7 Most-Common Problems With Axis Boats (Explained)

The Axis focuses on creating the large waves ideal for wake surfing and wakeboarding as a wake boat. In addition, these boats are ideal at displacing water in waves because of the specifically design hull and ballast.

The Axis boat line is built for both professional and casual water sports lovers.

If you are shopping for an Axis Boat, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share the most common concerns faced by boat owners.

We have searched through all the Axis information to find the issues you might face with an Axis Boat.

Before we dive in, check our article about how reliable Axis boats are.

Axis Boats are slightly newer to the wake boat industry but have quickly built a solid reputation for affordability and quality.

These boats do not have many luxuries or advanced features. Instead, the company chooses to focus on high-quality manufacturing and design.

1) Fuel Consumption

There are some complaints among owners about how much fuel the Axis Boats consume. For some owners, they think it consumes too much, while others find it to be about average when compared with other similar boats.

There are some owners that are pleased with the amount of fuel it consumes. However, the amount of gas it burns does depend on how much weight you have on the boat and how much you are pulling.

If you are planning to purchase an Axis Boat, you should take the fuel consumption in mind when making your purchase.

2) Older O2 Sensors

Some owners have stated they have problems with their O2 sensors. This is more common on older models and does not seem to be as prevalent on newer and current Axis models.

However, the O2 sensors can get dirty, and there are some steps you can take to clean them. These sensors get dirty when you are constantly wake surfing. This can cause the sensors to get dirty without an opportunity for them to get clean.

If you run the boat hard and at a higher RPM, it helps the O2 sensors remain clean. It is essential that you consider running it hard at the end of every wake surfing session and before you put it away.

It is helpful to allow your Axis Boat to warm up thoroughly and give it a hard run quickly.

This prevents it from running rich the entire time and wearing out those sensors.

3) Persistent Electrical Problems

Over the years, Axis Boats have had some electrical problems. Most recently, there have been reports of electrical problems with some A22s and A24s. However, it does seem to be a problem across all models, and it seems wiring mistakes are being made at the factory.

The good news is most dealers are helping to get these problems solved, or you can fix the problems yourself.

In most cases, various lights are not connected or connected incorrectly.

Some common problems include docking lights, LED lights, and navigation lights not working. Some other problems have been that the under-seat lighting was connected to the interior light switch, and the transom lights were not connected to the wiring harness.

4) Surf Gates Causing Drag

The surf gates on the Axis Boats have had periodic concerns.

While these concerns are not shared by all Axis Boat owners, but these issues do happen some of the time to some boat owners.

The Axis surf gate is intended to automate the enhancement of wake. It uses two hydraulic plates on either side of the boat. These surf gates help you keep the boat ­evenly weighted and stop you from shuffling giant ballast bags of water to switch from wakeboarding to wake surfing.

Some owners state that the surf gates are acting as a bit of an anchor, which means you will use more fuel when moving at higher speeds.

5) Reed Switch Malfunction

Some owners of Axis Boats are reporting issues with the reed switch. This is a magnetic switch that sits inside the actuator to alert you if the system is closed or open.

Unfortunately, when there is a problem with the reed switch, it is not something that is serviceable because it sits in the cylinder.

A problem with the reed switch can cause several different symptoms. When you start up your boat, you may get an alert on your tachometer that states surf gate fault retracting right. Neither gate was extended.

When you select service surf gate on the menu, it extends the gates. However, when you hit finish, it will not retract the surf gates.

Another problem with the surf gates is that they will not extend the gates in surf mode.

6) Lack of Innovative Features

Axis Wake Boats have only been in business for about ten years. While they are a reliable company, many owners discuss the lack of innovative features on their boats.

Some boat owners do not mind the lack of luxuries and features on the boat. Some boat owners feel that when there are no extras on the boat, it is less to break.

While this is not a problem with the boat, it is nice to be aware that these boats lack extra features.

7) Factory Quality Control Issues

There seems to be a high level of complaints from Axis Boat owners that there are many problems with their boats coming out of the factory.

In addition, there seem to be issues with the quality control for the boats.

In many cases, it seems the factory is reliant on the dealer to fix the problems that the factory does not catch. One of these issues was that the floor drain was misrouted on the starboard side storage under the seat. As a result, the lockers fill up and will not drain.

In some cases, there was foam in the drain tube.

The dealer drilled through the drain line and used the foam to prevent the tube from being misrouted. To correct this issue, the hull and stringer had to be cut, and the foam cleared.

General Pros and Cons for the Axis Wake Boat


Axis Boats have a performance surf package (PSP) and a specially designed Wake Plus Hull.

The PSP is combined with the surf gate to give you the ability to adjust the amount and placement of the water ballast.

Axis Boats has a unique feature called the Power Wedge III that allows you to adjust the height of the wave.

The hull is deep with a deadrise angle that pulls a large portion of the hull into the water to give the boat maximum wave displacement.


  • Axis Boats does not have great quality control.
  • They do not have the most innovative features.
  • There are persistent electrical issues.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Axis focuses on creating the largest and best waves, which are ideal for wake surfing and wakeboarding.

“This is where the Axis range really pleases – the all-important wakes.”

[Source: tradeboat.com.ua]

The Axis boat line is built for both professional and casual water sports lovers.

“Anybody. The A22 can make a wave that nearly every style of rider, from beginner to more advanced, will love to surf.”

[Source: boatingmag.com]

What is the Resale Value on the Axis Boats?

Overall, Axis Wake Boats hold their value just as well as similar and, in some cases, more luxurious wake boats.

Boats are going to depreciate as soon as you get them out on the water.

Axis Boats are more affordable than most other wake boats, primarily because of their lack of innovative and luxury features. There is also less chance of the boat breaking down.

The better you care for your boat means, the better it will hold on to its value. When you leave your boat uncovered, it is susceptible to the weather, elements, and salt.

If you want to sell your Axis Boat and the market is flooded with a large amount of Axis Boats, it may be harder to sell yours for a good price.






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