5 Best RV Retirement Communities In Nevada

Who wouldn’t want to retire in Nevada? There’s Vegas, hiking, and even Area 51.

With so many options, it’s hard to pick the best place in the state in which to retire. Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down to 5 amazing retirement communities.

The 5 best RV retirement communities in Nevada are:

  1. Desert Sands RV Park in Henderson, NV
  2. Silver City RV Resort in Minden, NV
  3. Robbin’s Nest in Overton, NV
  4. Canyon Trail RV Park in Boulder City, NV
  5. Duck Creek RV Park in Las Vegas, NV

Each park comes with its own awesome perks and benefits.

Along with each RV retirement community, we’ll cover the best activities in each area.

Desert Sands RV Park (Henderson, NV)

This RV park is located just outside of Vegas, with plenty of amenities to keep you busy when you’re not in the city.


  • Free wifi
  • 24-hour laundry
  • Pool and saunas
  • Exercise room
  • Hiking and biking trails

Activities & Recreation

For a little adventure, residents can visit the Lion Habitat Ranch zoo.

Here they can see an assortment of many different kinds of animals.

The adrenaline junkies can get the best view of Henderson from the sky when they book an appointment with Maverick Helicopters. Friends and family can enjoy a sky ride together.

Above all else, the Las Vegas ATV Tours and Watercraft Rentals can let residents explore the back roads of Henderson in a more unconventional way. You can rent ATV vehicles and boats for an entire day of fun.

Those who love to get their feet moving will love River Mountain Loop Trail. The trail is over 34 miles long.

The golfers can feel free to visit Revere Golf Club. The restaurants around will make your golf game even more fun.

For more information on amenities and how to stay here, visit their website in our references below!

Silver City RV Resort (Minden, NV)

This RV park in Minden has the perfect combination of amenities and beautiful scenery to always make you feel at home.


  • Free wifi and cable
  • Pool and spa
  • Video slots
  • Dog park
  • Horseshoes

Activities & Recreation

Get your golf game on with all of the golf courses in Minden.

There are over 11 golf areas to choose from, offering over 200 holes.

Check out the Reno Jazz Festival for live music. The Reno Jazz Festival will please the most die-hard jazz fans.

If you’re feeling dangerous, then Skydive Lake Tahoe is the place for you. Take your friends or go alone and experience the thrills of skydiving.

If you’re feeling like kicking back and watching a movie, then head over to Ironwood 8 Cinema. They have an always updated selection of the best movies.

For those that are feeling nostalgic, visit Tumblwind Antiques and Collectibles. They have too many antiques of wide varieties to see in one day.

For more information on amenities and how to stay here, visit their website in our references below!

Robbin’s Nest (Overton, NV)

This lovely and quaint RV park offers residents the feeling of a town and homely community.


  • Convenience store
  • Local ice cream shop
  • High-speed internet
  • Local movie theater
  • Local hardware store

Activities & Recreation

If you want to get your hiking fix, then check out the Valley of Fire Hiking Tour. This extreme hiking tour is fun for the whole family.

For a splash in the water, visit Callville Bay Marina. Residents can get boat rentals and cruise in the water for hours.

If you want to explore the old city, then head on down to the Lost City Museum. This old city will make residents feel like their in another world.

If you can’t get enough hiking, then head over to White Domes Trail. The trail is a shorter trail with only 1.25 miles to cover, so it won’t completely wear you out.

Valley of Fire ATV, UTV, or Dune Buggy Adventure has the outdoor vehicle trails for you. They have all the vehicle rentals to help you explore the outdoor terrain.

For more information on amenities and how to stay here, visit their website in our references below!

Canyon Trail RV Park (Boulder City, NV)

This RV park offers a scenic view accompanied and plenty of opportunities to get to know your neighbors.


  • Pool
  • Spa
  • BBQ area
  • Free wifi
  • 24/7 laundry

Activities & Recreation

For an incredible view of the area, the Grand Canyon All-American Helicopter Tour is the destination for you.

You can take family and friends to scope out the Grand Canyon and more from above.

The Hoover Dam Tour allows you to see the Hoover Dam as you’ve never seen it before. The Lake Mead Cruise from Las Vegas takes you around the Hoover Dam for a full day of beautiful lake scenery and architecture.

Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon is the perfect place for those who want to go ziplining. Strap in as you zip across the entire canyon area at blazing speeds.

If ziplining isn’t enough for you, then maybe skydiving will hit the spot. With Skydive Las Vegas, you can soar thousands of feet in the air as you prepare to descent through the Boulder City skies.

The Rail Explorers allows you to explore the Boulder City area in a more unconventional way.

You can pedal on a train-like rail system that takes you through the Boulder City area at your own pace.

For more information on amenities and how to stay here, visit their website in our references below!

Duck Creek RV Park (Las Vegas, NV)

Located right in the middle of Las Vegas, this park feels more like a resort destination than anything else.


  • Outdoor grills
  • Pet parks
  • Country park
  • Picnic area
  • Community pool

Activities & Recreation

Anywhere direction you choose in Las Vegas offers a seemingly unlimited variety of casino and playing options to choose from.

From the Most Grand Casino the Luxury Casino, Vegas has casinos everywhere to keep you from boredom.

If you want to get the best view of the big city, then check out the High Roller Ferris wheel. This ride offers you to see the entirety of Las Vegas.

The Nathan Burton Magic Show is the perfect combination of comedy and magic entertainment. If you want to see a unique magic show to leave you speechless, then this is the show for you.

To see the big city at night, take a ride on the Big Bus Las Vegas Night Tour. This tour ride will take you through Las Vegas at night, with every attraction covered in dazzling lights.

Extreme RZR Tour of Hidden Valley and Primm from Las Vegas allows you to get out of the big city and see the surrounding desert area.

On this tour, a guide will traverse the desert terrain in an off-road vehicle with you in the backseat.

For more information on amenities and how to stay here, visit their website in our references below!

What Amenities are Common in Most RV Retirement Parks?

Each RV park comes with its own unique set of amenities that sets that park apart from other parks in Nevada.

However, most of the parks come with amenities that are common amongst RV parks. This will better ensure that, no matter what RV park you choose, you will have the luxury and features to enjoy your retirement.

Some of the amenities that are included in most RV parks include wifi, laundry, community pools, and community social areas.

These social areas are where residents come together to play games, watch movies, or have special gatherings to just sit and chat.

Some amenities that are more pet and kid-friendly are dog and pet parks, walking trails, movie theaters, biking trails, and local restaurants.

Some of the other common amenities that are more functional than social are RV hookups, pull-through sites, and ample space in which your RV can reside.

These amenities ensure that you can have children and grand-children come and visit you and never get bored.

Choosing the Perfect RV Park for You:

Whether you choose any of the RV parks mentioned above or any RV park in Nevada, either of them will be the perfect choice for you in which you can retire.

With each park offering its own unique amenities, it would be impossible to make a bad choice with either of them.

Nevada is such a beautiful state all on its own, not even counting Las Vegas. The surrounding desert area offers extraordinary scenery, no matter which direction you turn.

You can always be sure that you’ll never run out of fun scenes to explore and wild adventures to have.

Every RV retirement park is a community and is reflected in that way through its residents and your future neighbors.

Each park, whether listed here and not listed, offers a sense of community and welcoming that allows you to feel at home no matter what neighbor with which you have a chat or BBQ.

Happy camping and have an adventurous retirement in Nevada!


Desert Sands RV Park

Silver City RV Resort

Robbin’s Nest

Canyon Trail RV Park

Duck Creek RV Park

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