Remodeled Retro RV for Full Time Family Travel 🎥

Meet Ivana and Piedro, a couple in their 30s with a young child, who decided to embark on a journey of living life on the road full-time in their vintage motor home.

In their fully-furnished and functional motorhome, they transformed a ‘from 1988’ RV into their cozy home, complete with a kitchen, pantry, and living area, while also finding ways to balance work, family, and personal time.

When we met them – they had been on the road for five months, discovering the joys and challenges that come with this unconventional lifestyle.

Ivana and Piedro had lead busy lives, but they realized that a change was essential to prioritize family time and pursue their dreams.

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Key Takeaways

  • Ivana and Piedro decided to live and travel full-time in a vintage motorhome, prioritizing family time and personal growth.
  • The couple worked together to transform the motorhome into a comfortable and functional living space with all necessary amenities.
  • While on the road, Ivana and Piedro have developed new business ideas that they plan to pursue while maintaining their close-knit family life.

Meet Ivana and Piedro

Ivana and Piedro, both in their early 30s, have embarked on a journey with their almost 2-year-old son, traveling full time in a vintage motorhome from 1988.

Now on the road for five months, they enjoy the comfort of their cozy, 30-year-old motorhome that they refurbished themselves.

Before embarking on this adventure, Ivana often felt lonely as Piedro worked long hours, which left them with limited family time.

They made the decision to change their lifestyle in July, and by December, they were on the road, exploring new cities together in their motorhome.

To support their nomadic lifestyle, Ivana and Piedro are working on starting their own businesses. Ivana aims to help mothers launch their projects, while Piedro wants to help self-employed fathers balance work and family life.

Tour of the Motor Home

The Kitchen

Their kitchen features two gas burners, although they typically use an electric burner for cooking. The sink area doubles as a dish-washing station.

They revamped the original interior, which was dated, by painting everything white to make the space feel bigger and brighter.

Storage and Fridge

The motor home has plenty of storage for food and other items, which can be found in various cabinets and compartments.

The fridge can even run on gas or electricity. The couple also stores pantry essentials, such as pasta, in overhead compartments.

Living Space and Sleeping Areas

The living area comprises a versatile space where the family can eat, work, and relax. Hidden storage can be found underneath the seats, where they store items like helmets, shoes, and electronics.

Their son’s cozy sleeping nook is situated above this area and can be accessed using a ladder. Ivana and Piedro sleep in a separate nook that has ample room and two windows for ventilation.

Living and Sleeping Area

The living area doubles as a workspace and dining area, with storage spaces hidden under the seats. Ivana and Piedro keep their outdoor seating and electrical items for the interior stored here as well. To make the space more comfortable, Ivana reupholstered the green cushions on the seats.

The sleeping area is situated above the living space, accessible by a ladder.

The platform measures 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters long, and has two windows for ventilation and natural light. Ivana and Piedro occasionally sleep separately, with one of them staying in the living area below.

Restoration and Transformation

In order to make their new home comfortable and functional, they dedicated time to restoring and transforming the space.

The couple began by refreshing the entire interior with a clean, white paint color, effectively making the space appear larger and more inviting. They transformed various areas inside the motorhome to suit their needs, such as the kitchen and storage areas.

Painting the motorhome took four days, as multiple coats were needed to cover the original yellow color.

The couple emphasizes the importance of family time, which was the driving factor behind their decision to embark on this journey and transform their vintage motorhome into a comfortable family home on wheels.

Challenges and Adjustments

The significant change in their daily routines was yet another challenge Ivana and Piedro faced. Having gone from a routine where they saw each other mainly in the evenings to spending 24 hours a day together, the couple had to navigate finding personal space and time while balancing their roles as parents.

Adjusting to a life of constant travel also meant learning new ways of exploring a new city. Ivana and Piedro now seek out playgrounds and child-friendly spaces for their son as they visit a new location.

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