Mississippi RV & Camping: Time, Dates & Rules (With Examples)

Are you a history fanatic, an art enthusiast, or someone who enjoys trying out different foods?

Mississippi is home to extraordinary landscapes, gorgeous forests, interesting wildlife, educational, historic civil war sites, and spectacular white sand beaches.

Additionally, Mississippi is known for its exuberant music scene, tantalizing southern restaurants, and insightful museums.

If you decide to take a tour through this great American state, you will need to consider where to stay:

2 Mississippi Campgrounds With Times, Dates, and Rules:

Known as the hospitality state, Mississippi is a place many avid campers and RVers flock to each year.

This is partly because the campgrounds in Mississippi are some of the friendliest in the country.

In addition to being friendly, most of them are equipped with amenities and facilities that make them worth visiting.

It would be best if you chose a campground that also has fun activities and interesting nearby attractions:

1. Okatoma Resort And RV Park

If you need a peaceful camping experience surrounded by lush forests and serene lakes, you may want to consider the Okatoma Resort and RV Park.

This KOA resort is located near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, only 70 miles from the Mississippi gulf coast. They are a family-friendly facility that offers many on-site activities and are close to some impressive attractions.

The Okatoma Resort and RV Park lie on sixty acres of tranquil southern land that comprises approximately 78 RV sites that can handle small and large rigs, a few tent sites, and cabins. Some of these sites are equipped with full-service hookups that include 30 and 50 amp electric connections.

Guests can look forward to cleaning campsites, fishing in one of the two lakes, enjoying quality time with family in the clubhouse, and lounging at the sparkling resort pool. The resort also has a small, fully stocked on-site convenience store that sells everything from RV supplies to ice cream and pizza.

Additionally, if you decide to stray from the campground and explore the town, you can go on an adventure to one of the nearby restaurants or gold courses. If those two activities don’t strike you as fun, you might enjoy a visit to the Hattiesburg Zoo, a tour through the University of Southern Mississippi, or you may enjoy walking around town and taking in the local art.


Guests can check-in from 1 pm but need to check out by 11 am.


This Resort and RV Park is open throughout the year.


  • All guests are required to pay a $5 fee each day to use the amenities at the resort, such as fishing in the lake and swimming in the pool.
  • Only two vehicles per site are allowed, and each car has to have a current and valid registration.
  • Only service dogs are allowed in buildings and around the resort’s pool.
  • Campers are only allowed to drink at their campsite or cabin, and no one can drive under the influence in this resort.
  • No campers are allowed to smoke or vape inside any of the resort’s buildings or cabins.

2. EZ Daze RV Park

Should you wish to try out a newer campground in DeSoto County that has quickly gained a reputable reputation, you might want to consider the EZ Daze RV Park.

The EZ Daze RV Park has 136 RV sites, with some offering full-service hookups. These sites are also equipped with 30 and 50 amp electrical connections.

This park has impressive facilities that ensure all campers enjoy their stay no matter what time of year they visit. The park is near Memphis and is only five minutes away from the Tennessee state line, which means you will have the opportunity to see many local attractions.

It’s important to keep your budget in mind, and if you are on a strict one, this park could be ideal. The EZ Daze RV Park is certainly one of the most affordable regions, with rates starting at $49 a night.

Additionally, it has an attraction many others don’t possess. This park offers guests a spa experience with its on-site massage therapist luxury resort-quality showers and soothing hot tubs.

There is also a swimming pool, an air-conditioned laundry room, free cable television, free WiFi, and numerous fully furnished meeting rooms.


At this park, the check-in time is 12 noon, and check-out is 11 am.


The EZ Daze RV Park is open year-round.


  • No aggressive dog breeds are allowed at this park.
  • All cancellations need to be made a full day before the booking date; otherwise, a one-day fee applies.
  • Guests can pay with debit cards, master cards, discover and cash only.
  • All pets need to be kept on a leash in this park.

Can You Go RVing In Mississippi Outside These Dates?

The campgrounds we spoke about above are open throughout the year.

However, this doesn’t mean that all Mississippi campgrounds, resorts, and parks will be open year-round.  Most private campgrounds and State and National Parks are allowed to set their own open dates, which is why you might find a few that are only open seasonally.

That’s why it’s always best to contact the place you want to camp before finalizing your plans, as you don’t want to have to change or cancel your trip at the last minute.

You can look at the list below if you need to find a campground that is open throughout the year that is not one of the two we already spoke about:

  • Kemper County Lake Campground.
  • Mississippi Petrified Forest Campground.
  • Morgans Landing Park.
  • Lake Downdes State Park. Simpson County Lake Campground.
  • Percy Quin State Park.

In Mississippi, Where Can You Camp For Free?

In Mississippi, free camping opportunities are not as abundant as in other states, but this doesn’t mean there is nowhere for you to pitch your tent or park your motorhome for free.

If you don’t mind camping where you may not get cell reception or many facilities, a few campgrounds could interest you.

We have had a look at various sources to establish where campers should consider visiting if they don’t want to pay a campground fee while exploring Mississippi.

Have a look below to uncover the best free camping locations in this wonderful southern state:

  • Bienville National Forest.
  • Fairley Bridge Landing.
  • Moody’s Landing National Forest Campground.
  • DeSoto National Forest.
  • Jess Busby Campground.
  • Rocky Springs Campground.

Can You Camp On Public Hunting Land in Mississippi?

Mississippi has gorgeous hunting lands available to hunters during appropriate seasons.

Hunters can practice primitive camping or take advantage of one developed site if they want a hot shower, restroom facilities, or picnic. Camping activities are allowed on public hunting land in this state, but there are strict rules.

For example, campers can camp only in designated hunting amps during specific hunting seasons at the Tombigbee and Delta National Forests.

Mississippi Camping and RV Rules For Local State Parks and National Parks

Camping at a Mississippi State or National Park can be a dangerous endeavor if you don’t know the rules you need to follow.

Although all rules are important, there are some you should pay particular attention to if you don’t want to get into trouble during your camping vacation.

To help steer you in the right direction, we have detailed some of the most important Mississippi State and National Park rules below:

  • Between May 15th and August 15th, there is a 2-night minimum stay requirement on weekends.
  • An RV campsite rental includes permission to fish and launch boats.
  • RV sites are not allowed to exceed eight people.
  • The campsite reservation holder has to be present throughout the entirety of the specified booked dates.
  • Campsites are not allowed to be rented out by anyone younger than 21.
  • Certain Mississippi state parks allow campers to rent out a site by the month, but others have a strict 14 day maximum stay period.


Mississippi State Park Camping Rules

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