How Many Miles Per Gallon Do RVs Get? (5 Examples)

When it comes to finding the ideal motorhome for your journey, one of the big questions for many families is fuel efficiency. The expenditure on gas money can make a considerable dent in your budget.

Given the wide range of RV types available in the market, it would be wise to find out what the gas consumption of a motorhome is before making the decision to buy.

How many miles per gallon does an RV get?

Here we look at 3 three classes of RVs, and the Euro Motorhome. Average mpg is dependent upon their size:

  • Class A   7-10mpg
  • Class B   10-25mpg
  • Class C   8-12mpg
  • Euro Motorhomes 22-30mpg

Average fuel consumptions vary based on an RV’s size; in general the larger the RV, the lower the mpg. The other main consumption factors will depend on the terrain you are driving in and whether you are towing additional trailers or cars.

In this article, we will consider the different designs and classes of RVs available in the American and Europeans markets to find out their fuel consumption in miles per gallon.

The first thing to understand is that there are basically three primary classes of RVs; A, B, and C.

These range in size starting from the largest to the smallest in that order. The larger RV types have some of the least gas mileage whereas the smallest ones get some of the highest.

If miles per gallon are a big concern for you, then you may have to sacrifice some space and comfort by going for a smaller RV. However, if you insist on keeping your journey as comfortable as possible, there are still interesting options available for you.

Fuel efficiency with RVs

Fuel efficiency with Class “A” Motorhomes (3 examples)

Class A RVs are the most spacious, given the broad range of sizes they come in; 22 to 40 feet.

They feature facilities like separate bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and other interesting amenities. Many models also have slide-outs that extend the square footage of the RV when parked, making them a popular choice for RV enthusiasts.

If you are looking for luxury and space, this could be the one for you…

But how many miles per gallon does a Class A RV get? Class A motorhomes get an average of 7-10 mpg.

Let us consider a few examples:

Thor Palazzo Motorhome

Given the six different floor plans, it’s available in, you won’t have to compromise on customization with this model. You can expect some of the best RV features available on the Palazzo…it is, after all, a class A motorhome.

The Palazzo weighs at least 26,000 lbs and offers an incredible 7.5 mpg but can also reach up to 12.9 mpg.

From a 40-inch TV screen in the living room and LED lighting to a 35,000 BTU furnace and a dual 13,5000 BTU air conditioning system in the roof.

The Palazzo was definitely built for luxury and is a fine example of RV traveling at its best. The key specifications on this RV include:

  • Full body paint with gel-coated walls
  • Six different types of floor plans
  • LED ceiling lighting
  • A multiplex wiring control system
  • Solar-powered privacy roller shades
  • Remote heated exterior mirrors

Forest River Berkshire Motorhome

The Berkshire is a great choice for traveling over long distances.

Expect it to get to 8-8.5mpg, or even reach as much as 12.5mpg when the conditions are right.

This model features a 48-inch TV inside the living room plus other smaller TVs outside and in the bunkhouse. You will also get intricately laminated countertops in the kitchen that anybody would be happy to have.

Safety has been given good emphasis on the Berkshire, which features a complete carbon monoxide and LPG detector on hand. Six different floor plans also ensure that you have the luxury to choose from a variety of options.

The notable features here include:

  • Steel basement structure
  • Six different floor plans
  • PTL entrance door
  • Fiberglass caps on the front and rear
  • Gel-coat vacuum bonded slideout walls and floors
  • LED lighting and wind sensor

Newmar Dutch Star Motorhome

Just like the Thor Palazzo, this model offers a great gas mileage for a heavy recreational vehicle.

The Newmar gets 8mpg and can reach a maximum of 11mpg, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about gas expenditure.

This Class A motorhome features a slew of luxury amenities on its 18 different floor plans. You get a 10-watt solar panel to charge your battery chassis with USB charger outlets that will come in handy for your phone and electric gadgets while on the journey. Also, you have been given the freedom to upgrade with amazing options such as recessed docking lights, energy management system, and a transfer switch with a surge protector.

Consider the following key specifications:

  • 18 different floor plans
  • LED lights on slide outs and under the door
  • Large storage area
  • Solid surface countertops in bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen
  • USB charger and bedroom nightstand

Fuel efficiency with Class “B” Motorhomes (2 examples)

These RVs range from 15-22 feet and are the smallest class of motorhomes.

However, their small size is expediently made up for by convenience and efficiency. Also known as “Van Campers”, they provide great flexibility for vacationers, with most people preferring them for full-time living due to their sturdy construction and dependability.

You will find various modern living amenities such as a king-sized bed, bathrooms, galley, and other innovative features that make road trips fun and easy.

How many miles per gallon does a Class B RV get? Due to the wide variety in makes, Class B RVs can get anywhere from 10-25 mpg.

Let us look at a few examples:

2017 Roadtrek CS-Adventurous

The Roadtrek CS gets about 18mpg and offers a wonderful choice for people looking for comfortable sleeping cars.

It provides you with a variety of comforts and conveniences that you’ll be thankful for when exploring the outdoors.

The Roadtrek CS features a premium brand 24” LED TV, bathroom, kitchen, and a comfortable leather seating. The kitchen is well-equipped with all the appliances your likely to need, including a microwave oven combo. The windows are large with a sleek style and there are beautiful color shades that make the exterior features standout. There are also a number of on-board power options that allow you to combine diesel engine, propane, solar power, and numerous batteries to ensure you have enough off-grid time.

Airstream Sprint Grand Tour Twin

The Airstream gets 15mpg and can reach up to 18mpg.

This model features a number of various energy sources including the primary diesel engine, a propane tank, a solar panel mounted on the roof, and a backup propane system with a capacity of 15 gallons of LPG.

The interior has an aluminum trim ceiling, composite floors, and glossy laminate cabinets, while the kitchen is fitted with various convenient appliances including a 2 burner stove, microwave, and double door refrigerator.

Fuel efficiency with Class “C” Motorhomes

These models are a mid-sized option RVs that can reach between 22-35 feet long.

They have an extra sleeping space above the cab and some feature side slide outs. Amenities on this motorhome range from basic to luxurious; including a kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Class C RVs are a nice choice for family retreats given their ability to tow small cars.

Expect anywhere from 8-12mpg when driving these RVs and this can drop if you are towing a small car.

European Motorhomes

When comparing between American and European motorhomes, you will realize that RVs in Europe have a better fuel consumption rate than the same vehicle in the US.

They are generally smaller with no on-board generators or slide outs. Most weigh about 3.5 tons and are powered by a 4-cylinder engine. These RVs generally can achieve between 22-30mpg.

There is a vast range of these motorhomes available and vary enormously in sizes, internal facilities and additional facilities such as awnings.

How Do I Improve Gas Mileage on my RV?

If you are worried about how much fuel you’re consuming per mileage, there are things you can try to regulate the amount of fuel being used.

  • Pack light

If you want to keep the gas mileage down on your RV you should make sure to pack light.

If you add a lot of toys and heavy items to the RV It will definitely impact your mileage and fuel efficiency. So leave the dirt bikes and four wheelers at home unless you’re absolutely sure you’re going to use them.

  • Tires and Inflation Levels

Confirm that all the tires are inflated correctly.

This will not only improve the mileage but also enhance your safety. Check the manual to ascertain the ideal psi for your tires. Alternatively, check the sticker near the driver’s side door.

  • Smooth Driving

Desist from jackrabbit starts and train yourself to brake slowly when trying to halt the vehicle.

This will also guarantee that your passengers have a non-turbulent ride and keep things inside the cabin from moving around or falling over. The faster you accelerate your RV the more gas you will burn.

  • Air Conditioning

Some people are torn between rolling down the windows and turning on the air conditioning to manage fuel consumption. So which one is better?

I advise that you do both; open the windows when driving at lower speeds and turn on the AC when driving on the highway.

By opening the window you will also impact your fuel consumption in a good way.

  • Look For Discounts on Gas

Gas prices can vary a lot from state to state so make sure to check the price to fall your fill up the tank.

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