3 Most-Popular Toy Hauler Brands You Should Know

The journey to finding the perfect toy hauler can be difficult, especially if you do not know the popular brands.

With the many options available, it’s crucial to know the most popular brands and why they are popular.

Knowing the answer to this will help you narrow down your considerable search parameters, which will likely save you copious amounts of time and money in the long run!

We have had a look into a few of the most popular toy hauler brands and have discovered what each of them is the best at:

Jayco Toy Haulers:

The Jayco recreational vehicle brand has been constructing motorhomes since 1968.

Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager founded this RV manufacturing company, which started the company by manufacturing travel trailers.

However, before they branched out into travel trailers, Lloyd began his motorhome journey by building a specialized trailer fold-down system. Without the encouragement of Bertha Bontrager, he may never have decided to enter the RV manufacturing world.

With the efforts of the founders and the employees, Jayco continued to grow from strength to strength. The company has decades of experience and has become a trendy brand over the years for RVers who want durable motorhomes.

For many, a durable motorhome far outweighs a luxurious one, especially for those who have a small budget for which they can use to invest in a toy hauler.

Jayco has Great Construction:

Over the decades, Jayco has continuously improved its product designs and construction methods, and materials, which has allowed them to keep up with industry standards.

Although this motorhome company might not manufacture the most luxurious models on the RV market, they have gained a positive standing with those looking for a toy hauler that is going to last.

This does not mean you won’t find a few luxury models in their catalog, as they offer not only durability but also versatility.

As briefly mentioned earlier, Jayco places a lot of effort into its construction and only uses the best materials available for each model, which is why their models are incredibly durable when compared to similar models by other brands.

Without the talented workforce behind the construction of their toy haulers, you would likely find the company’s models to be not as durable.

Unlike some toy hauler brands, Jayco provides each customer with an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Below we have stated a few examples of the construction features you can look forward to if you purchase a Jayco toy hauler:


Jayco toy haulers have one of the strongest foundations in the RV industry.

Each foundation is custom manufactured without welding or modifying, which provides a stronger and more durable foundation. Additionally, you will find each foundation to have an integrated A-frame that prevents the hitch from buckling.

Interestingly Jayco uses a unique molded one-piece design with its beams that prevent the foundation from warping or twisting over time.


Jayco roofing is constructed to be better than many competitors in the toy hauler market.

Unlike other toy hauler brands, Jayco utilizes a Magnum Truss roof system that is 50 percent stronger than other roofs in the industry.

By utilizing this roofing technology, Jayco ensures that your toy hauler roof will retain its strength and integrity in several different weather conditions over the years.


Unlike the companies competitors who use 6-inch lumber beams, Jayco uses 7-inch header beams.

7-inch beams are better for load-bearing which is an important consideration when constructing a quality toy hauler.

Using only 7-ich beams, they manufacture toy haulers with stronger beams that are less likely to break.

Method of Construction:

Many toy hauler companies will use staple construction, but Jayco uses screwed construction.

Staple construction leaves more room for error and creates decking issues because there is a higher likelihood of the construction breaking. Jayco uses screw construction with every toy hauler they manufacture, allowing their decking to be more securely constructed and durable.

With screw construction, there is also less chance of fasteners puncturing rubber roofing material.

Forest River Toy Haulers

When looking for a toy hauler, it’s convenient to focus on a brand with many different models and floorplans, with differing features at various price points.

The Forest River, a motorhome manufacturing company, is one of the most diverse RV manufacturers on the market currently. This company has an extensive range of toy haulers that cater to different affordability needs.

If you want a variety when choosing a popular toy hauler, you may want to consider Forest River.

Forest River Inc was founded in 1966 by Peter Liegl. Interestingly the company began because of a dream that Liegl possessed.

Ultimately he wanted to create an outstanding motorhome company that would be dedicated to helping people, no matter their budget, find a motorhome that would let them experience the beauty of the great outdoors.

With how popular certain forest river toy haulers are, it’s easy to surmise that Forest River has achieved this goal.

A Wide Variety:

The company began manufacturing pop-up tent campers, fifth wheel, park models, and travel trailers.

It wasn’t until these models saw the success that the company decided to manufacture toy haulers. Forest River also went on to produce Class A, B, and C motorhomes.

Forest River Inc has continued to expand and continuously introduces new models and layout designs. Their quality construction and affordable ranges make them a fan favorite every year.

Below we have mentioned a few of their popular toy hauler models along with a brief description of each and what you can expect to pay so that you get an idea of the various toy hauler models on offer:


The Cherokee toy haulers are some of the most popular models manufactured by Forest River.

There are two different Cherokee models that you can choose between, and they each offer a different layout option.

Cherokee toy haulers are stylish and affordable, with the starting price estimated at $35,000.

No Boundaries:

Adventure enthusiasts enjoy the Forest River No Boundaries toy hauler range.

These models are lightweight and can be easily towed by both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder tow vehicles.

The No Boundaries toy haulers have industry-leading ground clearance and larger tires, which allow you to travel to places you might not be able to get to with other toy haulers.

The interior is designed to be comfortable. You can expect a retail starting price of $18,000.

Wolf Pack:

Arguably, the Wolf Pack toy haulers are some of the most affordable and versatile fully-featured models available with a bunkhouse floorplan.

This floorplan is popular with families who enjoy the versatility a bunkhouse floorplan gives them when traveling.

Many of the Wolf Pack models also come with an outdoor patio and have more than enough space to take with you all your outdoor essentials.

The approximate starting price for a Wolf Pack model is $67,000.

Grand Design Toy Haulers

Some people want to purchase a toy hauler that they can use for full-time travel or living.

Many of these people want a toy hauler that has similar features to a normal residence. Fortunately, some companies cater to these needs. Grand Design is one of the leading toy hauler manufacturers that create luxury residential type models that are affordable.

Most of their motorhomes are filled with quality features, but the main attraction to this companies products is the superior customer service and intense quality inspection protocols.

The Grand Design RV company was founded in 2012, but even though it has a relatively short career span in the industry, it has experienced professionals at the helm. Founders Bill Fenech, Don Clark, and Ron Fenech have a total of more than 50 years of experience in the RV industry, which has allowed them to create a company that differs from the norm.

The three decided to create Grand Design because they believed they could manufacture motorhomes that truly resonated with their owners. They wanted to try an alternative business plan that they believed would lead to better toy haulers, and thus far, this plan has led to their continued success.

At the core of the business plan is the ideal of “doing the right thing,” which has led to Grand Design gaining many customers quickly, with some of their models becoming the go-to choice for both beginners and veterans.

Best Luxury Features For Less Money

With their focus on customer wants and needs and their collective experience driving the construction and design teams, Grand Design toy haulers manage to feature quality luxury features without costing consumers too much money.

For example, you can expect to pay roughly $47,200 on average for a 2021 Momentum G Class model, which is reasonable when considering the superb quality and innovative features you will receive with a Grand Design toy hauler.

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the Grand Design motorhome company ensures you will receive the very best toy hauler your money can buy with their extensive pre-delivery inspection procedure.

Each toy hauler needs to pass more than 300 checkpoints before being released to the dealership or customer during this process.

If you want to know what you can expect, have a look at the top features of the Momentum G Class model below:

Grand Design Toy Hauler Momentum G Class Features:

  • Residential cabinetry.
  • Modern stainless steel accented appliances, including a refrigerator and a microwave.
  • HD LED televisions.
  • Special motion sensor LED entryway and exterior storage lighting.
  • Double insulated roof with an impressive R-40 rating.
  • 30000k BTU high output furnace.
  • Residential countertops.
  • A solar system with a 300w solar panel, controller, and 1000 w inverter.
  • 3 season garage wall structure.


Grand Design: Founding Information 

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