Can Pedestrians Cross Bridges? (12 Bridges Checked)

In our modern times of mechanized transport, many bridges are built with vehicles in mind, such as automobiles or trains.

Sometimes such bridges allow pedestrian access, sometimes there’s a separate, more convenient bridge just for pedestrians, but sometimes, there’s nothing for pedestrians at all.

In this article, we’re going to go down the list of some of the most well-known bridges in North America and the United Kingdom, and let you know whether or not they have pedestrian access!

Can Pedestrians Cross the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge famously connects two New York City areas: Manhattan and, of course, Brooklyn.

While designed primarily for automobile traffic, the Brooklyn Bridge does have access for both pedestrians and cyclists.

In fact, pedestrians get their own elevated walkway, safely separated from all 6 auto lanes and the cycling lane as well.

So not only will you be safely insulated from car traffic as you walk the Brooklyn Bridge, you won’t have to worry about dodging cyclists either, a common problem on some bridges.

Can Pedestrians Cross the Peace Bridge?

The Peace Bridge crosses the Niagara river and the U.S.-Canada border, allowing passage from Buffalo, New York, U.S.A., to Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.

That makes it one of a few bridges on this list you’ll need to flash your passport just to get all the way across unless you’re a dual citizen, in which case general ID should suffice.

Either way, provided you have the necessary documentation, you can, indeed, cross the Peace bridge by foot!

Can Pedestrians Cross the Rainbow Bridge?

Another bridge over the Niagara river, this one crosses near the famous waterfall!

In fact, the Rainbow Bridge connects two cities both named “Niagara Falls,” one on the U.S. side and one in Canada.

You will require your passport if you’re not a dual citizen (even if you are, you’ll need some form of I.D.), and be warned there is a toll.

However, if you bring your passport and toll money, you can cross as a pedestrian.

Can Pedestrians Cross the Ambassador Bridge?

Yet another U.S.-Canada bridge, this one spans the Detroit river and connects Detriot, Michigan, U.S.A. to Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

The bridge was built with a pedestrian walkway as part of the original design, so at one point in time, you could have walked this bridge.

Sadly, that time is purely in the past now, as ever since 9/11, pedestrian access has been closed due to increased security measures.

There’s no bicycle access anymore either, so if you need to cross this bridge and don’t have a car, you’ll have to grab a taxi.

Can Pedestrians Cross the Golden Gate Bridge?

As famous as the city it grants passage to and from, the Golden Gate Bridge spans the eponymous “Golden Gate,” the strait separating the San Francisco Bay from the rest of the Pacific Ocean.

This striking bright-red suspension bridge connects the San Fransisco Peninsula with the mainland, specifically hooking up with Marin County on the mainland side.

And not only does the bridge have pedestrian access, but the view from the bridge’s walkway is a must-see for anyone visiting the area!

Can Pedestrians Cross the London Bridge?

Several bridges span the River Thames, connecting central London with its outlying districts.

The London Bridge is one of these bridges, and it does, indeed, have pedestrian walkways, on both sides, to boot!

Can Pedestrians Cross the Hammersmith Bridge?

The Hammersmith Bridge also crosses the river Thames in London but has had a considerably more tumultuous history.

This bridge has been closed and reopened a number of times since its construction in the 1880s, due to structural problems.

Because of this, it may be the only bridge on this list that’s only open to pedestrians.

As far as we can tell, as of the date this article is being written, automobile access is prohibited due to safety concerns, but pedestrians and cyclists may cross.

Can Pedestrians Cross the Barnes Bridge?

The Barnes Bridge is another bridge that crosses the River Thames, but unlike the other Thames bridges on this list, it’s a railway bridge, not an auto bridge.

This means that it’s closed to automobile traffic, but connects railways on either side of the bridge so that trains may cross.

And, in addition to trains, pedestrians may also cross on their own dedicated walkway.

Can Pedestrians Cross the Tower Bridge?

Like the three bridges above, the arguably more famous Tower Bridge crosses the River Thames and connects central London with the outlying district of Southwark.

And, just like the London Bridge, it does in fact have pedestrian access.

Can Pedestrians Cross the Humber Bridge?

The Humber Bridge crosses England’s Humber Estuary, a tidal estuary formed by the confluence of rivers Trent and Ouse.

It features pedestrian and cycle paths on both sides of the bridge.

Can Pedestrians Cross the Menai Bridge?

The Menai Suspension Bridge crosses the Menai Straight, connecting mainland Wales with the island of Anglesey.

While it was closed to vehicle traffic until earlier this year due to safety concerns, from what we can gather it has since reopened.

Either way, it does have pedestrian access, and even during the suspension of vehicle traffic, pedestrians were still allowed to cross.

Can Pedestrians Cross the Waterloo Bridge?

Another of London’s many Thames-crossing bridges, the Waterloo is classified as a “vehicle-and-footbridge.”

As you’d imagine given this classification, it is, indeed, open to pedestrians.


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