Oyster Yacht includes touchscreen controls, automated in-mast furling, electric winches, a swim platform, and a B&G navigation as standard, there are many other additional optional extras.

These optional extras could cost you a few hundred thousand pounds more than the quoted base price. However, if you can afford one of these stunning blue water sailing yachts, the world is your Oyster.


Oyster Yachts

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