4 Rooftop Tents With Annex Rooms (That Just Work!)

Rooftop tents are great for sleeping, but they lack space to stand.

This can make simple things like getting dressed or hanging out inside the tent a lot harder than they need to be.

One way to get around this problem is to buy a rooftop tent with an annex room.

Here are four rooftop tents to consider:

Online Roof-Top Tent Stores:

Here are some of the most popular online stores to buy roof-top tents:

StoresPrice rangeModelsVisit
iKamper$$-$$$4Visit here
Thule$-$$$7Visit here
CampSaver$-$$$24Visit here
RoofNest$$-$$$7Visit here

The Thule Tepui Ruggedized Autana 3 Tent

Check out pricing for the Thule Tepui Ruggedized Autana 3 Tent HERE!

Thule’s Autana 3 tent is a great 3-season tent that can easily be mounted to the top of a 4×4 trailer or off-road vehicle.

It weighs in at 192 pounds and has a sleeping capacity of 3 people.

The tent’s packed size is only 56 x 48 x 12 inches, and its peak height is only 52 inches tall.  When opened, the floor dimensions are 122 x 56 x 52.

This is a rugged tent built from 360g polyester-cotton canvas with 600-denier ripstop fabric.  The poles are heavy-duty aluminum, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking in the wind or rusting in the rain.

One feature that I love about this tent is that the annex room has the floor.  This means that the annex room can safely be slept in even in the rain.  It also means that you won’t have to worry about climbing down the rooftop tent’s ladder into a pile of mud after it rains.

The Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3 Tent

Check out pricing for the Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3 HERE!

At first glance, you might think that the explorer tent is the same as the ruggedized version of the Autana 3 tent.

However, the Tepui Explorer Autana 3 version is a 4-season tent with a high-density foam mattress that provides excellent comfort for sleeping.

This tent is also lighter than the Ruggedized Autana 3 tent.  It weighs in at just 152 pounds.  This is quite impressive considering it offers 4 internal storage pockets, a thick mattress, and a sturdy aluminum ladder for ingress and egress.

The down-side to this tent is that it is not quite as durable as the Ruggedized Autana tent.  The canopy fabric is not made from the same ripstop, so you may want to keep away from tree branches or other potential hazards while you camp.

The iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Roof-Top Tent with Annex Room

Check out pricing for the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Rooftop Tent HERE!

The Skycamp by iKamper can be purchased by itself or with an optional annex room.

This is nice because it gives you the option to start out with just the rooftop tent only.

This tent has a sleeping capacity of 4, and it is designed to be a 3-season tent. The tent weighs in at 160 pounds.  It has a packed size of 85.8 x 54.3 x 12.5 inches.  The floor area is 49 square feet, and the peak height is 45 inches.

The tent poles are constructed of aluminum, and the canopy fabric is made from polyester-cotton canvas material.  For added resistance to the rain and the wind, there is also a 15-denier polyester rainfly with a polyurethane coating.

Take the rainfly off, and you’ll have a mesh top to view the sky as well as two windows to take in the surrounding views.  This also provides great ventilation, which helps with condensation.

The bed inside of this tent is a 2.5-inch thick king-size mattress made from high-density memory foam.

To greatly increase the utility of your iKamper Skycamp, you could consider adding the $700.00 annex room.  This room adds an additional 141 x 122 x 70 inches to your tent while only adding an extra 19 pounds 12.8 ounces to your setup.

I like this annex room because it provides mosquito netting to all of the doors, which allows you to keep the doors open at night.  This allows for greater airflow without compromising your privacy in the tent above.

I also like the fact that you can convert the doors of the annex room into canopies.  This provides additional overhead cover and makes both hot and sunny as well as rainy days of camping more tolerable.

The iKamper Skycamp Mini Roof-Top Tent

Check out pricing for the iKamper Skycamp Mini Roof-Top Tent HERE!

If you’re searching for a rooftop tent that you can use on a smaller vehicle, then the Skycamp Mini may be just what you’re looking for.

This tent is so small that you can literally put it on top of a mini cooper.

The Skycamp Mini will fit any size car with a roof rack and can be set up in just under a minute.  It weighs in at only 125 pounds and has a packed size of 57.1 x 54.3 x 12.5 inches.

While this tent is small, it still has plenty of room for two people to sleep in.  The floor dimensions of this tent are 80.7 x 50.4 inches, which give it a floor area of 28 square feet.  The peak height is only 45 inches.

The Skycamp Mini is also made to last.  It comes with aluminum/nickel-plated steel poles and a rainfly fabric made from polyurethane-coated 150-denier polyester.

While Skycamp labels this as a 3-season tent, it could probably be slept in during mild winters as well.  This is because it comes with an inner quilt that fits into the side of the tent.  This quilt has a nice aesthetically pleasing world map design on it that adds a touch of luxury to the inside of the tent.

Another advantage of this tent is the fact that it comes with stainless-steel hard shell locks.  This is especially important with lightweight rooftop tents as they are much easier to access from the ground and much easier to walk away with.  The heavy-duty locks on this tent should make any would-be thieves think twice about attempting to walk away with your tent.

To add more versatility to this tent, you can add the iKamper annex room.  This is the same room that we discussed previously, so you really get a lot of utility from the additional annex.

Final Thoughts

Annex rooms make a great addition to any rooftop tent.

Use them to increase your sleeping capacity, to get changed, or even to hang out in during rainy and snowy days.

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