Rooftop Tents for Pickup Trucks: 4 Best Options (That Just Works)

If you have a pickup truck, you might not realize how handy it is to utilize a rooftop tent while camping.

Should you be yearning for a new solo adventure or wanting to spend time with the family, then the convenience of a rooftop tent could be ideal for you!

There are, however, many things to consider when it comes time to decide on the best rooftop tent for your pickup truck.

Our aim with this list is to provide you with four of the best rooftop tent options available so that you can learn and discern which option is best suited to your needs:

Online Roof-Top Tent Stores:

Here are some of the most popular online stores to buy roof-top tents:

StoresPrice rangeModelsVisit
iKamper$$-$$$4Visit here
Thule$-$$$7Visit here
CampSaver$-$$$24Visit here
RoofNest$$-$$$7Visit here

1. iKamper Skycamp 2.0 (Our Top Pick)

The top pick on our rooftop tent list is the Skycamp 2.0 by iKamper!

This rooftop tent is the new and improved model and, as such, has some additional features and amenities. The Skycamp 2.0 has the accommodation capacity to sleep up to four people on a king-size bed, making this tent ideal for families and groups of friends.

It’s pretty obvious why iKamper is among the most-sold roof top tent brands.

Despite this rooftop tent being the most expensive one on our list at roughly $3,900, its features are quite impressive.

To start with, the Skycamp 2.0 can set up in approximately 1 minute, which is incredibly handy if you’ve arrived at a campsite late or have children that need your attention.

Notably, this tent’s hardshell nature makes it incredibly durable, and iKamper has designed it to be aerodynamic and spacious. The Skycamp 2.0 is approximately 85 inches long by 55 inches wide, providing more than enough space for all the occupants.

The lightweight design of this tent also makes it ideal for most vehicles, including pickup trucks.

The Skycamp 2.0 uses premium quality materials that ensure this tent will be an investment. The 300gsm poly-cotton canvas used for the tent fabric is breathable while being weather resistant. You will also find that this tent’s flooring is safe as it uses honeycomb aluminum panels.

Additionally, this tent’s shell is double insulated to withstand many different weather conditions while out camping.

There is also a waterproof rainfly that uses 150D polyester, but some customers have had complaints because it’s made from polyester, which is great for keeping out the rain but isn’t as pretty as more premium materials.

The redesigned ladder will ensure a safe climb to and from your rooftop tent, and incredibly you can choose to purchase the Skycamp in many different colors.

Here is the Skycamp 2.0 by iKamper!

Dodge Ram Compatible With Skycamp 2.0

If you own a Dodge Ram pickup truck, the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 might be the best option for you.

This rooftop tent is one of the best expandable hardshell tents for the Dodge Ram as it weighs in at 160 pounds, and the Dodge Ram can handle a weight load capacity of 165 pounds during transit.

Additionally, the Skycamp 2.0 securely ties down to the pickup truck. Its aerodynamic design is more fuel-efficient than some softshell rooftop tents that the dodge ram can utilize.

Moreover, the Skycamp 2.0 is easily fitted to the cargo bed of the Dodge Ram allowing for fast set up and takedown times.

2. Thule X Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 (Our Budget Pick)

The budget pick on our list of the best rooftop tents for pickup trucks is the x Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 by brand Thule.

This rooftop tent comes in at an affordable price of approximately $1,200, and despite its low price, this softshell tent is definitely worth the money.

Perfect for small families of two or solo travelers, the x Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 can sleep two people on a high-density 2.5-inch foam mattress.

The tent has an interior length of 84 inches by a width of 48 inches, which might be more than enough space for some.

Besides this minor downside, there are pros to having an x Tepui Explorer Ayer 2. The fabric that this tent is made with makes it ideal for three seasons of camping, and the mesh panels offer adequate airflow to keep you cool while providing ventilation.

The rainfly uses 420 polyester fabric, while the canopy uses 600D ripstop polyester cotton, so you can rest assured the tent is made with durable materials.

Moreover, the tent has been treated to withstand UV rays and other weather conditions. There is also a handy gear loft with four pockets where you can store books, lights, and other camping accessories.

Should you be someone who enjoys having lots of space while camping in a rooftop tent, then the Ayer 2 by Thule might not be the best option for you. Some customers have complained that the tent’s space is constricting, and the high-density foam mattress isn’t as sturdy or comfortable as they would like it to be.

Want to learn more about the Thule x Tepui Ayer 2? Check it out!

Toyota Tacoma Compatible With Thule X Tepui Explorer Ayer 2

One of the best rooftop tents to use if you have a Toyota Tacoma is the x Tepui Explorer Ayer 2.

The Toyota Tacoma’s are built for offroading, so it makes sense that they need a rooftop tent that can handle offroading conditions.

The Ayer 2 is incredibly lightweight at 105 pounds making this tent ideal for a Toyota Tacoma as it has a low weight dynamic capacity.

With a softshell tent like the Ayer 2 by Thule, your Toyota Tacoma pickup truck will be able to save fuel and have to combat less drag when driving.

When mounting the rooftop tent to your pickup truck, you will need to purchase a set of sturdy and durable roof racks, or you can use an easier alternative and install bed racks.

3. Roofnest Falcon XL

One of the largest hardshell rooftop tents by Roofnest is their Falcon XL.

This rooftop tent is on the pricier side, but its durable nature makes it an attractive option to pickup truck campers. You can expect to pay approximately $3,500 for the Falcon XL, which comes in a clamshell-style with a weight of 160 pounds.

This tent can also sleep two to three people, making it a dynamic camping accommodation option for many.

Inside, this tent is spacious with a custom built-in high-density foam mattress over 2 inches thick. The interior length is 88 inches by a width of 58 inches, and the Falcon XL is impressively less than 7 inches when closed.

This tent is constructed to be durable and can be used on several pickup trucks and SUVs.

What’s great about the Falcon XL is that it can be customized by adding accessories such as crossbars, solar showers, and LED lighting. Additionally, the Falcon XL is perfect for those looking for a large rooftop tent made with durable aluminum materials and weather-resistant canvases.

Although the tent is aerodynamic and designed to be sleek, there is still more wind drag than some smaller models available on the market if you add accessories.

Click to learn more about the Roofnest Falcon Today!

Chevy Silverado Compatible With Roofnest Falcon XL

Many Chevy Silverado owners need a rooftop tent that is aerodynamic and customizable to suit their needs.

The Roofnest Falcon XL is one f the best rooftop tent makes and designs for this pickup truck. More Silverado owners are opting to try out overlanding and, as such, require a reliable tent that can fit their truck easily and comfortably.

Fuel efficiency is another concern with rooftop tents. Luckily the Falcon XL is perfect for saving truck owners high gas milage costs due to its design.

Attaching a Roofnest rooftop tent to the Chevy Silverado is not time-consuming.

You will likely need to purchase an adjustable frame for your Chevy if you plan on using a Roofnest rooftop tent as it allows you to install the tent to your exact specifications and needs.

4. Roofnest Condor

Should you be looking for a rooftop tent for your pickup truck that can accommodate a solar panel, then the recently redesigned Roofnest Condor might be perfect for you.

This rooftop tent is more affordable at just under $3,000 and comes in two different colors. The Condor is ideal for smaller families as it is a fold-out hardshell design made to accommodate 2 to 3 people. 

Despite being a fold-out style tent, the Condor still has gas struts, which allow it to be assembled and disassembled easily. The interior that houses the built-in mattress is spacious, with a length of 83 inches by a width of 60 inches.

The rooftop tent itself is relatively lightweight, making it ideal for various vehicles such as SUVs, smaller cars, and pick-up trucks.

Although the gas struts help lessen the setup time, one of the downsides to this tent is that it still takes a fair amount of time to set up. If you are someone who dislikes lengthy setup times, then possibly consider a pop-up style by Roofnest instead.

Additionally, this tent is made using durable materials for its base and weather-resistant canvassing, which means the Condor will likely last you many camping trips in various conditions.

One of the biggest positives to owning this tent is that pickup truck owners like those who have a Jeep Gladiator or Ford F-250 can maximize its capabilities no matter the destination. In fact, truck owners enjoy using the Condor as it’s incredibly versatile and easy to install as well as being lightweight.

The Condor can easily hold up to 650 pounds and weighs only 135 pounds.

See below a list of other compatible pickup trucks that can utilize the Roofnest Condor rooftop tent:

  • Chevrolet Colorado
  • Nissan Frontier
  • Ford Ranger
  • GMC Sierra
  •  Ford F150
  • Toyota Tundra

If the Roofnest Condor caught your attention, you can find it here!

How Much Should You Really Pay For A Rooftop Tent For Your Pickup Truck

When considering how much you should really pay for a rooftop tent for your pickup truck, the choice is ultimately yours.

One of the biggest concerns to keep in mind is if the tent is aerodynamic, as you will want a rooftop tent that isn’t going to cost you a fortune on gas.

You will also need to determine your budget, how many people you need to accommodate, and if there are additional costs involved with installing one onto your pickup truck. Some rooftop tents will require you to install roof bed racks depending on your truck, while others might only need roof racks.

Our budget pick, the x Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 by Thule, is ideal for those on a strict budget, while those looking for the complete package should consider the Skycamp 2.0 by iKamper.

Moreover, there is a rooftop tent to suit various budgets, and often, the many options available can be customized and accessorized for an additional cost.

ModelSleeping CapacityPrice
Ikamper Skycamp 2.03-4$3899.00
Thule x Tepui Explorer Ayer 21-2$1199.95
Roofnest Falcon XL2-3$3495.00
Roofnest Condor2-3$2995.00


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