6 Most-Common Problems With Lowe Boats (Explained)

If you are in the market for a new boat, you are likely to compare different makes and model numbers.

Lowe’s boats are considered entry-level boats and they are available for a great price as well.

As with all boats, as they age there may be some problems that arise, but Lowe boats come with a warranty and it is always honored by the company.

There are about six items that have been reported as issues with the Lowe boats.

A Rough Ride on Rough Waters

Some Lowe boat owners mention that the quality of the ride could be smoother at times.

When the waves are a bit choppy, the ride seems to be quite rough, but the boat owners realize that they purchased an entry-level boat and this is to be expected.

If they had purchased a much more expensive boat, it might be heavier and have a smoother ride, but this type of quality also comes with a much higher price tag on it.

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The Seat Quality Could Be Improved

The seats on Lowe boats do not win any great competitions in quality.

They seem to tear a bit easily and the swivel seats will at times bind up and not swivel too well.

The swiveling function can be improved in these cases with a spray lubricant to keep them functioning properly and being careful not to get a hook into the seat can prevent small rips or tears.

You can also add a boat seat cushion to make the seats more durable and more comfortable for a long day of fishing.

The Wiring Quality Could Be Improved

Some Lowe boat owners report that the quality of the wiring system and electrical system could stand to be improved.

Specifically, there can be problems with the lights not working or the gauges stop working all of a sudden.

The same owners that report this issue are very satisfied with the customer service and rewiring that the company provides for them with their warranty.

Failed Rivets or Welds on the Hull

All boat hulls are either riveted together or welded together. Both are usually very safe methods in order to prevent leaks at the bottom of the boats as water will always seek out an opening to enter.

This doesn’t present a large issue on Lowe boats in particular and more than with other brands of boats though, and the company addresses it as soon as you report it.

Chrome Plated Screws and Hinges

Some of the Lowe boat models have chrome-plated screws and hinges on them. Hardware that is chrome plated is susceptible to corrosion over a long length of time, especially in saltwater.

If you notice that some of the hardware is beginning to corrode, you can replace it with stainless steel which doesn’t corrode.

Light Post Screws Failing

A similar hardware issue is the light post screws not holding very well.

In this case, most owners opt to just replace the screws with nuts and bolts for better fastening abilities.

General Pros and Cons for Lowe Boats

In general, Lowe makes many different types of boats, from fishing boats to mini pontoons and full-sized pontoons as well. Generally, all-around boats for family fun, fishing, and skiing.

Among all of these different types of boats that they manufacture, there are some great pros collectively.

The Jon boats are of a simple design and therefore have fewer things that could go wrong with them. They are considered to be one of the best deals on the market that is durable, reliable, and long-lasting at a great price point.

Lowe boats are made from high-quality aluminum products, specifically, Aluminum Alloy 5052 which is made from Chromium and Magnesium for great strength and to resist corrosion.

Most boats are welded on the hull, but the small Jon boats use rivets instead. Both are good methods of joining parts, although some people prefer one over the other.

If you choose to purchase an older used Lowe boat, you can still get parts from dealers who can point you in the right direction for replacement parts or order them for you.

Lowe boats are still being manufactured in Lebanon, Missouri today and they have over 100 models of boats.

Lowe Boats Getting Rebranded

As a matter of fact, Lowe boats are being rebranded in 2022, after being in business for 50 years, to add new features, product designs, and a new look as well.

They have a very good warranty for 12 years and will definitely correct anything that goes wrong quickly for you as they have had great customer service and customer satisfaction for over 50 years.

Companies that do the right thing by their customers will tend to stay in business for many years.

Lowe boats and Lund boats are similar companies that are both in the market for aluminum fishing boats. Lowe is affordable but may be lacking in some items that you can find on Lund boats for a much higher cost.

Lund boats are reported to last for 5 to 10 years, but Lowe boats usually last for over a decade at least and some owners report them lasting with no real issues for over 20 years as well.

Read more about problems with Lund boats here.

You get a lifetime warranty on a Lowe boat’s seams that are double riveted, the flooring, and the transom as well. These are usually the most expensive items that would need replacing in the far-off future of an aluminum boat for fishing, hunting, skiing, and pleasure boats, such as pontoon boats.

The cons of Lowe boats are:

  • Ride quality
  • Seat quality
  • Wiring quality
  • Failed rivets or welds on hull
  • Hardware corrosion
  • Light post screw failure

What Do the Reviews Say?

The Retreat 230 RFL is mid to upper-range pontoon boat with added luxury items that can be up to $50,000 when it’s fully loaded. It has a triple hull to glide smoothly across the water without any excessive bumps.

It was reviewed as an:

“ultra-comfortable seats, including reclining captain and first mate chairs, nice vintage look to the instrument panel and sleek speaker designs with a five-channel amp and subwoofer.”

Lowe’s Ultra 180 Cruise is a great starter boat with a great price tag for an entry-level pontoon boat and quite a bargain at about $10,000. It’s reliable and easy to handle.

“It comes with a fold-up angler’s chair on the helm, ample storage space for such a small boat, and has a quiet, yet impressive Mercury FourStroke engine.”

(Source: Pontooners.com)

What’s The Reseal Value in Lowe Boats?

Lowe boats hold their resale value about the same as other aluminum hull boats do.

For example, the Roughneck Jon boat of an RX1756 sold for $12,823 when it was new in 2015 and today its resale value is about $9,800 for depreciation of 24%.

The Extreme Series 250 pontoon boat was $30, 725 in 2015 and is currently at a resale value of around $26,200 for depreciation of 15%.

If you are looking for a used Lowe boat, you may need to do a lot of searching because most of them get handed down from one generation to the next in boating families for pleasure, hunting, and fishing boats alike.

The resale value holds up well because of the marine-grade materials and expert welders and fitters that work in the Lowe boat plant.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to boating and fishing you can’t go wrong with a starter boat from Lowe.

They are dependable, durable, long-lasting, and hold their value very well and you won’t break the bank to get started.

You can always upgrade to a larger or more expensive model in the future, but for the value and the low price point, Lowe boats are a great deal.


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