15 Really Helpful Accessories For RVing (With Pictures)

These are the items we never leave without.

This is a continuous list we have been adding to for more than 4 years.

Check it out, it might save you a lot of trouble (or be very convenient).

1) Walkie Talkies

It’s really handy to have a good set of walkie-talkies whenever you need to park your RV or communicate from inside the vehicle.

They are also handy when you are out in the countryside with bad cell phone reception. They have over 30 miles of range and will work in any weather.

With these walkie-talkies, you are able to choose a lot of different radio frequencies. So you are always able to communicate even when there’s no signal. So you can also use them when hiking, kayaking, etc.

Check the prices here on Amazon.

2) Power Bank (With Lot’s Of Juice!)

I really hate to run out of battery on my smartphone. We’ll use it as GPS and it’s vital to be able to contact each other when we are on the go.

This is the battery bank we use.

It’s really great because it can even charge a MacBook from zero to full. There are around 6 to 7 for charges for an iPhone on this monster.

It has the USB-C port that can charge a MacBook and many other newer electronics. It’s also this port that is used to charge the power bank itself which means that you can load it up in no time!

Check the price here on Amazon.

3) A Portable Gas Grill

You will need a good portable gas grill for the trip.

It’s a nice compact design. The lid locks so you can bring it with you very easily by lifting in up with the handle on the front.

Check the price here on Amazon.

4) Surge Guard (30 or 50 Amp)

This wonderful little piece of tech can save you a lot of money (and headaches)!

It will actively monitor and turn off the current running to your RV in case of spikes in volts. Many campgrounds do not have stable power so you need these little devices in order to protect your electrical circuits.

Check the price here on Amazon.

The one above is for 30 Amp.

There’s also a version for a rig that requires 50 Amps.

5) Dissolving Toilet Paper (Bulk deal)

It’s really nice to have toilet paper that can easily dissolve.

Check the link below where you can find a good bulk deal on toilet paper made specifically for RVs and boats.

Check the prices here on Amazon.

You can even put this toilet paper in your septic. It will dissolve very easily and protect your plumbing.

6) Leveling Blocks

These are the leveling blocks we use.

They are easy to squeeze in and you just drive slowly unto them as you stick the little part in to lock everything in place.

Check the prices here on Amazon.

They can lift up to 4 inches so you should be good to go even on pretty uneven surfaces. They have a lifetime warranty and they are very robust.

7) Folding Wagon

Check the price here on Amazon.

We use this little wagon all the time. When RVing and when home at our apartment.

We use it for so many things:

  • Shopping
  • Day trips
  • The beach
  • Moving garbage and dishes
  • Transporting Max when he gets tired

Max loves to sit in it and he sometimes jumps in and out just to get a little break when we are out exploring.

It’s always in the back of our car when we are RVing and when we are home.

As you can see, it literally takes up no space in the back of the car or inside the RV.

8) Instapot For Easy Cooking

The Instapot is REALLY useful on the road. You can literally make anything in this machine.

If you haven’t checked it out you should. It’s programmable and can be used for slow cooking as well as heating anything you need.

Check the model we recommend here.

If you like to cook your own food it’s great to bring on the road. We save a ton of money by making our own dinner and it also means that we know exactly what we put in our mouths!

9) Folding Tables

It’s always great to bring an extra table.

These models are super lightweight and they can fit in everywhere when you collapse the legs:

Check the price here on Amazon.

We always bring in next truck collapsible table just in case we need that extra space. Is really great if you want to cook outside or have the kids do some creative work.

10) A Hammock

Another really nice-to-have item for the road.

They take almost no space inside the van or the RV and they are pretty cheap.

Check the price here on Amazon.

This model is great because you can mount it anywhere and the quality is really great. Don’t get the cheap models because they don’t last (trust me!).

This model is made with strong nylon straps and steel carabiners so it’s very durable.

11) Wheel Stabilizers

Squeeze these in between your wheels to make sure the rig doesn’t move when you park.

Check the price here on Amazon.

They will make sure the wheels stay in place by putting pressure on the tires. It’s a must-have when you park on a slope or anywhere with an uneven surface.

12) First Aid Kit (With All You Need)

It’s important to have a good first aid kit in the RV.

You might not be able to get help quickly on the road and this kit will help you take care of most smaller emergencies on the road.

Check the price here on Amazon.

13) Tire Pressure Monitors

This is a really handy thing to put on your tires.

You screw the little transmitters on the valve stems and they will let you know exactly how many PSI of pressure you have on each wheel!

Check the price here on Amazon.

It’s a really cool way to make sure you don’t lose the pressure on a wheel while you are on the go.

It’s not the cheapest gadget on the list but it’s not really a gadget either. It’s really nice (and crucial) information to have available as the driver. Things can quickly go sideways if you start losing pressure on one of the wheels.

It works for all types of RVs, motorhomes, 5th wheels, and trailers.

14) Water Pressure Regulator

This is also a really great thing to bring in your RV. It will protect your pipes from too high water pressure.

This model is especially great because it comes with fittings for ALL types of water sources you can run into across all of U.S. It’s no good if you cannot connect the thing!

Check the price here on Amazon.

You can set the pressure limits for the water and make sure your pipes are safe.

15) Roof Patches

RVs roofs will start leaking at some point.

It’s unavoidable.

So, it’s important to be well prepared. There’s a great product for that which you can quickly apply on the rood of any type of RV. It’s a rubber patch you can apply on top of the problem and it can be used on multiple surfaces.

It will fix the problem and in many cases, it can provide a quick and permanent fix.

This is what it looks like:

Check the prices here on Amazon.



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