3 Popular All-Season Toy Haulers (With Prices & Pictures)

For many people, camping and traveling adventures are an experience that they look forward to tremendously.

It can be difficult to plan a trip around busy work schedules. This leaves many people unable to use their toy haulers during certain months.

Fortunately, many toy hauler manufacturing companies have come up with a solution to this problem. They have designed and constructed toy haulers that are capable of four-season travel.

While there are quite a few options available on the RV market, it can be challenging to find a toy hauler that is truly four seasonal.

Luckily we have compiled this list of a few of the most popular toy haulers capable of four-season travel to help you get the most out of your travel time:

What Is A Four-Season Toy Hauler?

Before taking a deep dive into the most popular four-season toy haulers, you must be aware of what exactly a four seasonal toy hauler is.

In essence, four-season toy haulers are motorhomes manufactured and constructed to withstand many extremely hot and cold temperatures. Many of these all-season toy haulers can be utilized all year round because of their four-season features.

When evaluating if a toy hauler is four seasonal, you need to consider the insulation, window placement and size, the wall structure, venting and heating, and cooling systems, and the insulation.

These are significant factors, as if the RV has poor quality materials or design procedures, it could lead to you needing to replace it after a few all-season excursions.

Below we have mentioned a few of the most important things that a quality toy hauler should have if it claims to be four seasonal:

  1. A four seasonal toy hauler needs to have adequate circulation.
    • Adequate air circulation will ensure that your motorhome reduces condensation, humidity, and excess heat or cold.
  2. A living area that is comfortable in temperatures of 20 degrees or lower and 90 degrees and higher.
  3. Proper insulation needs to be installed in the toy hauler.
    • This insulation rating should keep unwanted air from entering your toy hauler through the windows, doors, and cabinetry.
  4. The holding tanks and underbelly need to have proper insulation so that the underbelly remains warm and all holding tanks and valves are prevented from freezing.
    • Additionally, the underbelly needs to be enclosed.

2 Popular Four Season Toy Haulers With A Dry Hitch Weight Of Under 1,000 lbs

If you have a smaller towing vehicle, you are likely looking for a toy hauler with a dry hitch weight of under 1,000 lbs.

Luckily many different four-season toy haulers fall well under the 1000 pound dry hitch weight limit.

Below we have put together two examples of popular toy haulers and have included a brief description of each, how much you can expect to pay for each model, and the specific all-season specifications that they individually possess:

1. Forest River Ozark 2500TH (~$21,500)

The Forest River Ozark 2500TH is an incredibly stylish toy hauler that is likely to suit many budgets.

This toy hauler has a modern interior and is four seasonal due to its quality construction and materials.

The Ozark 2500TH is 28 feet and 8 inches long with a dry hitch weight of only 635 lbs, making it the lightest toy hauler on our list.

If you have a minimalistic budget and want a four seasonal toy hauler, you may want to consider it as it has an estimated retail price of $21,500.

Unlike other low-priced toy haulers, the Ozark 2500TH has a 13-foot garage area and has the capability to sleep up to four people.

The Interior:

The interior color scheme is gorgeous yet simple, with dark wood cabinetry and multi-hued vinyl wooden flooring.

The beautiful flooring brightens up the area and complements the glossy white countertops and stainless steel appliances.

In this toy hauler, the large bedroom is located at the front. The queen-sized bed is centrally located and surrounded by overhead wooden cabinetry and convenient side tables.

The bed placements allow the occupants to easily walk around the bed and the rest of the room.

The back of this toy hauler is the comfortable living room area, located in the garage space. The couches are incredibly comfortable, and they convert into spacious sleeping accommodations.

When not in use, you can easily stow them away along with the collapsable dining room table that lies in the middle.

Although the kitchen is relatively small, it is modern and elegant. There is a long counter that provides ample space for meal prep, a stainless steel sink with a faucet, and a four-burner gas glass-topped stove.

There is also a moderately sized refrigerator and a stylish microwave. If you are worried about cabinet space, you don’t need to be as this kitchen has more than enough kitchen cabinets for you to house all your belongings.

Lastly, the bathroom is near both the kitchen and the bedroom, which is highly convenient. The space is small, but it houses all the amenities you need while traveling or camping.

There is a circular shower with glass frosted doors, a porcelain flushable toilet, a small cabinet with a mirror, and a bathroom sink built into the cupboard.

All Season Specifications For This Forest River Toy Hauler:

  • Windows with correct placing throughout the toy hauler.
  • A 13.5K BTU roof-mounted air conditioning system.
  • Industry-related diamond plating rock guard on the front.
  • Tuff coat aluminum exterior.
  • 6 Gallon DSI water heater.
  • Aluminum sidewall construction.

2. 2021 KZ Sportsmen 200THLE (~$25,000)

Some people prefer a toy hauler that has a beach interior theme that is modern but cozy.

If your one of these people, you might want to consider looking at the 2021 KZ Sportsmen 200THLE. This toy hauler is 24 feet and 3 inches long with an interior height of 78 inches and a dry hitch weight of 690 lbs.

The Sportsmen 200THLE is four seasonal due to the features it processes and the construction materials used in its manufacturing. Additionally, this toy hauler sleeps up to four people and has an approximate retail price of $25,000.

The KZ Sportsmen 200THLE has a length has a large and convenient cargo ramp door that is 88 inches by 73 inches. There is also easy access to flip up solid steps that provide an entry into the garage area.

If you want space, you will be pleased with the duel access pass-through storage areas located at the front of this toy hauler.

The Interior:

Inside, the interior theme is gorgeous.

The wooden cabinetry has a beautiful beach wood-washed appearance, which complements the marble toned countertops and beige furniture.

The 8-foot long cargo/garage area is located at the back and features a 72-inch rollover sofa that doubles as sleeping accommodation for two people. This area is also the living/dining room when you place the collapsable dining room table in front of the couch.

Centrally located in the small kitchen area which is perfectly sized to accommodate two people cooking. The refrigerator is located in the cargo area, which allows more space in the kitchen.

You will find a kitchen sink with a faucet, a microwave, and a three-burner stove. Additionally, above the countertops are small kitchen cabinets, and below there are also lots of cupboards.

Across from the kitchen area is the bathroom, which is decently sized. There is a 40-inch shower that has a white brick-like decor wall appearance and a shower curtain.

Next to the rectangular shower is a small cupboard that houses a sink, and there is a flushing toilet opposite the shower.

Like other toy haulers, this one has a front-facing bedroom that includes a king-sized bed, wardrobes, and decorative bedding.

All Season Specifications For This KZ Toy Hauler:

  • 20000 BTU furnace.
  • The climate package includes a fully enclosed and heated underbelly, insulation to protect tanks and pipes, and R-9 sidewalls, R20 roofing, and R-24 flooring.
  • An outside shower that has both hot and cold faucets.
  • 13500 BTU air conditioner.
  • Standard R-7 insulation.
  • Tinted windows throughout the toy hauler.
  • 30-inch fireplace.

1 Popular Four Season Toy Hauler With A Dry Hitch Weight Of Between 1,000 And 1,500 lbs

Should you have a larger towing vehicle and require a larger toy hauler, you likely won’t need to adhere to a dry hitch weight of below 1,000 lbs.

If this is the case, you can opt for a four seasonal toy hauler with a dry hitching weight of between 1,000 and 1,500 lbs.

Amongst the many options on the market, we have found one of the most popular four seasonal toy haulers, and we have spoken a bit about it below.

If you want more information regarding its estimated retail price, brief description, and all-season specifications, you can read below.

3. 2021 Jayco Jay Flight Octane 277 (~$45,000)

If you like entertaining and have a larger family or friend group, you likely want a spacious toy hauler.

You will also likely have a bigger budget. If this is the case, you may want to consider the new 2021 Jayco Jay Flights Octane 277. This toy hauler is 32 feet and 3 inches long, can sleep up to six people, and has a dry hitch weight of 1,240 lbs.

As you get many features with this mid-range popular four-season toy hauler, you can expect to pay an estimated retail price of $45,000.

With this toy hauler, you will get a total garage area of 15 feet and an outdoor patio with a foldable enclosure. This area is perfect for those who enjoy entertaining in the outdoors while retaining a modicum of safety.

There is also an impressive 18 foot long easily set-up outdoor awning, and an outside kitchen.

On the one side, there is also a dedicated generator prepping area, which is handy when you are camping somewhere that doesn’t have readily available electricity.

The Interior:

There is a small bedroom and a private bathroom at the front of the Jay Flight Octane 277.

The bedroom is private once the curtain is drawn. Inside the bedroom is a queen-sized bed, and there is overhead cabinetry.

It is important to note that you won’t walk around this bed because it takes up all the space in the bedroom.

The bathroom is moderately sized, and the interior theme is gorgeous. The walls are painted a soft beige with the dark wood cabinetry accenting the white and grey marble-like countertop and porcelain sink.

The shower is huge with built-in accessory holders, and there is a decent-sized, fully flushable toilet. Additionally, above the bathroom sink is a medicine cabinet that has a large mirror.

The kitchen and lounge are located in the center of this toy hauler, and it is beautiful. The marble countertops accent the dark wood cabinetry, and the LED lighting allows the countertops to shine. There is a kitchen sink with a faucet, a stove with an oven, a fridge, and a microwave.

There are also lots of cupboards for storage purposes above and below the kitchen countertops. Across the kitchen is a grey sofa that can fold away or be used as a bed.

At the very back of the Jayco Jay  Flight Octane, 277 is a large open space where you can store all your outdoor toys and items. Additionally, this space has two double beds that drop down from the ceiling.

All Season Specifications For This Jayco Toy Hauler

  • 13500 BTU roof-mounted airconditioning system.
  • Heated and fully enclosed underbelly.
  • A special water system winterization kit.
  • Specially tinted safety windows.
  • A furnace that has an auto-ignition and wall thermostat.
  • A/C ducting system.
  • Garage vent ports.
  • Special durable Magnum Truss roof system.
  • I-Class cambered structural steel I-beam frame.
  • Optional solar power package.


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