5 Most-Common Problems With Tige Boats (Explained)

Tige Boats is considered to be an upper-tier brand that exclusively builds boats for wake sports. They are known for their high-quality construction along with a patented trim tab system and hull design.

If you are shopping for a Tige Boat, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share the most common concerns faced by boat owners.

You might also want to check how good are Tige boats these days.

We have searched through all the Tige information to find the issues you might face with a Tige Boat.

1) Upholstery Does Not Hold Up

There are many postings in the forums by Tige owners stating the difficulty they have with the upholstery on their boats.

Many owners had to replace it within ten years of the day it was constructed.

There are more statements from owners in the southern part of the country. The stronger UV roles seemed to have a negative impact on the upholstery. It is possible that Tige has improved its upholstery because there are fewer statements of concern after 2006.

There are many vinyl repair persons who state the backing of the upholstery is problematic because it is thin and stretches. This upholstery is more comfortable but does not last as long.

2) Problems With Wiring

Tige boat owners discuss problems with the wiring on their boats. There are numerous instances of wiring problems, especially in boats that were built prior to 2017.

Many boat manufacturers are known to have messy wiring systems, so wiring is a common problem among many boat lines. However, owners feel that Tige is worse than others. Many owners found poor labeling and messy layouts for their wiring.

Some of these wiring problems cause batteries to drain quickly and destroy them. Often when owners take their boats in for service, it often seems to make the wiring problems worse.

In 2017, Tige switched electronic manufacturers. They switched from Medallion to Murphy.

This manufacturer switch has proven to be a quality upgrade not only to electronics but also to touch screens.

3) Engine Problems

There are a number of problems that boat owners have found with their Tige boats.

However, there are some fixes that Tige suggests boat owners try when they come across these problems.

Engine does not crank:

If you find that the engine does not crank, it could be that the ignition safety switch is not in place. A simple fix could be that you need to install an ignition safety switch. A simple cause of your engine not cranking could be that the battery disconnect switch in the engine compartment is in the off position.

You may also find that the main switch on the breaker box, which is under the dash, is not on. If you flip it into the on position, it could fix your problem. You should check to see if any of the circuit breakers are tripped.

You may have bad connections with your starter. You should check and tighten the connections. If you hear the solenoid click when you try to start the engine, but it still does not crank, you should check the connections for the battery.

If this does not resolve the problem, you should visit your dealer. You may find that a bad ignition switch or engine problem may cause your engine not to crank.

Starter Speed is Low:

Often when you have a low starter speed, you find that the engine cranks but still will not start. A bad or weak battery could be the cause. You may also have no or low fuel.

Your fuel may be contaminated. You may need to add fuel or drain the fuel you have. When you have contaminated fuel, it also means that your engine runs erratically.

Vibration in the Engine:

If you have a damaged propeller, it could be causing your engine to vibrate. Your propeller may be broken, bent, or damaged. The propeller could be aligned improperly. It may have seaweed around the propeller.

Overheating Engine:

If you find that your engine is overheating, you should turn off the engine right away. Then, you should contact your dealer. If your boat is overloaded may also cause your engine to overheat.

If this happens, you should distribute the load on the boat more evenly. You could also reduce the load on your boat. If you have the wrong propeller selected, it could cause an overheating engine. It would be best if you visited the dealer.

You may find that you have excessive bilge water. You should check to see if your bilge has an excessive amount of water. You want to drain your bilge. You could also find that you have build-up on the boat hull or a blocked water pick-up.

Other Electrical Problems:

If your battery disconnect switch in the engine compartment is in the off position, your engine will not start. The same is true if the main switch on the breaker box is turned off; it needs to be turned on. You could have loose connections for your wiring or a defective gauge or switch.

You may need to contact your dealer.

4) Recall on Tige Boats

Tige Boats has had only one recall on their boats in the 30 years they have been in business. However, the United States Coast Guard has a database that tracks all of the recalls.

The problem that was found did not impact the entire model line.

It was the R20 Z1 from 2013. This recall was related to the electrical system. The case was finally closed in 2016.

5) Difficulty Finding Parts

It is not certain how long Tige Boats keeps replacement parts. If you need older parts, you may have difficulty finding them directly from Tige. Many owners believe you will not be able to find parts for older models.

Many owners state in the forums that your best bet is to go through the dealers. However, there are owner forums that have an active community.

They are helpful when owners are looking for replacement parts.

General Pros and Cons for the Tige Boat


Tige continues to find new and innovative ways to construct its boats. They have multiple patents on their innovative designs.

They have a patented Convex V Hull that works to shape the water going to the stern using an effect that causes fluid to adhere to the surface.

Tige Boats are dedicated to quality control by assigning an auditor to stay with each boat through the entire construction process.


  • Tige has problems with their upholstery.
  • They are known to have engine problems.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Tige owners enjoy the space that is on their boat, which allows them to bring plenty of friends on the boat.

“With seating for 19 and ample storage, the 25-foot flagship will allow for your whole crew can come along for a day full of wakesurfing, wakeboarding, or skiing.”

[Source: boatingmag.com]

We just took delivery of our custom built Tige R20. The boat is gorgeous and the compliments come flying in when out on the lake. The quality is terrific, the interior choices turned out awesome and the stereo is ridiculous! If you are thinking of a new boat, think Tige.”

[Source: tigeboats.com]

What is the Resale Value on the Tige Boats?

According to the NADA, Tige Boats has one of the highest resale values of all competitors’ boats. In addition, there are many older Tige Boats on the water, which indicates their durability and reliability.

The boats continue to innovate and advance their boats while continuing to improve one of their previous models.

As a result, it is not common for Tige Boats to have signs of rot in their deck or hull. You can feel confident in your decision when you decide to purchase a Tige Boat.



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