How Do You Stack Leveling Blocks For Your RV? (Explained)

Leveling a motorhome can be challenging if you don’t know how to level an RV properly.

Unfortunately, knowing how to level an RV is a crucial skill you need to have as not every campground has level pads, and most State and National parks have campsites with uneven ground.

We’ve compiled a list of answers that will help you stack leveling blocks when adjusting your RV:

Here’s The Answer To How To Stack Leveling Blocks For Your RV:

First, measure the placement of where your motorhome needs to be leveled. Then, place leveling blocks behind wheels that need lifting. You will stack the leveling blocks according to how high your motorhome needs to be to level out.

What Is An RV Leveling Block?

Before looking at how to level a motorhome with leveling blocks, you need to know what an RV leveling block is.

Essentially, an RV leveling block is a small ramp that your tires rest on to allow your motorhome to be level. Most are made from plastic or wood and are designed to be stackable.

When appropriately stacked, RV leveling blocks form a gradual series of flat surfaces for your tire to park on.

When using RV leveling blocks, remember that you’ll need a leveling block for each wheel on one side. For example, you will need one for single axles, two for tandems, and three for triples.

Also, remember to measure the space found between your motorhome’s tires to ensure your levelers will fin in between.

What Is The Step By Step Process With Leveling Blocks?

Leveling your motorhome is relatively simple once you have mastered what you need to do.

Although many modern motorhomes are equipped with auto-leveling systems, not every single manufactured model is. That’s why it’s incredibly vital to know how to level your motorhome using the leveling block method.

Before you learn the step-by-step process of leveling your motorhome, be aware of the fact that you cannot use stabilizers or scissor jacks as levels instead of leveling blocks. If you use stabilizers and scissor jacks to level your motorhome, you can cause damage to your rig’s frame.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the step-by-step process associated with leveling an RV with leveling blocks:

1. Check Slideouts & Hitch First:

Ensure your slideouts are not open, as this can significantly affect the leveling process and cause damage to your rig.

It would be best if you also did not unhitch your RV straight away.

Remember that you must have at least one wheel of your motorhome on the ground at all times.

2. Get into Position:

Maneuver your RV into a position you want to park it when you level it for the duration of your camping stay.

After maneuvering it into your desired location, you will need to level it from side to side.

3. Position your Level on a Flat Surface:

You will need to take your level and position it on a flat surface of your motorhome from side to side.

Usually, the best place to do this is at the rear bumper.

After placing it on the rear bumper, you will be able to see which side to raise based on your level reading.

4. Place your RV Blocks:

You will need to place your RV leveling blocks next to your tires on the sides that need to be raised.

This will effectively allow you to mark where you need to maneuver your motorhome later on.

Once your place has been marked, you can move your motorhome forward slightly.

5. Readjust Blocks if Needed:

Next, according to the step above, move your leveling blocks into position based on the placement you had them in.

After doing this, build a ramp by stacking the blocks according to how high you need to raise the side of your RV for it to be level.

At this point, make sure that you don’t stack the blocks too low or too high but remember that the more off-center the bubble inside your level was, the higher you will need to build your leveling block ramp.

6. Backup the Motorhome:

After successfully achieving this, drive your motorhome backward onto the blocks to see if your motorhome is now level.

If it is still not level, you can repeat the above steps while adjusting the height of your leveling blocks until your motorhome is level.

However, remember that you should align the wheel with leveling with the center of your leveling block.

7. Add Wheel Chock:

Now you can add a wheel chock to the front of your motorhome tire before you unhitch it to prevent the RV from rolling and causing an accident or injuries or damages to your rig or someone else’s property.

If you don’t have a towable RV, you won’t be unhitching your motorhome before adding a chock to be on the safe side.

8. Level the Motorhome Front to Back:

Next, you will need to level your motorhome from front to back.

To do this, your first step will be to take your level and put it on a window frame or level.

Doing this will allow you to determine how to level your RV is from front to back.

9. Utilize the Tongue Jack:

After doing this, you can use a tongue jack to either raise or lower the front of your RV until you see a level reading on your level.

10. Lower Stabilizers until Tight:

The last step to the block leveling process is to lower your stabilizer jacks until they are tight.

Once they are tight, you need to check if you add leveling blocks underneath your stabilizing jacks depending on how much height you have had to add to the sides o your RV to get it level.

What Surface Do You Need For Leveling Blocks?

You can use leveling blocks on various surfaces, including concrete, uneven terrain, sloped surfaces, and soft ground.

However, it would be best to clear the area of all debris where you want to level your motorhome using leveling blocks.

Ensure there are no large rocks, tree branches, or other intrusive objects in the way.

How Many Leveling Blocks Can You Stack On Top Of Each Other?

When using RV leveling blocks to level your motorhome, you need to know that there is a limit to how many leveling blocks you can use.

Most RV leveling blocks are around 1 inch high.

You are not allowed to stack leveling blocks more than four inches tall, which means you should not stack more than four RV leveling blocks on top of one another.


How Exactly Do RV Leveling Blocks Work?

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