8 Most-Common Problems With Tracker Boats (Explained)

If you are shopping for a Tracker Boat, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share the most common concerns faced by boat owners.

We have searched through all the Tracker information to find the issues you might face with a Tracker Boat.

Before we start, check our article about how reliable Tracker boats are.

Tracker Boats are an entry-level aluminum boat that uses quality components and comes with a solid warranty. Most boat owners consider Tracker Boats to be a good value for the price.

Tracker Boats have all of its operations in-house, with allows them to maintain quality control and keep the cost of their boats down to a reasonable price.

1) Welded Seam Difficulties

Tracker Boats are welded together and not riveted. In general, it is thought that welded seams are stronger and do not leak. However, boat owners across all the forums have stated they have problems with the welded seams of their boats.

Welded seams are easier to repair when there is a leak, but improper welding seems to be a recurring problem. Some owners have found their welds cracked and failed. In addition, older models of Tracker Boats have a tendency to have failing welds.

The aluminum of the Tracker Boats goes through a chemical change when it is welded.

This causes a constant flux which can be attributed to the breakdown of the welds.

Many owners believe that the true problem is in the manufacturing of the boats because they do not spend much time on the water before problems occur.

They are also finding that the welds that fail fracture and need a higher level of skill and complicated equipment to repair them.

2) Lack of Power

Many owners complain about their Tracker Boat having a lack of power. Some say that this is where the manufacturer shows that it is an entry-level boat. Throughout the forums, there is a common theme that these boats do not have the necessary power for their size.

Tracker provides a standard motor that does not provide enough speed, especially after the boat has been used for a while.

In addition, there were complaints of power loss to the entire boat except for the outboard.

The motor will start and run, but there is no power anywhere else.

This problem could be caused by a ground issue or circuit breaker, or main fuse problem. The instruments are connected by one wire harness.

If the ground is loose, nothing gets power. It could also be caused by loose battery cable connections at the trolling motor.

3) Poor Manufacturing

While Tracker Boat owners generally like their boats and give it a higher than mid-range rating, they do note poor manufacturing.

In the early 2000, there was a defect in their hulls. By their 2005 model year, the defect was corrected.

If you purchase a boat in the early 2000s, you want to ensure this problem was corrected. The issue was that there was cracking at the hull. The cracks are significant, and there tend to be multiple. The cracks push outward and begin to tear the hull.

Another concern around the hull is that the paint begins to bubble. While this is a cosmetic problem that can be corrected, many owners find this to be a recurring problem.

4) Tracker Does Not Honor Warranty

Numerous Tracker Boat owners state that it is difficult to get Tracker to honor their own warranty.

It has been a constant complaint about the brand across all of the forums. There have been multiple complaints about the time it takes to get repairs, and often the issue is not fixed. In addition, tracker Boats has been known to deny warranty work.

In some cases, the boat was under one year, and the work was denied.

There are some boat owners that have been pleased with the work they had done under the warranty, but many more seem to have received refusals from the company to stand by their warranty.

5) Electrical Problems

Another common problem found in the forums with Tracker Boats is the electrical system. Many owners have found bad wiring and faulty pumps and gauges.

In many cases, the electrical problems were caused by bad grounds and loose wires.

The wires often vibrate loose during the running of the boat. Owners have also found that wires were not connected properly from the beginning.

6) Reports of Leaking

In general, all aluminum boats have leaking problems, and that is not different for the Tracker brand. They use welded seams to reduce the leaking, but it is still a prevalent problem.

A constant theme among the owners is that the leaks are mostly coming from failing welds, but there are a few hose problems.

This is an issue when the hoses are not installed at the factory properly.

7) Tracking Down Older Parts

Tracker Boats have been manufactured and built by the same company since its inception. This means it is possible to find older parts. Some parts are still being used in newer boat models.

There is a website created by two Tracker dealers where they make replacement parts available.

It is easy to locate them on this website. In addition, there are a number of other dealers that have websites where they sell OEM parts.

There are some dealers in the midwest area that are known to have or be able to locate unique or difficult to find parts.

It is better to go through a dealer than to contact Tracker, as they have recently said they are not providing support for parts.

8) Various Recalls

Tracker Boats has been the subject of numerous recalls all the way back to 1983. If you plan to purchase a used boat, you want to determine if any of these recalls apply to the boat and, if so, that they have been addressed.

There are 33 known recalls that are spread across the entire time Tracker has been manufacturing boats. This makes it difficult to track down in what model year the problem started.

A large number of the recalls are in reference to the level flotation.

Tracker Boats did not have the proper level flotation. Level flotation is what allows the boat to stay level even when swamped. This prevents the boat from flipping over to allow occupants to remain in the boat to bail water safely.

Since Tracker Boats did not have the proper level, they were dangerous for occupants. Other recalls include the failure of the fuel system and fuel tank.

Some additional recalls are related to electrical failures, steering problems, structural failure, and capacity concerns.

General Pros and Cons for the Tracker Boat


Tracker Boats use lasers and robotics for precise and consistent fabrication.

They use expanded foam in all cavities to increase flotation, create a quieter ride, and act as a shock absorber for increased durability.

Tracker Boats are a more affordable and lower priced aluminum boat.


  • Consistent weld and leaking problems
  • There is difficulty getting Tracker to honor their warranty.
  • They have been subjected to 33 recalls.

What Do the Reviews Say?

While there are many concerns related to Tracker Boats, there are still a large number of boat owners that enjoy these boats.

“As this was my second Nitro Sport …I had every expectation of the same good performance, ease of use, and simple maintenance that was the case with the 2000 model. So far so good. Starts easily, planes nicely, holds true speed and runs very smooth even in rough water.”

[Source: ConsumerAffairs.com]


What is the Resale Value on the Tracker Boats?

Tracker Boats are a popular option among those that enjoy fishing. They are found a Bass Pro Shops and other dealerships. They have three broad categories: Deep-V hull boats, Modified-V hull boats, and Jon boats.

Even though there are many concerns within the forums, Tracker Boats are able to hold on to a good amount of their value. This is because they have a lower starting price point and favorable depreciation.

In 2015, they had a brand new Guide V16 LKR DLX T sell for $9,295. This year, that same model sold for an average price of $7,360. This is a depreciation of 21%.

Also, in 2015, a brand new Pro Team 190 TX sold for $19,995. This year that same model had an average value of $16,830. This is a 16% depreciation.

Year Price
2015 Guide V16 LKR DLX T $9,295 (new)
2015 Guide V16 LKR DLX T $7,360 (used)
2015 Pro Team 190 TX $19,995 (new)
2015 Pro Team 190 TX $16,830 (used)





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